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Set in 4.08 "Lamia." We were angry that Gwen didn't pick up on why Merlin wasn't affected by Lamia. Then I- And Zab, wonderful person that she is, had an epiphany! (Uh, thanks...) I realized that, in her shoes, I wouldn't come to the conclusion of magic. Considering the presented information, I would have thought of something... else.

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Why wasn't Merlin affected by Lamia? Gwen wasn't affected because she was a woman. But Merlin, Gwen mused, certainly isn't a woman. And Merlin's theory about not being a knight didn't make sense.

Something was different about Merlin. Something that made him immune to Lamia's enchantments. What was it?

Gwen gasped.

She knew why. Gwen immediately promised herself that she would never divulge her epiphany. She could do few things crueler than announce Merlin's secret. She wouldn't even tell Merlin she knew. He himself might not know about it.

The embarrassment... It was best kept a secret.

Merlin was sterile.