River Song & Donna Noble – A one shot

By Robyn- itsmrsrobinson

"Professor Song? You have a visitor!" Said one of the guards with a cold expression on his face.

"Me? A visitor for me? How exciting! Come 'on, let them in, let them in!" Replied River, obviously highly excited while holding onto the bars with her face pressed through the gaps.

The woman stepped out from behind the wall, "Hello! Am Donna, Donna Noble. Now before you ask, I don't have a clue who you are, yes, I know that is stupid cause I'm visiting you but it's your name. I can only remember your name." Donna said all this without taking a breath.

River replied "Donna, oh amazing Donna Noble. What did he do to you? That man. Our impossible man. What did he do?"

"I don't understand. A man? I don't remember a man." Donna's eyes although said otherwise.

"You can remember. I can see it in your eyes. You remember him. Our Doctor?"

"Yes. Was that his name? The Doctor? It kina rings a bell... AHHHHH! RIVER RIVER IT HURTS IT HURTS RIVER MAKE IT STOP!" Donna stopped mid sentence, obviously showing true pain and agony.

"Donna I need you to listen to me, okay? You are special. You are... amazing! But him, the Doctor he knew you couldn't survive with you being so amazing! He saved you like he has saved millions across the universe! But Donna you were not meant to remember, it is horrible and unfair that you can't keep the memory's of all the amazing adventures you and him had together or of me and you in the Library but this is how it is meant to be. Now Donna I need you to do something for me and I promise then I can stop the pain, okay?"

Through gritted teeth Donna whispered "Okay."

"Right, Donna, I need to wipe your memories again and then I will take you home to your mother and your granddad like the Doctor done. Everything will be okay. Donna Noble, you saved the universe and you won't be able to remember but people will always remember you."

A single tear rolled down River's cheek as she placed her hand on Donna's forehead and with the other hit a few buttons on her vortex manipulator and whispered "I'm sorry Donna Noble. I am so, so sorry."