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Chapter 6 - Taking Over Me

I found myself inside my world, not seeing out of my eyes - But seeing through them. My body was holding two weapons, a knife and a gun. Both were being aimed at the Doctor. I screamed until my body lowered the weapons and the being that had taken over me, appeared stood in front of me.

'Why do you scream?' Asked the young figure.

'Well, you're going to kill the Doctor, aren't you?" I replied worriedly.

'Look closer at me... I'm not him. He's been spirited away basically, because without me there in my body, he's just in his dark soul form.' Explained the being.

It was the Doctor...

The one I knew.

He stepped forward in to the light where I could see him, same brown hair, same green eyes and same smile. My friend, the Doctor and he blew his dark side in to oblivion using the weapons...

Two vacuum cleaners. (Wow... Vacuum cleaners... Who you gonna call? Definitely not the Ghostbusters, but the Doctor!)

Once he had disappeared inside the mini hoovers, the Doctor's figure faded, along with the memories - causing me to regain control.

"At least warn me the next time you do that..." I growled at the time-lord.

The Doctor just laughed.

The adventure's never truly over and I have many more adventures with the Doctor and Jack to tell you about!

The End (For Now Anyway)