Jesse and Michelle sat there moping with another bowl of ice cream.

"We can't just sit here!" Michelle decided.

"Well what else is there to do?" Jesse asked her.

"We can sort things out!" She said.

"I can tell Becky my true feelings and how I want it her back." Jesse agreed.

"And I can explain to Teddy I wasn't lying." Michelle added.

"You know sometimes I hink your the mature adult around here." Jesse said to Michelle.

"Duh!" Michelle said twisting her head to the side.

"Duh!" Jesse mocked tickling Michelle.

(In the eveniing in the living room)

Jesse was pacing up and down with the telephone trying to get Becky to answer. Dj, Stephanie and Michelle were all with Nicky and Alex trying to explain the situation.

"So Mummy's gone away?" Nicky asked.

"Well your Dad and Mum had a argument and now your Mum's gone to clar her head." Michelle explained.

"Oh, why didn't you just say so?" Alex asked.

"Girls!" Nicky sighed as him and Alex walked out of the living room. Once they left the three girls looked at eachover and smiled.

"You good with them." Dj said to Michelle.

"Yeah I know." Michelle said miling.

"Big head." Stephanie said pushing Michelle playfully. They were interrupted by Jesse.

"HELLO! Good you picked up!" Jesse said down the phone.

"Call to brag?!" Beack asked down the phone jesse could hear in her voice she'd been crying.

"No! I called to say I chucked Carrie out she means nothing to me I was trying to make you jealous but instead I lost you. I want you back our life is empty unless we're together with our kids and Danny, Jesse, Joey, Dj, Steph and Michelle. To be honest I don't know why we broke up." Jesse said in such a rush he was out of breath by the end of it.

"Oh Jess," Becky sighed.