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Lucy blinked in surprise, not having expected her battle so soon, and paled slightly when she heard Belphegor's signature laugh from behind her.

"Ushishi~ This will be a rather fun fight, peasant~" he snickered, before easily jumping down to the ground and landing gracefully. Straightening up, he walked into the arena, before turning to where Lucy and the others sat and sending a wide grin up to them.

"T-Tsuna, please tell me that guy isn't as insane as I think he is…" Lucy stuttered, and Tsuna could only send her a sympathetic glance.

"I'd be lying if I said he isn't, Lucy," he admitted mournfully, before patting her on the back encouragingly.

"It should be fine though, after all, he isn't allowed to kill or maim you. And a word of advice, don't-"

Before Tsuna could finish his sentence, a bullet was shot right at him, which he barely managed to dodge with a small squeak. Looking down, he spotted Reborn for the first time since the tournament had started, the black eyes flashing in amusement and a cold smirk on his face, though Tsuna got the message.

"U-um, just, good luck, Lucy. Fight hard, okay?" Tsuna finished, a small shaky smile on his face. Lucy patted his head as a way of saying thanks, before Happy picked her up and deposited her on the ground. With a quick wave to everyone as they yelled out their own encouragements, she joined the prince in the rune encased area.

"Are you ready, peasant?" he asked with a grin, and Lucy regarded him with a calculating eyes.

"I suppose. And I'm not really a peasant," she responded, muttering the last part, though of course Bel still heard it. He hummed in amusement and slight questioning, but let it go, not feeling like prying into the mage's meaning for now.

"The battle will begin soon!" Mirajane announced, and Lucy straightened up while Bel's smile grew, both anticipating for when the fight would start. Lucy could feel anxiousness and even slight nervousness about the fight about to start, but knew it would soon go away in favour of focusing on the battle.

Bel on the other hand only felt excitement. It had been a while since he had a match like this against someone, the closest being when he used Fran for target practice. Assassinations usually didn't result in fights, as they were supposed to be silent, so the chance for a good battle made him rather happy, especially given that his opponent was someone from this strange world, and so far these people's abilities hadn't ceased to amuse him with their uniqueness, even compared to dying will attacks. The main power source seemed to be magic, and he wouldn't be surprised if Lucy's fighting used the multitude of keys at her side, further suspect that her hand was angled towards them, ready to grab one at a moments notice. His grin widened as he laughed again. This truly would be an interesting fight.

"The battle is starting in 3… 2… 1… Fight!" Mirajane finally announced, and the two figures immediately reacted.

With experienced movements Lucy had quickly worked a key off of the ring they were attached to, and slashed the golden object downwards.

"I am linked to the path to the world of Celestial Spirits, now! O spirit, answer my call and pass through the gate! Open, the gate of the golden bull! Taurus!" she chanted, the familiar words easily flowing into her head. The key flashed, before a burst of smoke appeared in front of her. A cross between what sounded like a battle cry almost and a cow mooing was heard from within, and as the smoke vanished, it showed an extremely muscular half man, half cow creature standing there, wielding a large axe.

Bel blinked in surprise, not that anyone saw it, and grinned.

"Interesting! I wonder how the cow will cut up," he laughed, before raising his hands, three knives held in each. He stopped though when he realized that the bull was apparently trying to flirt with the female blonde, who had an exasperated look on her face as she tried to get his focus on the main issue at hand.

"We're in the middle of a fight, Taurus! We need to actually fight," she repeated, and he finally seemed to understand, eyes travelling over to Bel, who had an amused expression, though it was slightly irritated at being ignored by a peasant like the cow.

The bull said something else which was definitely another flirt, before finally focusing on the task as he gripped his axe tighter.

"Ushishishi, finally paying attention, you stupid cow?" he asked, and the bull's eyes narrowed.

"For troubling Lucy-san, I'll definitely defeat you!" he announced, breath billowing out from his nostrils, and Bel only looked on in amusement.

"You can try, but the prince won't be defeated by a simple cow," he replied, before gripping his knives a bit tighter as they finally began, nearly two minutes of the ten passed already due to the stupid distractions.

With a small cry, Taurus charged forwards, brandishing his axe. When he reached Bel, he deftly swung it, but the blonde easily ducked below the attack, the grin on his face never leaving. Another swing was aimed, this time lower, but Bel merely opted to jump above it, landing on the flat side of the blade to further annoy the spirit.

"You're much too slow to try and fight the prince," Bel laughed, jumping of the axe as it was raised again. This time Taurus aimed for a diagonal slash, forcing the teen to quickly roll forwards, before standing again and hitting the cow's shoulder with a light slap.

"Missed again," he taunted, dodging another blow and this time hitting Taurus's head.

