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A couple of hours later, it was quiet at the Pelekai Residence. Cobra's rental drove up and parked in front of the house. Cobra Bubbles and Dmitrii Alexandrov stepped out of the car and walked up to the front door. The tall heavy built African-American knocked on the door three times. Moments later, Lilo answered the door.

"Ah Cobra, right on time"

The "ex"-CIA agent and his FSB friend nodded. Cobra noted the outfit that Lilo now had on. She wore camouflage shorts, hiking shoes, and a light green t-shirt exposing her stomach. She wore a belt with a plasma blaster as well as a knife.

Then suddenly, a loud roaring noise was heard form above. Cobra, Lilo and Dmitrii all looked up. A helicopter with the C.O.T symbol on the side was landing in a nearby clearing. "And there's the C.O.T, right on schedule." Lilo said.

Sky was the first out off the helicopter, and didn't waste any time to start yelling orders to her men. Lilo, Cobra and Dmitrii went over to greet them. Sky turned around to see them. "Ah, Lilo. How good it is to see you again." "Likewise." Lilo replied. "How's thing's going. Caught Flame yet?" Sky shook her head for a no. "It's like he's disappeared off the face off the planet. Haven't heard of him since he escaped."

Lilo sighed. She honestly felt sorry for the young C.O.T commander. "Don't be sorry for me, Lilo." The tiger-like woman said, placing a hand on the Hawaiian girl's shoulder. "There's only one person to blame for all this." There was a hint of anger in her voice.

Cobra clears his throat. "I take it you heard about the situation, Miss Black." Sky nodded. "You're not the only one informed when things go wrong. Besides, I was aching for some action for a long time now…"

Lilo then said: "We'd better get inside. The others will be waiting." "Miss, look who hitched a ride in the cargo again." Sky turned to see Sarina accompanied by her ten year old daughter. "Salonia!" The tiger-cub like girl scoffed. Sky turned to Lilo: "Er, you guys go ahead. I need to teach my daughter a lesson."

Lilo, Cobra and Dmitrii headed back to the house, hearing Salonia protests against her rather angry mother.

Lilo closed the door and followed the two men into the kitchen. Stitch was sitting at the table downing an entire coffee pot. The three sat down at the table and faced each other. Fifteen minutes later, they heard the door open and close again, and Sky soon appeared in the entrance to the kitchen, muttering curses under her breath. She leaned against one of the walls, waving a hand at Stitch in silent greeting.

"So, what have you two found out?"

Cobra folded his hands together and said "We had to reposition our most advanced satellites. Dmitrii has assured me that the Russians have done the same. The satellite has picked up nothing on the island of Niihau. Hoer, the infrared sensor indicates that all of the villagers are concentrated in two spots and that they had been like that virtually all night."

Lilo looked at Cobra and said, "That is a sign that Nikolai and Rew'Ghar may already be in the village and are using some sort of stealth generator to hide their technology. Captain Gantu did say he had one of those on board his ship the day Rew'Ghar raided it"

Dmitrii nodded in agreement as Cobra appeared to be in deep thought "So, the fugitives have taken the entire Niihau village hostage. This would be the first time such a thing has happened with the exception of the incident during the Second World War when a downed Japanese pilot held the village hostage." Lilo remembered hearing about that incident during her history class.

Lilo placed her hands on either side of her head and sighed. "We need to come up with a plan on entering the village and freeing the people before Rew'Ghar and Nikolai know what hit them. What do you think, Cobra?"

Cobra cracked his neck briefly "Using the Big Red Battleship may be too risky due to the hostage situation. I do believe that a strike team led by Stitch may be able to sneak in and overpower the guards."

Stitch rose all four of his hands and said, "Ih! Ih! Meega catch bad guy".

Cobra nodded at the blue-furred experiment and said, "Yes. However, you must be extremely careful. Rew'Ghar has committed several brutal acts over the years and would not hesitate to bring harm to the hostages. Normally, I would send Shadow Squad in with you. However, that is not possible since Markinson is helping UN forces defend Seoul from the Reds."

