Once more, my hardon for weird-ass pairings overcame my common sense, and this was born...

What if the Soothsayer had conveyed another vision of the future to Shen before the capture of Po and the Furious Five? If 'the Warrior of Black and White' could be the key to Shen's ultimate potential instead of downfall? If Lord Shen had other plans for Po?

Lord Shen strolled into the throne room of his ancestral home, taking no heed of the two gorilla minions that towed his prized cannon behind him, his eyes trained on the beautifully elaborae golden throne before him. As other minions tore down hanging scrolls and tapestries around them, he walked up the platform the throne rested upon.

"My father's throne..." he murmured to himself, a sarcastic nostaliga creeping into his voice and eyes. "He used to let me play here beside him...promising someday...this throne would be mine." A hard glint of insane light sparked in his eye before he darted forward, executing a swift flying kick that sent the elaborate throne right through the window to go crashing to the ground. By his instruction, the large, heavy cannon took its place, and Shen mused to himself aloud about China bowing before him before turning to the Soothsayer who sat nearby.

"...Now, you old goat," he said, smirking at her, "why dont you tell me my- "

" -Fortune?" she finished.

"...Future," Shen corrected, feeling the onset of horrible nostalgia. "I was going to say future." He stepped forward. "Look into your bowl and tell me what glory awaits."

The Soothsayer picked up her bowl and scrutinized it pensievely. "...If you continue on your current path," she intoned, looking off into the non-space, "you will find yourself..."

Shen eyed her shrewdly, with bated breath.

"...At the bottom of the stairs."

The peacock paused, looking down and indeed seeing that he was now at the bottom of the platform. He gave her an exasperated and irritated huff and continued to stalk forward. The Soothsayer looked back into her bowl to continue scrying.

"I see...I see..." Shen leaned forward, his eyes hungrily searching out something to see.

"I see pain." The Soothsayer reached out and plucked a feather from his wingtips, making Shen yelp. "And anger." With a quick bite, she tore a small section of his robe off with her teeth, admittedly swallowing a bit before putting the small piece in the bowl with the feather.

"How DARE you!" Shen squawked, jerking his robe back and examining it. "That is the finest silk in the province- !"

"...Followed by denial," the Soothsayer continued, obviously amused. Shen's eye twitched a few times.

"ENOUGH of this!" he snapped. "This is not fortune-telling! You're just saying what's happening right -!"

" -Now?" Shen fought down the overwhelming urge to strangle her and heaved a heavy sigh of irritation. The Soothsayer only gave him a small smile and gestured to her bowl. "The most important time IS now," she said, picking up a small bit of powder. "But if you REALLY want to see the future..." She threw the powder into the bowl, where it sparked brightly and emitted illuminated smoke.

Shen's eyes practically glowed with poorly-veiled desire. "...Oh, what do you see...?" he murmured.

The smoke rose and twisted itself into a clearly-visible figure- "A peacock," the Soothsayer confirmed as the smoke twisted itself into another shape, a ying-yang. "...Is defeated by a warrior of black and white." She glanced up at him. "Nothing has changed."

Shen's hopeful expression melded into rage, and his wing snapped sharply to bring a blade to his wingtips in full preparation to smash that accursed bowl to pieces, when the Soothsayer's surprised gasp made him pause.

The ying-yang's figure then changed so it seemed to sprout a set of white peacock plumage, and the combined symbols became something of a backdrop against an image of Shen's ancestral tower. Her interpretive nature took over, and the words of the vision spoke almost against her own will.

"...The peacock shall rule once more..." she said, sounding almost incredulous, "...under the partnership of the warrior of black and white..." The image glowed even more brightly. "...And it shall be glorious..." With that, the smoke vanished, taking the images with it.

Silence rung in the throne room for the longest time, then Shen took a menacing step forward.

"What does this mean?" he hissed, the tips of his wings quivering with an unfamiliar emotion; a strange mix of rage, shock, and suspense. "WHAT does this...this vision MEAN!"

The Soothsayer stared into the space where the images had just been, then looked at Shen, who was glaring unblinking at her in a demand for answers. "...It means, Lord Shen..." she replied, surprised herself at the revelation of it all, "...that you have a choice to make."

