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Ziva hung up her phone with a stressed out sigh, and walked back over to her desk with a look in her eyes that Tony had seen too many times. He hated to see her eyes filled with such sadness, it was also a waste of her beauty. He loved to see her smile, and that was something he would most likely not see tonight.

Everything was going fine before Ray had to call, perfect timing that man had. Tony let Ziva back behind her desk. Tony looked into her eyes as she searched his for comfort. Her eyes were not filled with joy, or lust, or strength. Her walls were crumbling before his very eyes. Tony had seen this once before, and that was enough. She started to tear up and realizing that, she quickly looked up at the ceiling. She kept replaying the phone conversation in her head, and that did not make matters any better.

"We were going to get a drink, were we not?" Ziva asked trying her best to prevent her voice from cracking. She needed to do something else other than think of Ray.

"Ziva, you sure you really want to do that?" Tony asked quietly. He saw that she was falling apart before him. Ziva sat down in her chair and looked up at him. She tried her very hardest to fake just a small smile. The edges of her lips curled up and almost began to tremble.

"What can I say?" She looked up at him. "I'm emotionally dysfunctional." Ziva tried to smile again.

"Ziva, I know everything is not alright with you and Mr. C.I-Ray. And clearly you need me to be a part of your life, and we shouldn't just push each other away when the other needs it the most." Tony sighed. Ziva processed what he had just said. She was quiet and still at first, and then lightly tapped his leg and started to stand up.

"Let's go get a drink, Tony." Ziva got up off of chair and Tony slid off her desk.

"Alright." Tony replied simply and walked by her side quietly to the elevator. Waiting mere seconds for the elevator to come in silence felt like forever. It was not awkward, because both of them had their minds wandering. The elevator opened with a ding and Ziva was the first one to step in. She clutched her bag and was deep in thought somewhere else at the moment. Tony followed and pushed the button to go down. He looked over at her and she looked nervous and stressed.

"Oh, Ziva." Tony whispered before gently grabbing her waist and pulling her into his side. Ziva did not pull away. She needed this kind of comfort. She was an emotional wreck now that she had finally opened herself to Tony, and she was doing her best to get over Ray. She and Tony were having a moment that could have brought them even closer as friends when Ray had to get in the way. She was certainly not ready to see, or let alone talk to him. Ziva rested her head on his chest. She liked the feel of his warm jacket up against her. She pulled away when she sensed the doors were going to open.

"I am not sure I can do this, Tony." Ziva said with a sigh.

"Ziva, don't question yourself. Tell Ray what he needs to here and get on with it. If you need me at any point, you know I'm here for you." Tony said. There was silence for a moment.

"Whose car should we take to the bar?" Tony asked casually like there were no feelings among them at the moment.

"Yours." Ziva answered simply walking to his car. Tony did not argue or reply, he just went with it. Both of them drove off to the local bar just a couple blocks away.

To Be Continued…

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