Summary: Brainy and Lyle are caught in a compromising position after a lab explosion.

A bright glistening sun peered down at Legion World, watching as it's occupants slowly shuffled about their daily routines. Their daily routines consisting of saving the universe every few hours, so it wasn't hard to guess that it was pretty action packed. But today seemed chilled and relaxed: as if nothing could ever go wro-


Well, there goes the lab. Wonder what Brainy's been cooking up now.

"Brainy!" Oh, and here comes Cosmic Boy. That's a bummer for Brainy. Or maybe a bummer for Rokk, you never know what Brainy has stashed up his sleeve. Usually it's in the form of a heavy metal wrench. Ouch!

"What the hell have you done?"

Cos let his mouth drop open as he took in the sight of the lab. Grife, how did the walls get that black. The scientist in question sat baffled in the middle of the room, lying across the floor, covered in black soot and blinking rapidly. Lyle Norg, the Legion's best spy and biochemist, had his arms around Brainy's waist and one leg over Brainy's immobile ones and was leaning forward, looking like he was about to kiss the little genius. He too was also covered in soot.

"Erm..." Lyle flushed, "we can totally explain this Cos."

"I can't," a mortified Brainy muttered.

Cosmic Boy wasn't looking at the lab, but the increasingly compromising position they were in. Once Brainy finally realized what position they were in, he flushed and tried to push his friend off of him, but failed miserably.

"Do you mind Cos, were in the middle of something." Lyle sounded annoyed, despite his trying to shrug it off earlier.

Rokk nodded robotically, leaving the room at a fast pace.

Lyle looked back to a nervous Brainy underneath him, "now, where were we?"

Lyle's lips descended onto Brainiac 5's, ignoring his little squeak.