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This was the conversation that John had dreaded, but he knew it was necessary. Pete Tyler was no longer his friend, but Jackie Tyler was. She had been good, helping the Doctor even when she didn't like him or trust him and when she quite rightly thought he was ruining her daughter's life. She deserved an explanation. She certainly deserved better than Rose had given her.

So, John went to the Tyler mansion and told them what had happened. What Rose had done this time.

Jackie was numb. Since their return, Rose's behavior had grown increasingly erratic and then finally psychotic. Discovering the full extent of Rose's behavior, what she had done in the Time Beetle universe, working with the Silence and finally kidnapping Georgiana and Lydia, was almost too much to bear. John explained what he could of Rose having transformed into the Bad Wolf, but Jackie didn't take that as much of an excuse. Her worst fears had been realized. Her daughter had turned into something strange, not even human.

Definitely not Rose Tyler.

John cleared his throat. "I know this is the part where the Doctor would promise to bring your daughter back to you safe. I'm sorry, Jackie, but I won't promise you something that I'm not certain I can deliver. If it comes down to her and someone else or something else, I can't promise to choose her. There's much more than just Rose Tyler at stake."

There was a long silence.

Jackie looked up. "I understand."

"Jackie!," Pete said in shock.

She glared at him. "I didn't say I liked it. I didn't say I would help. I just said I understand." She turned and looked back at John. "Go get your girl."

Donna had made all the arrangements for a possibly extended absence. She had phoned her mother. Sylvia had been less than attentive, but she didn't know what it was really about. She took the children to visit Ethan's parents and they were completely stymied as well. The house staff was on holiday. She had put her company on standby, it could run months without her. She hoped it wouldn't. She did hope everything would work as promised, but she was prepared for it. That was a consequence she could learn to live with.

She packed up her things, carefully choosing the photos and mementos she couldn't live without. She helped Josh and Ella put together their bags. Usually, they wanted to take the entire contents of their rooms on a holiday, but they had finally grown out of it. She found herself sliding an extra memento or toy into their suitcases when they weren't looking. As far as they knew, this was just an ordinary holiday.

Her last stop was Georgiana's room. She just wanted to have some things ready for when they found her: a couple outfits, her favorite bear and her blanket.

John walked in. "We're nearly ready."

Donna nodded. "Okay."

She gathered up the bag and turned towards John.

"Are you alright?," he asked.

"Yeah," she said, forcing a smile on her face.

"We'll find her, Donna. I promise."

"But what if we don't?," asked Donna.

John was stymied. Donna was afraid. Donna almost never got afraid.

Except for one thing and this just happened to be that thing.

"Listen," said John, taking her into a hug, "Georgiana is alright. I know the Doctor and Donna have taken her in and they'll care for her just as if she was their own. She's safe. We'll find her and she'll be with us again and then we'll find our way back home, but no matter what we'll be together as a family. You have to believe that."

Donna nodded. "I do."

"Then let's go get her."

"Yeah," said Donna with a smile. "I was lying before. I don't know how to get on without you."

John smiled. "Who's lying now? I know you can get on without me."

"Yeah, but I don't like it."

"Well, I can take comfort in that then."

John and Donna descended the cellar stairs to find an argument brewing outside of the TARDIS.

"Of course I'm going!," said Amy. She looked at the Oracle. "What? Did I do something?"

"No, Amy, of course not," said the Oracle.

Amy looked at the Doctor. "I helped you last time."

"I know," said the Doctor, putting his hands on Amy's shoulders. "You paid quite a price for it. Perhaps a higher price than any companion ever has. You have a new life now, Amy. I won't take this one from you as well."

"I want to help," said Amy.

"And you will," promised the Doctor.


He paused. "I haven't worked that bit out yet. I'll let you know when we get there,"

Amy looked at the Oracle. "Well, I'm glad you're going with him. At least someone will have some sense."

Amy and the Oracle hugged. Amy turned towards John and Donna. She and John hugged first.

"I kept Jack away," said Amy. "He seemed to have this sort of fixation with his parallel self. It was getting pretty disturbing."

John smiled. "Thanks and thank you, Amy."

Amy turned to Donna and hugged her. "Go get Georgiana," she said as someone who had been in the trenches herself.

"Oh, count on it," said Donna.

Amy watched as they walked back into the newly grown TARDIS. Mayantha was inside showing the various controls to Josh and Ella.

"And never touch that one," said Mayantha. "Or that one. Or that one. Basically, the entire panel."

"Just don't touch anything," said Donna. This had to be the most nerve-wracking part of this whole journey, riding in a spaceship that had been grown in Josh's cupboard and finished in her cellar.

"Where are we going?," asked Ella.

"Anywhere, everywhere!," said the Doctor.

"No," corrected the Oracle.

The Doctor looked back at the children sheepishly. "No. Mostly we're just going to the other universe."

"Mum, what about school?," asked Josh. "Football's just starting."

"I'm sorry, Josh. It will just have to wait," said Donna. She put on a smile. "Besides, you'll be back at school before you know it. That's how it always is with holidays, isn't it?"

"How long are we going for?," asked Ella.

John walked over and picked the girl up. "Just think of it as a holiday, alright? Before you know it, you'll be back here."

"And Georgiana will be with you," said the Doctor. "Cross my hearts."

"Okay," said the Oracle, taking a place at the console. "Everyone hold on. John, take a station." She looked at the Doctor next to her. "What?"

"This is the command position," he said.

She raised an eyebrow. "Your point being?"

"Right," said the Doctor casually walking to the neighboring console. He saw Mayantha's smirk. "Could you at least pretend to hide your laughter?"

John put Ella down and walked over to the console with the other Time Lords. Ella stood close by him.

"Next stop, the parallel world," he said with a smile.

John felt Donna's hand on his wrist. He smiled at her and she forced one back at him. Josh stood at her side. He was here, with a family he didn't know was possible when he arrived in this universe.

Then they were off.

Author's Notes: The sequel shall be entitled Any Other World and will be a crossover with the normal Regarding Mrs Smith universe. I think most of you have probably been keeping up with that, but if you haven't you might want to read First Impressions, though I'm fairly certain you can get on without it. I hope to have the first part of that out quite soon. Thank you for reading the story. Hope you liked it.