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"Reborn-san! The machine you have requested is finished." A stout man with a nearly baldhead came into the living room of the Sawada residence in his usual odd vehicle, holding what looked to be a silver Ten-year bazooka. The above-mentioned hitman glanced up from the espresso he had been drinking to look at the inventor, appraising eyes scouring the weapon.

"However, may I ask why you would need this?" The man had only received orders from both Nono and Reborn himself to make a way to transport others to another dimension, with no reason given. He had a hunch that it was something to do with the poor Vongola Decimo though.

"Who knows?" Was the only response Reborn gave, before continuing on.

"Anyways, are you sure it will work?" He asked sceptically. After all the failures the inventor, Giannini, had made, he was slightly cautious about any weapon that was made entirely by him. The 22-year old technician however nodded his head, puffing out his chest slightly.

"Yes, Reborn-san! I have increased my skills since the future incident after seeing some of the designs I had come up with. I used some knowledge from the ten-year bazooka to make sure travel was safe, and Spanner and Shouichi helped with the concept design as well. This will successfully transport a certain target to that other dimension." He explained proudly, obviously proud of his work. Reborn tilted down his fedora, covering his eyes, but a smirk could be seen playing in his lips.

"Heh, is that so? You better get ready, Dame-Tsuna." He said, a menacing aura coming off from him. Giannini sweat dropped at the other's actions, and started silently praying for Tsuna's life.

"Tadaime!" A teenage boy with large brown eyes and untameable brunette hair called out as he stepped through the door. He paused and was slightly confused when he didn't hear the response his mother always gave him, but shrugged it off, dismissing it as her shopping. Removing his shoes, he walked through the small hallway and through the open arch into the living room, but froze up as he spotted Giannini and Reborn. He gulped quietly, his grip tightening on his school bag while his Hyper Intuition went crazy, practically screaming that something was going to happen soon.

"Um, h-hi Giannini-san. What b-brings you here?" He glanced over at Reborn, and it felt like he was surrounded in ice when he saw a smirk appear on the Arcobaleno's face.

"He's come to help with your training, Baka-Tsuna. Take care of yourself while your gone. And don't worry about Mama. I sent her and the kids on a 6-month cruise, so they'll never know you were gone." Was the only response Tsuna got, and he sweat-dropped at the last part, silently asking how long Reborn had been planning whatever this was. He was brought back to reality though when Giannini aimed a silver bazooka straight towards Tsuna.

"Sorry about this, Tenth." He apologized, as Tsuna took a step back.

"W-wait a minute. What exactly is that?"

"It's your new training." Reborn said, still smirking. Tsuna just stared at Reborn incredulously.

What kind of training is this!

He screamed in his head, and he mentally smacked himself as Reborn's smirk grew wider, completely forgetting that the infant could practically read minds. Suddenly Giannini pulled the trigger, and Tsuna glanced back towards him when a loud boom resounded from the weapon, seeming to come from everywhere and no-where at the same time. It was almost like slow motion as his eyes widened with the missile heading towards him, and before he could move a thick black smoke swamped his vision, and he swore he could catch a glimpse of Reborn still smirking through the smoke.

Coughing, he waited for the smoke to clear so he could see what happened to him, but suddenly he felt the ground disappear beneath him and he started falling.

"HIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!" He flailed his arms around as he let out his usual scream. He was currently falling through the sky, and below him lay a clearing surrounded by a sparse forest. He knew that if he didn't do something soon, he would be a splat on the ground. It took him all of 10 seconds to finally remember about his mittens, and he hurriedly pulled them on. Grabbing the case of pills, he was thankful he had just recently received a refill for it, so he didn't need to worry about running out. Quickly grabbing two of them, he swallowed, and soon his plummet down to Earth was halted as a flame flickered on his forehead, additional flames from his Vongola Gear supporting him in the air. Now sunset orange eyes glanced at the case, where a note from Reborn had been tapped on.


I'm guessing if you're reading this you aren't dead. I'm surprised. If you slack on your training while I'm not there though, you will be when you get back. Anyways, your guardians may or may not be joining you in due time. Who knows? Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity fully. Not like you'll be back anytime soon, since Giannini forgot to make a return mechanism. Ah well, I'm sure he'll figure out something.

Ciao, Reborn

Tsuna sighed as he finished the message, which was totally typical of his Spartan tutor. Mentally facepalming, he just hoped that Giannini could produce another miracle. Not being one to litter, he ignited the note, and released it, watching as it turned into ash after a few feet of falling. Looking around, he had to wonder where he was. It was just a large forest around him, and what buildings he could see in the distance looked nothing like the ones in Namimori, or even Japan.

Is it another time switch? He asked himself, before glancing down at the clearing below. He saw a huge cart loaded with tons of luggage parked in the center, and a tent was set up next to it. He spotted three figures moving around and…. Was that a blue cat? He raised his eyebrow at that, especially since it looked like on of the figures was talking to it like it was having a conversation. He mentally asked himself what kind of crazy place Reborn had sent him too this time, and really wished that he could strangle the infant. He sighed though, knowing Reborn would kill him a mile away if he even tried. Deciding to try his luck with the people, he began a decent down to the ground, and it looked like one of them looked up. He continued his decent as the other two heads looked up as well.

Now closer to the ground, he could make out their features better. The first one to spot him had been one of the two guys. He had spiky black hair, and for some reason had his shirt off, wearing brown pants for his bottoms and black shoes. The other guy apparently had pink hair that was also spiked, and he recognized him as the one who had been talking to the cat as far as he could tell. He was wearing an open black vest with yellow trim that also had a matching piece around his waist that went down to his knees, as well as a checked white scarf. His capris were white, the bottoms hugging his legs just below his knees and kept tight with black bands, and he had a black wristband on his left hand as well as sandals. The last human was a female with shoulder length blond hair where part of it was drawn into a side ponytail with a blue ribbon. She had a shirt with no sleeves that was white and had a blue cross on it, as well as a matching blue skirt and black high-heeled boots. And then there was the cat, which was blue with a white stomach carrying a green bag on it's back, and was walking on two legs. Tsuna was greatly confused by this, but dismissed it as a weird box weapon.

He froze however when he felt a menacing aura coming from the group, and watched as the cat suddenly grew white wings from its back and grabbed the pink-haired teen, who couldn't be older than 17 or 18. The duo rushed towards him, and he dodged swiftly, staring in shock at the flames covering the guy's hand.

He isn't even wearing gloves! Since when was that possible? I thought only Xanxus had that ability!

The teen spun around to face Tsuna again, a grin on his face.

"Oi, you're pretty good! Did the bandits send you here to take care of us after we ran them out of town?"

Tsuna got a confused look on his face.

Since when did we still have bandits? Gangs and mafia groups, or the Yakuza sure, but bandits?

He shook his head, knowing he could just ask the pink-haired teen about it later.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about. I wasn't sent here by anybody to harm you."

The kid snorted, and Tsuna's intuition told him that he wasn't going to be able to reason with his new opponent any time soon.

"Like I'll believe that!"

He shouted back, and lit his hands on fire again, getting ready to charge. Tsuna sighed, and also raised his fists. Looks like he wasn't going to be able to get out of this unscathed.

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