Author's Note: I'm so sorry in taking a long time to get this out! I've procrastinated a bit much until recently. I hope this is will make up partially for making you all wait for so long! Also, this chapter is not as long as I'd like, so I'll try to make Chapter 4 more full of content! Thanks for understanding!

Chapter 3

Once the last zombie's head popped off, the atmosphere instantly cooled off as every plant relaxed and gathered in their plant cliques.

Normally, Peashooter would hang out with other Snow Peas, since they had a significant amount in common. However, now that he had a strong bond with Sunflower, he was split on what he should do.

"If I go with Sunflower, then we can talk more, and I can get to know her better…" Thought Peashooter, "But, if I don't hang out with the Snow Peas, then they might not like me anymore…Ugh! I'm so confused!..."

"Hey, what's wrong?"

Peashooter looked around to find a Potato mine, seemingly just wandering. Peashooter replied, "Oh, I'm just not sure who to hang out with today…I feel that if I hang out with either Sunflower or the Snow Peas that somebody will be mad at me…"

With an inquisitive look on his face, Potato mine said, "Which of them is more important to you?"

"Well, I think I want to be around Sunflower more…"

Potato mine, now smiling, said, "Then be with her! Just apologize to the Snow Peas that you can't hang out with them today, and that you'll make it up to them in another way!"

Peashooter, reflecting on this advice, said, "That's a good idea! Thanks!"

Sifting his roots through the dirt, Peashooter scrambled over to the Snow Peas, and said, "Hey, everyone. I'm sorry, but I can't hang out with you guys today. I'm gonna go be with Sunflower an-"

One of the Snow Peas then abruptly said, "See, guys? I totally called it!"

Peashooter, now confused, said, "Um, excuse me?"

Another more matured Snow Pea said, "Please excuse him, he's young. What he means to say is that he was the first one to say that you two would someday be boy-plant and girl-pla-."

The younger Snow Pea interupted, "And you two are SOOO adorable together! I knew you two would get together an-"

"Will you let me finish?" The older Snow Pea yelled. When the younger Snow Pea stopped, he said, "As I was saying, this was something he thought would happen. Of course, we all had our suspicions, but it did seem sudden to me."

"Oh…" Peashooter said. He hadn't been anticipating this conversation. "Well, anyways, since I won't be here today with you guys, I want to make it up to you guys in another way."

The older Snow Pea said, "You don't have to; just go do what you want and enjoy you-"

"CUDDLE FOR US!" Exclaimed the younger Snow Pea.

"Oh, will you stop!" Yelled the older Snow Pea. "I swear, you are always like this, why do I even hang out with you…"

"Because you love me!" said the younger Snow Pea with a smile.

"That was a rhetorical question…"

Just when the conversation could not get more awkward as it was, Sunflower came, and said, "Hi, everyone!"

The younger Snow Pea was now evidently very excited; even without saying anything, he was dancing around so much that he very easily could have pulled himself out of the ground. Every other plant just stayed silent, unsure of how to address such an awkward situation.

"Is something wrong?" Sunflower said, confused.

The older Snow Pea said, "Nothing's wrong, it's just that…."

Unable to hold in his excitement any more, the younger Snow Pea shouted, "You two are so cute together!"

By this point, Peashooter was producing unprecedented amounts of chlorophyll. His embarrassment at the situation at hand was causing it, and there wasn't much he could do to hide it; his stem was incredibly green, even for a plant.

While the older Snow Pea, having had enough of his behavior, was practically chasing the younger Snow Pea, every other Snow Pea just watched. Some laughed, some were confused. Sunflower giggled at the situation, and moved next to Peashooter. She gently grasped his leaves with hers, and then everything suddenly went silent around them. It was possible to hear a grass blade crunch very audibly.

With a leaf over the younger Snow Pea's loquacious mouth, the older Snow Pea said, "You two just go do what you want. Don't let us interfere with your relationship."

As Sunflower and Peashooter left the clique of Snow Peas, Sunflower said, "You have very funny friends." with a smile.

Peashooter, still green with Chlorophyll, replied, "Yes…yes they are..."

Later, that evening, when the sun was just above the horizon, Sunflower and Peashooter had found a quiet vegetation eatery called "Cabbage Garden", serving fertilizer, water, and "Soupe pour les plantés", a luxurious soup featuring expensive compost, grown in the Shroomian lands. The two found a comfortable toadstool table, and waited for their server. While they waited, they watched the slowly descending sun above the horizon.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Sunflower said.

"It is…almost as beautiful as you." replied Peashooter.

"You're so sweet." smiled Sunflower as their waiter came.

"Welcome to Cabbage Garden, I will be your waiter this fine evening. My name is Cabbage-Pult." said their server.

"Thank you very much." said both Sunflower and Peashooter.

"Ah, I see you are both veterans of a recent zombie attack. I'll make sure that's on your tab. Is there anything I can get you started with?

"A bowl of water, please. I'd also just like some fertilizer." said Peashooter.

"Same for me!" said Sunflower.

"Very well." said Cabbage-Pult. "Also, since you're both veterans, you also get free samples of Soupe pour les Plantés. Give me a minute, and I'll bring all that up."

"Such a nice plant he is." said Sunflower.

"I'm back, here's all that you ordered – two bowls of water, two fertilizers, and your free samples of Soupes pour les Plantés. Enjoy your meal!" said Cabbage-Pult cheerfully.

They began eating through their meal. As the evening passed, a Marigold passed by, and said, "Hey! Sunflower!"

"Marigold! It's been such a long time!" Exclaimed Sunflower. "They briefly hugged and then Sunflower introduced Marigold to Peashooter, "Peashooter, this is Marigold. She's a good sapling-hood friend of mine. We used to go to school together at Floral Elementary."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." smiled Peashooter.

"So, are you two on a…date?" Marigold said inquisitively.

As Peashooter hesitantly went to answer, Sunflower simply smiled and said, "It's a date!"

"Aww! You two are really adorable together." said Marigold cheerfully.

"…Thanks." replied Peashooter.

"Well, I'll leave you two to your date! Bye!" said Marigold as she resumed her business.

"Peas, are you alright?" said Sunflower. "You seem a bit nervous when you talk about us being together."

"I'm alright…but I think you're right. I don't really like talking about our…relationship openly…" said Peashooter.

"Listen, I know it's a little bit awkward, but it's nothing to be ashamed of!" Sunflower said enthusiastically. "Just forget about how awkward it is."

"Yeah, you're right. I'll try." Peashooter replied.

As they finished their meal, the sun was just very slightly above the horizon. They moved to an open space of grass to watch the sunset.

"It's so nice to just watch the sun slowly set, don't you think?" Peashooter whispered.

"It is. It's almost like the sun is going to sleep, and let the moon take over for the night. They're like partners." Sunflower replied.

"Partners…" Peashooter said slowly. He thought: They are like partners…supporting each other when the other is in need. They get along really well, despite their differences…kind of like…us…

Having realized this, Peashooter leaned on Sunflower, and when she started asking what he was doing, he whispered softly, "We're partners too." Sunflower got the idea, and they held each-other for the remainder of the sun-set.

When night came upon them, they found a small tree, and embraced each-other, resting for the night; resting in preparation for the next day.