Lilo put her hand on Stitch's shoulder and said "Well, I am sure that Stitch will have no problem taking care of the fugitives. He is quite indestructible when it comes to fighting."

Stitch crossed all four of his arms and nodded. "Ih! Meega bootifa!" Lilo giggled at Stitch's current attitude. Sky rolled her eyes at that, but couldn't help but feel a little sad, thinking about her dead mate showing off to her. Thankfully, she had her depression under control.

Another voice said, "Really? Meega think meega more bootifa!"

Lilo and Stitch turned and saw Naomi enter the kitchen. Lilo smiled and said "Maybe from Joshua's point of view, but to me Stitch is just as cool."

Cobra, Dmitrii and Sky looked at the green-furred female experiment. Lilo quickly said, "Oh, this is Experiment 631, named Naomi. She came here from Izayoi with Yuna yesterday so that she can help us"

Cobra extended his hand to Naomi and said "Pleased to meet you." Naomi shook Cobra's hand as Stitch said, "Naga! Meega more bootifa!"

Naomi glanced at Stitch with an evil glare on her face."Naga, meega!"

Stitch jumped out of his chair and rushed at Naomi, who took up a fighting stance. However before Stitch could reach Naomi, Joshua stepped up in front of him. "Don't hurt her!"

Stitch just looked at Joshua and said, "Meega naga hurt your bujee bu. Meega just want to…"

Naomi jumped up over Joshua and landed a kick on Stitch's head. Stitch flew right into the wall. Seconds later, he got up and shook his head. Joshua stood next to Naomi and said, "If you want to fight her, you're going to have to get through me!"

Stitch just laughed at the blonde haired boy. "Feeboogoo."

Stitch climbed up on the wall and taunted Naomi. Naomi just grabbed Stitch with her antennae and pulled him down. Before Joshua could go after Stitch, Lilo put her hand on his shoulder. "Wait, they will be ok. They are just playing... I hope"

Naomi pulled Stitch over to her and threw a karate chop. Stitch blocked the move and threw Naomi against the wall. Lilo smiled and turned to Joshua. "One chocolate bar"

Joshua looked up at Lilo and said "You're on."

Stitch charged at the downed Naomi. However, right when Stitch reached her, she used her antennae to trip the blue experiment. Stitch tried to get up, only for Naomi to pull both of Stitch's right arms behind his back.

"Who is more bootifa"?

Stitch struggled to break loose and yelled, "Meega! Meega bootifa!"

Naomi just smiled and said, "Naga takabah! Meega bootifa!"

Stitch continued to struggle, but to no avail. All four of his arms were pinned behind his back and Naomi had the advantage of her Angel-like antennae. Lilo silently laughed at the scene. The last time she saw Stitch so easily overpowered was during the 627 incident. 'Looks like bujee bu got himself a new rival.'

"What's going on here?"

Everyone turned and saw Nani standing in the doorway. Lilo just laughed and said "Naomi is trying to prove that she is cooler then Stitch."

Nani looked at the green experiment and shook her head. Cobra rose up from his chair and walked up to Nani. "Good morning, Nani."

The older Pelekai sister turned to Cobra and returned the greeting. Naomi released Stitch and walked back to the table and sat next to Joshua. Naomi noticed Lilo give Joshua a chocolate bar and whispered "Gaba?"

Joshua smiled his girlfriend and whispered back, "You won."

The green experiment's face formed a big grin. Joshua looked over at Cobra and Sky, asking, "Oh, who are you?"

Cobra looked back at Joshua and said, "My name is Cobra Bubbles. I was Lilo's social worker."

Joshua rose an eyebrow as he replied, "Uh, you don't look like a social worker."

"I am a special classification"

Joshua just stared at Cobra as he said, "Right. If you are a social worker, then I am Mickey Mouse."

