This is about Max-Ernest and Cass. I prefer Cass-Yoji, but putting him in this place didn't really work so great. So I chose Max-Ernest.

Disclaimer: Une nuk e vete. I don't own in Albanian

One Thing (One Direction)

"Sick," Max-Ernest said.

Cass looked at him. "Don't say that." It doesn't sound right.

Max-Ernest frowned. "How come it sounds right when Yo-Yoji says it?

"Because he's Yo-Yoji! And you're Max-Ernest!"

Max-Ernest tried to be cool around Cass. It never worked, but he tried. He didn't know why. He had never cared before. It was something about Cass. There was something about her. He didn't know what it was.

He tried to drop hints. He bristled when Cass was friendly to Yo-Yoji. He grinned at every compliment sent his way. But she was oblivious. He wanted her in his arms. That would never happen. He had never thought about girls that way.

But Cass had that one thing.

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