"Becky," Becky said. she gave Carrie a glare.

"Right sorry, so you two are breaking up?" Carrie asked, hopeful.


"Yes!" Jesse said, butting in.

"Its not the final decision Jess," Becky said hoping he would agree.

"pretty much sorted," Jesse said, he was trying to act like it had no affect on him when it so obviously did.

"I, uh, FINE!" Becky said, she was trying to think of something to say but then she just ran out.

"WAIT, BECKY!" Jesse said, he opened the door and called down the street. Tears ran down his face like he was a human waterfall he shut the door and leaned against the wall whilst the tears carried on flowing.

"so where were we," Carrie said she leaned in to kiss him,

"OUT!" Jesse said, tears kept flowing as he pointed to the door. Carrie left sad.

(back up with michelle)

"wow" Michelle said deep in her conversation.

*cries from down stairs are heard*

"oh I have to go," Michelle said.

"what why?" Teddy said over the phone.

"My family is rowing," Michelle answered.

"WHAT? Michelle your family never row, am I boring you?" Teddy asked, shocked and a little angry.

"Thats what I thought and no they really are having a row!" Michelle insisted.

"why lie Michelle?" Teddy asked, hurt.

"I'm not!" Michelle argued, sad.

"First the rules now lies we are just not relationship people, sorry Michelle we don't go out any more," Teddy said, very upset.

"what?" Michelle said, then a long beep at the other side he had hung up.

Upset Michelle slumped down into the kitchen.

(In the kitchen)

When Michelle came into the kitchen Jesse was already drowning his sorrows in ice cream.

"hey uncle Jesse," Michelle sighed, in despaire.

"Hey munchkin," Jesse grumbled, in saddness.

"Rough day?" Michelle asked, upset.

"Yeah, you?" Jesse replied, sad.

"Yes," Michelle moaned.

"What happened?" Jesse asked.

"Me and Teddy broke up!" Michelle cried.

"AHH, thoose are the breaks kid me and Becky did too," Jesse complained.

"So, who was crying so loud?" Michelle asked.

"Nicky and alex, they were both crying I tried to break it to them as nice as I could but it didn't work," Jesse said.

"AWW," Michelle said, sad.

"Yeah, wanna join?" Jesse asked.

"Can I?" Michelle asked, even though she knew the answer.

"Pull up chair" Jesse said, he handed Michelle the other spoon put an extrra cherry on top then they both dug in.

"I love you uncle Jesse!" Michelle said between bites.

"I love you too kid." Jesse said.

"Well atleast we will always have eachover," Jesse said.

Jesse looked at her and she looked at him they both smiled for the first time today and said...

"YOU GOT IT DUDE!" They hugged eachover then continued drowning their sorrows in ice cream.

"Nah, I'm serious no matter how bad things get you always manage to cheer me up atleast for a second." Jesse said. Then they smiled once again and polished off their cherries having a spoon fight to get the biggest one. (to be continued)