Tony Zucco was not having a good day.

Well, you try having a good day in prison. Pretty much every day sucked. Orange was not his color, the food and accommodations were terrible, and his cellmate just couldn't appreciate a suave con-man and top-dog mobster like himself. And the worst part was that he knew he wasn't getting out of this any time soon, because after that trapeze act he'd offed and getting caught by the Batman, his sentence was probably for life.


All thoughts of escape were drilled out for this week, too. Tony'd been thinking of trying to get out somehow, since this place wasn't high-security or anything like Arkham Asylum or Belle Rev. Nope, just an ordinary prison with ordinary guards and ordinary convicts. Until the convicts became not-so-ordinary, that is.

You see, some high-profile guy, busted for drug dealing or something, was brought here instead of Arkham since he was obviously sane (although Tony wouldn't say so. The guy apparently wore some kind of retarded mask when he did his business. And he had a stupid crook name: Sports-something-pansy-like-that), although he was only here temporarily, until they could transfer him to a high-security prison outside of Gotham. But temporary or not, the security was suddenly upped to unbelievable amounts, and poor Tony couldn't fantasize about busting out anymore.

Talk about a sucky day, and soon a sucky night having to listen to his cellmate's ungodly snoring. Tony and some other inmates were guided by the prison guards to their cells, and soon he was left (almost) by himself to try and rest this horrible day away.

However, this was not to be. After what only felt like a few minutes of sleep, which was in actuality a few hours, a huge commotion of noise, alarms, shouts, and running feet startled Tony out of his sleep. The entire prison was in a complete uproar, and his cellmate was nowhere to be seen. However, his cell door was wide open, and as if he would miss this chance to get the hell out of here and back to a semi-normal life!

Tony ran out of his cell and saw a huge crowd of orange jumpsuits all doing as he was: escaping. So it was a prison-break! And just when he thought something like this would be impossible! Talk about luck! He ran down the hall, planning to blend in with the crowd and hopefully escape with them. That turned out to be a bogus plan, though, because the guards and GPD went straight for the big groups.

He was too smart for them, though, so before the cops could drag him back to his cell, he used his diminutive height (well, compared to most of the other inmates, at least…) to quietly slip away.

It was actually pretty easy to find his way out of the prison, avoiding guards and inmates alike. But he wasn't quite out of the prison yard yet when he got a funny feeling in his gut. And Tony always trusted his gut, so he quickly found a place to hide behind some storage crates, though what from, he had no clue.

That was quickly answered by the sound of fluttering capes, and when Tony stole a glance from his hidey-hole, he was able to see the familiar strides of the Batman and his Robin.

Besides keeping himself from freaking the fuck out, since these were the guys who originally caught him, he had to admit it had been a while since he'd seen them. They were on the news sometimes, sure, but only sometimes, and Tony didn't bother watching every goddamn day. Robin had a new costume, much less bright and it actually covered his legs. He could pass for intimidating if he wanted to, but at the moment he looked more irritated. As opposed to his partner, who looked like he was ready to rip out someone's spine.

In a good mood, then?

"How many of the inmates have got out?" Robin asked in irritation as they coordinated themselves.

"A lot," Batman replied.

"And we aren't catching them…why?" Robin asked as what looked like a bright holographic screen suddenly popped up over his arm. Since when did the kid have toys like that?

"The police have got it covered," Batman said. Robin didn't appear to believe him. "We have a date with someone else tonight,"

"It's Sportsmaster, isn't it? This is all him?" Robin kept on going at his holographic-thingy, as the two caped crusaders walked through the prison yard, passing by where Tony was hiding. "I knew there was a reason he allowed himself to get caught like that, but all for a prison break? What's his angle?"

"The Shadows definitely have some part in this," Batman said. "Though I doubt this is all just to retrieve Sportsmaster before he's moved to a higher-security prison,"

They were nearly gone past him, and Tony was straining his ears to hear the rest of their conversation. "Security's motion sensors looking pretty suspicious," Tony could almost hear a smirk in his voice, "Now why would there be three people running to the middle of the prison, instead of out?"

"I think you know," Batman said. "We have his location. Whatever is going down tonight, we're stopping it."

"Except for the whole, you know, prisoners-escaping thing," Robin joked. "GPD has totally got that covered."

The two heroes were finally dashing out of sight, and Tony didn't wait to hear Robin's snort of mirth before high-tailing it out of there to freedom. Running out of the prison felt pretty anti-climactic, but Tony was trying desperately to find some way out of Gotham before he got caught by the cops.

"And where do you think you're going?" said a voice from behind him. Tony jumped out of his skin and, though he wouldn't admit it, nearly pissed himself.

"S-stay back!" Tony yelled, grabbing a stick of wood that he saw lying on the ground. He whirled around with his pathetic weapon, ready to face off with the GPD and their fancy guns.

"…in that terribly bright orange jumpsuit?" the voice finished. And it was definitely not a cop. It was obviously a girl, with matted black-brown hair sticking out in all directions, wearing what looked like a green kimono, and a white and red mask that looked rather cat-like in appearance. And he had to admit, she had nice legs. "Orange is definitely not you're color, and not very convenient for sneaking around at night, wouldn't you say?"

The way she talked sounded like she was either flirting with him or talking down to him, but she looked too terrifying to decide whether he liked that or not. "Wh-whaddya mean? Whaddya want with me?"

"Oh, don't try and act all tough with a stick of wood in your hands," she definitely sounded like she was flirting with him, "here." She threw a duffle bag that she had been holding, which landed on the ground in front of him.

Despite his best judgment, Tony dropped his stick and looked into the bag. Inside were a gun and a set of clothes.


"Take them," the girl said. "We'll help you get faaar away from Gotham, with protection. You'll be out of here and able to start your new, happy life within a week or two," she approached him quickly, before he could react, and tantalizingly lifted his chin up to her masked face with her finger. "How's that sound?"

Tony nodded.

So, my first ever story on FF. This was something I prompted, but am actually filling, on the YJ Anon Meme. I have some other fills there that I might put up here...

This won't be a huge thing, maybe a few chapters. Nothing particularly amazing, I don't think, but I strive to at least let it be well-written and make sense! So I'm interested to hear what you guys think might be going on.