Everyone broke out laughing at Joshua's comment while Cobra just slightly tilted his head, causing a cracking noise. Then Sky said: "And I'm Sky Black, head of the C.O.T." Joshua looked at the tiger-like woman. "The C.O.T, huh? I don't recall hearing about it." Sky laughed. "Barely anyone heard about it. I found in the hopes of avenging my parent's death. They were murdered when I was three years old." "Sorry." Joshua said. "Don't be." Sky said. "That was twenty odd years ago, after all."

Lilo cleared her throat and said, "Anyways, before we were interrupted, we were discussing having Stitch lead a small strike team. Rew'Ghar and Nikolai have taken the village at Niihau Island hostage. We need to go in and stop them without bringing the villagers to harm. I suggest we go to the dome to discuss the plan."

Everyone nodded in agreement and got up. As the others headed for the elevator, Lilo and Mertle decided to go to Jumba and Pleakley's room to ask the former evil scientist to join them. Lilo knocked on the door a few times, but there was no answer. Lilo thought Jumba was asleep so she opened the door. Lilo and Mertle looked in and their jaws dropped. Jumba and Melissa Edmonds were sitting in the large chair in the room in front of Jumba's computer and kissing each other very passionately. Lilo quickly closed the door and looked at Mertle.

"I think we should leave them alone for a bit."

Mertle giggled and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, my mom could get very aggressive if we interrupted her." Lilo and Mertle walked back down the stairs to where the others were and stepped into the elevator.

It took a few trips, but soon everyone was in Lilo and Stitch's Rooftop Dome. The first person who talked was Joshua. "Cool room, Lilo!"

Lilo smiled at the blonde boy and said "You haven't seen anything yet."

Lilo turned to the center of the room. "Ohana Command Mode. Authorization Pelekai, Wasp Mummies 5-8-2-5-8." A few seconds later, several sections of the wall rotated, revealing various computer panels and displays. Three large monitors came out of the ceiling and part of the floor opened. The desk with its high tech computer built in rose up from the opening.

To say Joshua was shocked would have been an understatement. "I want a room like this!"

Naomi was just as fascinated by the transformation of the dome. "If Meega had a room like this, Meega be Supreme Ruler of the World! Hahahaha!"

Joshua just looked at his girlfriend, who turned to him and said, "Oh, and you can rule beside me bujee bu." Lilo and Stitch both giggled at Naomi's comments.

After the laughing was over, Lilo stepped behind her desk and pressed several buttons. A map of Niihau appeared on the chart where Stitch's old bed used to be. Everyone looked the chart over for several moments before Dmitrii said, "Hmm, I see you are receiving trajectory from our spy satellite. I did not know you could get into our system so fast"

Lilo grinned at the Russian agent and replied "Actually, I hacked in about three months ago when I was bored."

Dmitrii's jaw just dropped. "How is this possible? Our spy satellite network is protected by the most sophisticated security system ever devised in Russia. And we…"

Lilo smiled and added, "Change your access codes frequently? Doesn't matter. I can crack them in a nanosecond." Dmitrii was completely shocked at what he had heard from the Hawaiian teen. Sky groaned. "Remind me to update the C.O.T protection when I leave…"

Nani fell to her knees laughing. "Wow! I need to hide my diary before you hack into that as well."

Lilo gave her older sister an evil grin "What makes you think I haven't already?"

Nani stood up and crossed her arms. Lilo smiled and said, "I am joking of course."

Nani looked at her suspiciously and simply said, "You better be."

Lilo turned to the map on the screen. "According to this, Petrov and Rew'Ghar are very likely in or near the village here. According to Cobra, Hamsterviel used automated drones to help Nikolai escape from the facility he was being held at."

Joshua smirked and said, "A bug? Are you telling me that this bad guy is a bug? Why don't we just go to the store and buy a can of RAID?"

Cobra looked at the boy, his expression unfazed. "This 'bug' is a very dangerous criminal who has caused the Galactic Alliance a lot of grief for many years. Not to mention he is quite immune to insect spray."

