Welcome to the insane POV Doctor Who Story. It contains very dark themes, lots of blood and a couple of swears. This is also dedicated to Ninja-WerePire as a very late Christmas present!

Chapter 1 - The Nightmare Begins

The nightmare had begun on a perfectly normal day. The public were all out doing their sales shopping, children were playing in the multiple parks around the town and shops were infested with people.

Most of the time, I go up to town alone, as many of my friends are busy sleeping over at another's or they've got to go and visit their families. I don't accept friends promising they are coming out and you're waiting two hours for them to turn up, then they have the audacity to call and say: 'Can't make it today, mate. Got to do all my chores first.' Some people!

I was out having a look at all the after Christmas sales. They are much cheaper than usual, but that means the stock runs out quicker. So after having a look in the main store, I had decided to just wander.

Inside one of the cheapest stores, an ambulance crew stood laughing and drinking fizzy drinks. On the opposite side of the road, an outdoor market proudly shouting random catch phrases to attract more publicity. Then I stopped beside a very damaged building.

From what I saw through the window was a man constructing some form of peculiar contraption. I had heard that people had nicknamed him 'Motor Cycle Man', however, nobody ever talked to him about something related to any sort of motor because of that one rumour.

The rumour that was spread across town was that if you ever did speak to him about that sort of thing, it was said that he'd go insane for a few moments or longer. Being me, I wanted to test out that theory (I highly doubt that he'll go insane.).

Feeling my heart leaping out of my chest, I daringly called out to him. "Motor Cycle Man, where is your Ducati?"

That had done it. I knew that that theory wasn't real - until I saw what happened next.

The young man looked up at me. His head tilted to one side. That was the look of pure insanity and he grinned. That grin could freeze anyone in his path, especially with features that no one had.

He was very handsome. Jet black hair patted his forehead as he moved forward toward me, his eyes were as green as the auroras that circled the night sky in the Arctic Circle. His movements were lithe and cat like as he strode further towards me. The only thing that had ruined the image was that grin and the insanity.

Matt, which was his name, had exited out of his sanctuary of the building, as everybody around that area, held their breath suddenly.

Slowly, I turned my back on him, concerning etching all over my face and over many other faces. I had to admit. This. Was. Scary.

My slow walk had quickened in pace as the insane being approached. After walking quickly, I had broken into an all out run, my chest heaving heavily, and heart working overtime. I had to hide from him, somewhere - Anywhere.

There was a dead end alley way to the side of me, so I checked behind me to spot my stalker, but could not catch a glimpse of Matt. I assumed he was still walking in that strange, lithe manner.

I turned to the alley, hoping there would be a dumpster bin. And just my luck - There was. Leaping behind the bin, I kept hidden from the outside world, trying to conceal my raspy breaths - Tears of fright streaking down my face, as if it were them who were frightened.

I listened.

Footsteps were approaching.

"Little girlie... I won't have you interfering with my plans, so come out where ever you are..." Called Matt in a mock baby voice.

More tears cascaded down my cheek, so I peeped just over the top of the dumpster, my crystal tears momentarily blinding my line of sight. I blinked and to my amazement, Matt had disappeared, but instead I had thousands of eyes boring in to my skull with a sense of awkwardness.

Cautiously, I crept from behind my saviour, the bin (Never thought I'd be saying that!).

My eyes quickly flashed to a rather strange looking male, who was standing a couple of feet away from me - Smiling.

His eyes looked tired, yet so full of life as if he had looked in to time itself. His chocolate hair flicked playfully over his eyes in the breeze. He wore an eccentric, mad professor tweed jacket and bowtie and I could've sworn he was wearing matte black military boots.

The figure was still smiling at me and started making an approach route toward me. Once he had reached me, his arm outstretched and his hand unfurled, offering me a tissue which I gratefully accepted. I murmured my thanks once I had finished drying my pools that were my eyes. I looked up at him towering above me. He must have been about 6"3 in height. (Then again, I am terrible at measuring heights!)

He made his brief introduction as 'the Doctor' and he whispered in my ear softly - I felt his smile sink against my cheek.

"We'll meet again..."

And with that he disappeared in to a blue box, which dematerialised in front of me, making an awkward wheezing sound.

'Brakes,' someone inside whispered to me.

And it wasn't my own inner voice either. It sounded very much like the Doctor's voice.

'I like that noise,' He whispered again.

Wow. This would make a pretty awesome newspaper article wouldn't it? 'Young Teenager Stalked By Town's Insane Biker' or 'Girl Is Now Going Insane Thinking She Is Hearing Male Voice In Her Head'. Actually scratch the last one that might make an interesting starting sentence.

'No it wouldn't and you're not going insane!' snapped the voice.

'Sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you. It's not your fault you got caught up in all of this.' The Doctor's voice spoke apologetically.

"It's fine." I replied solemnly.

Afraid, I walked away home not saying a word to a single soul, not even when I got home. Curling up on my bed, I fell in to a sleep deeper than I have ever slept before.

'Ah. You're asleep at last now we can talk face to face. Properly.' Cooed the brunette. 'I am the Doctor, a nine hundred and seven year old time-lord from the planet Galifrey. And I need your help.'

Screaming. That's all I heard. Screaming. Then I found out that I was the source of the screaming. That was one really weird nightmare, that brunette man, is nine hundred and seven years of age! At least no one heard me, but I'm definitely not in my bedroom anymore.

"Hey Doc? I don't think she's asleep any more." Came an unfamiliar voice, his American accent strong.

"Yes, Jack, I kind of figured that out when she started screaming... And stop calling me 'Doc'!" Replied the Doctor's familiar voice, sarcasm in his tone.

"But, as you've hopefully noticed, I'm flying the TARDIS. Can you go check up on her please and take this with you?" He asked kindly, holding a metallic bronze and silver device.

I quickly closed my eyes as 'Jack' entered the room. I brought the duvet down to look around at the room I had been sleeping in. It was filled with many assortments like an mp3 player, posters of my favourite bands and a small television.

Jack looked at me and gasped. Surely I'm not that ugly! He wore a large coat in which his rank was classed as a Captain and his hair was very similar to the Doctor's except it was darker and spiked in places. I stared back at him and saw he was quite cute looking for an American.

'Don't get your hopes up young lady!' Chuckled the Doctor. 'It's alright, I'm only using psychic messages to talk to you.'

I grinned at that remark, while Jack stared at me in confusion. Finally, he stuttered words to me.

"B.., you're beautiful!" He smiled warmly scanning me with the device. "You look alright to the sonic screwdriver... And you look fabulous to me..."

"JACK! Not you too!" The Doctor shouted gleefully.

We all burst out laughing and the Doctor entered the room as well. He snatched the sonic screwdriver from Jack's hands and closed his eyes.

'You like what I did with your... Temporary room if you don't wish to stay with me?' Another psychic message from the Doctor came in to my mind.

'I love it! Although I don't know what you mean by if I don't wish to stay with you?' I replied in utter silence, that I could hear the wheezing of the engines.

"Never mind! Anyway Motor Cycle Man or he is formally known as Matt, is plotting something diabolical as you probably saw yesterday." The Doctor spoke more serious, his forehead creasing in to a frown.

"And we're going to find out right?" Me and Jack said in perfect unison.


Like the Doctor said, it's time to travel the time vortex back home before all hell breaks loose.