Hiya guys :D I decided to do this fun little story about how the Bachelors of Harvest Moon would try to "woo" the bachelorettes xD These are all pretty silly but it was fun writing them!

All the Bachelors are going to woo their rival Bachelorette because I don't want the poor farmer girl to be like a seven-timer! The farmer girl will be in the ones that don't have rival pairings (like Harvest King and Wizard) Soooo, let's begin :D

First up! Animal Parade/Tree of Tranquility guys!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harvest Moon.

Characters might be waaaay OOC!


"I know the every single part of the body, now why don't you let me get to know yours?" The doctor said, suggestively eyeing the blushing Anissa.


"I have seen a lot of precious jems in these mines, but not any as beautiful as you," Calvin said with a smirk at Pheobe.


"..." Chase stared blanking at Maya, "Must I really say some stupid pick-up line?"

"Yes you do! Come on Chasee!" Maya tugged on the young chef's arm.

"How about I make you a Chesnut Cake instead." Chase tried to reason with the food-loving girl.

Maya's eyes lit up and she happily replied, "Okay! Let's go!"

Chase shook his head, but at least he got out of making a fool out of himself, for now.


"Candance, my dear, how about I make an outfit specially for you," Julius began, "Now how about I measure that body of yours just to make sure everything fits perefectly..." The purple hair man smiled as how flustered the blue haired girl had gotten.


"Damn Selena, your body is fine! I'd like some of that!" Luke said with a wolf whistle.

This caused Selena to slap him upside the head.


"I know you're good at riding horses, how about you try riding other things, " Owen said with a waggle of his eyebrows to the appalled blonde waitress.


"There's a lot of fish in the sea, but my favorite fish is you." Despite the cheesy line from the fisherman, Renee still blushed.


"You said you're not a child Luna, how about you prove that to me by having some fun," The blonde smirked at the now flustered tailor.

Harvest King

"You insolent human! You really think I would take part in these demeaning actions!" The Harvest King refused to say more to the young heroine and Finn.


"..." The Wizard stared at Hikari with a captivated look.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" questioned the young heroine.

"You...enchant me."

Okies~ How'd you guys like them? Next up are the guys from Sunshine Islands :D