This story is done in Sam's POV


Down the street I ran.

"I have to get away! I have to get away," I thought, as I turned the corner and ran down another street.

"Were They still following me?" I turned and looked behind me. I could see the car at the end of the street. I ducked in an alley as the car drove past.

Safe, for now.

"This day started off so good," I said into the night sky. I started walking silently down the alley.

"If they caught me… No don't think about it," I though shuddering. I came to the end of the alley and looked both ways. No sight of Them. I walked down the street.

"What should I do?" I said to myself. "I could hide at Danny or Tucker's house. No, They would expect that. They would corner me there and then… No! Don't think about it." But the thought wouldn't leave.


I was in my room with the door locked, listening to music when suddenly They broke in. They approached me with It. I pleaded, cried, and begged but they wouldn't listen. One of them went to guard the door while the other one set It on me. I barley escaped.

"She's getting away!" I heard one of Them yell.

"Get in the car," The other one yelled "We still have a chance of catching her!"


I blinked out of my memories. This was no time to dwell on what almost happened. It was time to get away before they-

"No!" I yelled. I was not going to think about what might have happened. But I couldn't forget about It. It was so scary. When It jumped on me all I could see was red; red all over myself. It was terrible. It was so-

"Don't think about it," I said out loud. Suddenly I heard a sound. The car was back! They found me!


I felt so tired but I had to keep moving or else- No! I felt my feet trip and I was falling. I hit the ground and I heard the car pull to a stop. I tried to get up but one of Then grabbed me.

"No!" I yelled as I was slowly dragged into the car. Into my doom. I struggled, but the arms holding me were way to strong. I landed in a seat and heard the door slam behind me.

"Samakins," my mom said. "Won't you just put on the dress?" She pulled out the horrible red and pink dress. I shrank away from It.

"You're making a fuss over nothing," my father said.

"Please Sam," Mom said. "Your dance is tomorrow. All we want you to do is to wear the dress and put on some make up.




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