I'm so sorry for taking so long to actually post another chapter guys! I really don't have an excuse as to why I've taken so long. I suppose I could use the lame "trying to get college stuff figured out" or "work is tiring" but I'll be honest, I just haven't thought of a way to quite end the story. So I'm asking a favor!

I want my fans to help me end it! I want you guys to send me ideas of endings, anything at all. I will go through them and pick and choose which to use, probably using multiple to make one ending. I will also give credit to the endings I choose in the chapter info!

I know it might be asking a lot but you've all been so amazing through this fanfic and I think it'd be a lot of fun to get a lot of your insights! So any ideas at all, either inbox them to me or even just comment them. I still have a couple more chapters before the end; which will give me enough time to piece your ideas together. But the next chapter should hopefully be up within a week. Thank you again everyone for being the amazing fans you are, you've made it a lot of fun to write this!