A/N: I present the second Touris Purr installment. I do own all OC's mentioned in this chapter and the events of the Dragonese/Turo war.

A lot has happened in a year.

After the brief mission in which Sky, Maroon and the rest of the COT had helped Lilo and friends recover their family, they had parted ways.

One of the things that changed was the war between the Dragonese and planet Turo. It was a well known fact that Sky was with Maroon, and the most deadly strike was by Maroon's brother, Flame.

It happened one morning that Sky Black had awoken to find Maroon missing. After leading a frantic search for three months, they finally found him. Maroon was tortured to death by his very own brother.

This lead to a meeting between the Dragonese and Turo. This was the first held in the last two centuries. Sky did not hold in the pain and depression she felt, and was soon known for repeated suicide attempts.

Nobody blamed her. Even tough there's now peace; the half-Turian has suffered a hard blow. All she had left was her daughters: Salonia and Danille. Danille turned out to be the first dragon/Turian hybrid.

Flame was made a public enemy to Turo after the murder of Maroon, who would've been a member of one of the most ancient houses of Planet Turo.

So Sky was left to recover with a ten year old and an infant. To make matters worse, Darus had returned. Sky knew very well she could not go on like this forever…unless…but she had only a ratio of 1-10.

No doubt there would be secrets revealed soon.

A new trouble would bring her to meet with Lilo's family again, and this will lead to a revelation that will shock the entire ohana and COT.

A/N: Just a chapter based on the COT whom I introduced in Ohana Onipa'a Touris Purr.