Cobra pointed at the figure and said "This is Rew'Ghar. He is a former Galactic Alliance soldier turned mercenary. It took over a decade for Captain Gantu to find him before. He is believed to have worked with Petrov during the '80s and '90s on his... project. He is an excellent strategist and is not easily defeated."

Cobra noticed that Joshua was rising is hand. Cobra nodded at Joshua. "Umm...sir. Naomi is very excellent at planning strategies. Believe me, I know."

Naomi put her hand on Joshua's shoulder and nodded at Cobra. Stitch looked at the green-furred experiment and said, "Meega agree with Naomi's bujee bu. Naomi help meega plan attack."

Cobra nodded slightly and asked "What is your opinion of the situation, Naomi?"

Naomi walked over to the map and turned to the group. "Meega believe that sending everyone at once is naga good. Meega agree with suggestion for a small strike team." Cobra and Stitch nodded in agreement as Naomi continued, "And meega prepared to take command immediately."

Stitch was quick to object "Hey naga takabah! Meega been around much longer then you! Meega be in charge!"

Naomi looked at Stitch and smiled evilly. "Ah, but meega received programming to be an excellent strategist. Plus meega whooped your patookie in less then two minutes." Stitch just huffed and said, "Naga bootifa! Meega have experience. Naomi only hydrated six months ago."

Naomi brought out her spikes and extra arms as she growled, "You want to show meega experience?" Stitch brought out his alien appendages as well. "Feeboogoo!" The two experiments held up their claws and slowly walked up to each other.

Lilo just shook her head and stepped in between the two experiments before they could attack each other. "Settle down at once you two. We are fighting Hamsterviel's agents, not each other." Lilo thought, 'Boy, Jumba sure went overboard in programming 631. She is even more full of herself then Stitch was just before the 627 incident.' Stitch and Naomi growled at each other briefly before nodding in agreement with Lilo.

Lilo smiled at the two experiments. "Good. Now, I am thinking both of you have good leadership qualities. I do believe having more then one strike team would be a good idea. Stitch could lead Team Kauai and Naomi can lead Team Izayoi." "I can also lead a small group of C.O.T members as a third team." Sky said. "We can call it Team Tiger." Lilo nodded.

Stitch straightened himself up and said, "Meega agree with bujee bu. Meega like Lilo to be on Stitch's team."

Lilo smiled at her boyfriend's suggestion and nodded. Joshua rose up and said, "And I want to be on Naomi's team!"

Naomi was quick to respond. "Naga! Too dangerous. Bujee bu must stay here."

Joshua lowered his head and sighed in disappointment. "But Stitch's bujee bu gets to go."

Naomi put her hand on Joshua's shoulder and said, "Lilo is grown up. Bujee bu still too young to fight."

Joshua nodded in defeat as Lilo continued, "Now that that's settled, the fourth group will be Team Posse led by Mertle Edmonds. Her team will be responsible for taking on any stragglers they encounter."

Mertle nodded and said, "Oh, this is going to be fun." Victoria, Yuki, Teresa, and Elena all simultaneously said, "Yeeaaaah!"

The elevator was heard coming up. Everyone turned and saw Jumba entering the dome. "Uhh... Sorry I'm late. I was caught up in some very important work."

Mertle smirked at the "evil" scientist. "Yeah, I bet." Jumba looked at the formerly mean girl and wondered if she knew the truth. Lilo brought Jumba up to speed on what was discussed.

"Hmm. Evil Genius is agreeing with 631. Luckily Jumba has developed advanced stealth generator. Should be ready for use by tonight." Lilo nodded at Jumba and turned to Stitch and Naomi. "Then it is settled. We leave tonight." The two experiments looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

Nearly everyone left the dome one by one to prepare for Operation: Omega Kapu. All who remained were Lilo and Stitch. The two talked for a bit. Stitch was still refusing to believe that he was actually beaten by a girl experiment and Lilo was trying to comfort him, letting him no there is no shame in that.