Shen's eye twitched violently. "WHAT choice, Soothsayer?" he growled. "WHAT are you talking about?"

The Soothsayer stood up, looking Shen right back in the eye. "The choice between victory or defeat," she said. "The choice that will define what future will come to pass."

"Speak some SENSE, you senile old goat!" Shen snapped, starting to pace from agitation.

The Soothsayer gave him an exasperated sigh and stare, shaking her head. "...Both of these futures, Lord Shen, are sure to happen. Which one that comes to pass depends entirely on you, and- "

" -And this choice, yes, I GET that!" Shen cut in sharply. "I'm ASKING you what exactly this choice IS!"

The Soothsayer was silent for a few moments before answering. "...I told you, thirty years ago, and again just now, that if you carry on this path of destruction that you have chosen, then the warrior of black and white, a panda, will bring your demise."

Shen opened his beak to contradict, but the Soothsayer kept speaking.

"However...if you change your path..." She gave him a knowing, imploring look. "...Then you will achieve a glorious rule." She paused, contemplating, it seemed, on her choice of words. "...Your path will diverge between making the panda your enemy...or making him your partner. Your equal."

She was cut off when Shen's wing snapped out, a blade shooting out to shatter her bowl as previously intended. More silence rang throughout the room, and the gorillas began vacating for fear of their lives. Shen and the Soothsayer had a stare-off, the peacock's breath coming in rapid, furious heaves, and the goat's composure calm and mild.

"Ridiculous!" Shen hissed dangerously, his pupils constricting with panic. "It's RIDICULOUS!" He began pacing again, gesturing wildly with his wingtips as he spoke. "You are WRONG, Soothsayer! There ARE no more pandas! Your visions are nothing more than- !"

" -Truth, Lord Shen." The Soothsayer kept her firm stare on him. "In my lifetime, I have made one thousand, sixty-nine predictions. And in my lifetime, one thousand, sixty-eight have come true." Her stare turned hard. "I have never been wrong, Lord Shen. So you MUST believe me when I say that what you make of the panda will determine whether you will be victorious, or fall completely from grace."

Shen continued his frantic pacing. "There...are...no...pandas...!" he kept biting out in furious hisses. "...This vision...it's IMPOSSIBLE...!" He flicked his red eyes at her. "...And you know it!"

"It is NOT impossible," the Soothsayer shot back, nodding to the stairs. "And HE knows it."

Just at that moment, the Wolf Boss came running up, out of breath. "Lord Shen- !" he gasped. "I saw a panda!"

Shen felt his breath constrict sharply. "...A panda...!" He rushed forward and pinned the wolf to the floor in a demand for an explaination.

"A...a kung fu warrior! It fought like a demon! Big and furry...soft squishy..." Shen's eye twitched; the wolf never stayed on topic for long. "...Kind of plush and cuddly..."

Shen's talons tightened over the wolf's throat to cut off the rambling. "...There...are...no...more...pandas...!" he growled, sounding almost desperate at this point. Soothsayer rolled her eyes and tapped at the wolf with her walking stick.

"Even with HIS poor eyesight, he can see the truth," she stated, giving him an imploring look. "Why is it that you cannot?"

It was all he could do not to have a mental breakdown right there in the throne room. A panda. A panda had survived and was HERE. A panda that was a kung fu WARRIOR. Oh, this was bad. This was bad, this was bad. ALL of his planning...the past thirty years had come crashing down around him with that one thrice-damned prophecy!

Make the panda his PARTNER? His EQUAL? It was as though the gods were LAUGHING at him, sending a panda here JUST when his dream was coming to fruition!

Yet according to the oh-so-infallible Soothsayer, his dream would lead to his demise. That path would lead to the panda being his enemy, and ultimately, the one to defeat him. What other path COULD there be, then?


A seed of thought began to sprout in his mind; an idea that was just insane enough to work. He looked back down at the wolf, his talons squeezing just hard enough to catch his attention.

"Bring him to me," he hissed. "Alive, and unharmed." He let the wolf go. "GO!"

As the wolf scurried back down the stairs, he saw the surprised look on the Soothsayer's face and bit down a smirk.

See how that old goat would take his 'partnership' with the damned panda. She would regret that vision soon enough.

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