I am soooooo very sorry that it has been forever since I've actually update this! Buuuut~ It's time for the Bachelors of Zephyr Town from The Grand Bazaar! I hope you guys enjoy!


"I have seen and created many works of art," started Zephyr Town's artist, "but you, Daisy, are more beautiful than any piece of art."


"Antoinette! I might look young, but how about I show you what mature things I can do with you!" Dirk winked at the scarlet-eyed girl.


"I may be able to teach you a few things Freya, but in return, you should be a good student." As innocent as that sounded, many dirtier things were implied with Ivan's suggestive emerald eyes.


"There is no gem or ore in the world as rare and lovely as you, my dear Sherry." Said girl blushed at the former world traveler's word.


"Anita, dear. You are my most precious princess." The prince whispered these words into the young farmers ears, causing the blonde to turn a light pink.

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