Waking up has always been the lousiest part of the day for me. It marks the end of the time for dreams and adventures and the beginning of the day in which we must dispense with dreams and rejoin the rest of the world for a few hours. For me that morning it meant waking, glaring at the clock for a bit, and then rolling over and going back to sleep. The clock wasn't having any of that and exactly 6:30 started blaring out music at that point. Rolling back over to address the cheeky machine I considered my options. Hit the sleep button or just backhand the thing into the wall like I had its predecessor. I chose Option C: Actually getting up. After emerging from my comfy cocoon of blankets I staggered into the doorjamb and then into the bathroom, showered and brushed my teeth. Afterwards I got down to a very pressing issue: Breakfast. Being the thoroughly odd person I am I decided to go the "lazy" routine of riding my bike to the nearest McDonalds for a mcbiscuit as opposed to grabbing a bowl of cereal.

After a quick ride down the street to the nearby intersection, near which my destination was located, a few stoplights, and a quick one-finger salute to the genius that damn near flattened me while talking on his phone, I arrived at my destination. I went in and slapped down the money on the counter. Jose, a friend of mine quickly brought out my order without me saying anything. No need really considering I always get the same thing. It being so early, Jose came out and we shot the breeze for a bit. In actuality this meant he extorted on his life, how his girlfriend got him a new watch for his birthday the weekend before, and how much it sucked to be on the morning shift all the while never letting his sunny demeanor and ever present smile slip. Noone should have that much energy in the morning. On my part I sat back stuffing my face with the occasional comment in the right place. Moments later I was back on my bike heading home where I fully intended to merge with the couch for a few hours before heading off to my classes at the nearby college. I never made my date with the sofa as fate had a different plan for me.

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