"You should work on your aim," he commented, while Taurus just glared at him. Another swing was launched, and another taunting hit was placed as Bel dodged. Taurus was clearly getting frustrated, and Bel simply laughed, before jumping away and launching some knives, grazing the spirit's sides as they flew past, before lodging into the ground. More knives were thrown, all landing behind the bull, who blinked in confusion.

"You say I need to work on my aim, yet you can't even hit me with that many knives," he accused, raising his arms again, but froze.

"Who said that I was aiming to hit you with knives?" Bel asked, grinning as small cuts slashed Taurus when he tried to move forwards. The disturbances to the short hairs on his body showed outlines of wires. Taurus tried to move back, but felt the wires pushing into his back as well. Bel quickly stepped forwards and grabbed the axe, pulling it out of the surprised spirit's grip, ensuring he wouldn't be able to cut through them as he tossed it behind him, the metal clattering to the ground.

"Ushishi, the prince is of course a genius, so trapping someone like you is simple," Bel smirked. "Especially when I attached wires right onto you."

Taurus was about to ask what he meant, but then remembered the light attacks on him before, no doubt Bel having placed them then. He strained against the wires, but whatever the were made of they weren't snapping any time soon, and somehow the knives had buried themselves in the ground deep enough that they weren't budging. Taurus stopped as he felt his skin being cut by the wires, despite his thick skin. He was clearly trapped.

"I'm sorry, Lucy-san, I failed you," he muttered, before disappearing in a flash of light.

"You did well, Taurus," Lucy assured, another key in her grasp as Taurus's was put away.

"Gate of the scorpion, I open thee! Scorpio!" she yelled, and immediately the spirit responded so a man was standing in front of her. He had tan skin and short hair that was white on one half and red on the other. A flower shaped red collar with gold trim was around his neck, he wore no shirt, and he had a large belt holding up red fabric around his legs, black shorts underneath. Layered grey bandage like material adorned his legs and arms, and he also wore black gloves. The thing that really stood out though was the large metal scorpion tail arched behind him, the words Antares written on it.

"We are," he greeted with his usual catch phrase, eyes immediately locking onto Bel's form.

"Is this the enemy, Lucy?" he asked, and she nodded.

"Yes! He uses knives, and it seems he also attached wires to them, so be careful!" she warned, and Scorpio grinned.

"Got it. I'll make sure to beat him quickly so I can take Aquarius out on a date," he replied, before aiming his tail right at Belphegor.

"Sand buster!" he called, bracing his hands on the ground below him with tail raised, as a tornado of sand burst forward. Bel's expression changed to one of surprise and he took a step back, but the sand quickly engulfed his whole form.

"Alright!" Lucy cheered, but instead of mirroring her expression, Scorpio's was one of concentration as he seemed to be struggling against something.

"Scorpio?" she questioned, but glancing up she saw the issue. Red flames had engulfed the edge of the sand tornado, and quickly more spots were igniting. The fire spread across Scorpio's attack, and his eyes widened in surprise before he dodged to the side, pulling Lucy after him. No sooner had he done so than the flames engulfed the whole sand tornado, before dying away.

Lucy stared in shock at the area, where only a few grains of sand remained. Looking over to Bel, they saw the usual grin on his face as a white mink landed on his shoulders, who had dark grey bangs covering it's eyes much like Bel. Red storm flames blazed on its ears, as well as its tail.

"Good job, Mink," he laughed, and the animal let out a similar laugh in a higher pitch.

Scorpio growled lightly, before standing again, tail raised.

"Sand buster!" he yelled again, the attack being launched at a much closer range now. Instantaneously though, the mink had jumped into the air and quickly sped through the air. As its tail brushed against the attack, flames lit up across the sand, spreading over to the next one rapidly. Growling, Scorpio dropped the parts of his attack that were aflame, the gap quickly being filled in again. However, Mink was persistent, and kept the sand at bay, the deconstruction property of the flames easily eating away at the sand and spreading.

With a grin, Bel brandished three knives and threw it in Scorpio's direction, who instinctively lowered his tail to block them. However, this retracted the attack as the sand dispelled, and Mink quickly darted in to where Scorpio was, tail catching on his chest and storm flames quickly engulfed Scorpio's form.

"Seems I wasn't able to do much," he grit out between his teeth, before vanishing in a burst of light, escaping the corrosive flames. Lucy grit her teeth in slight pain from her spirit's expression, but remained determined, while the storm mink landed on Bel's shoulder again.

"Gate of the lion, I open thee. Leo!" she yelled, and within moments the orange haired male was standing in front of her, donned with his now usual suit and glasses perched on his nose.

"It seems we have a rather difficult opponent, Lucy," Loke commented calmly, and Lucy could only nod.

"Yeah, knives, wires, and storm flames, if I recall correctly. Plus he doesn't seem too bad in close combat," she replied, a worried expression on her face.

"Hmm, well, I'll try my best either way."

With that he grasped his left bicep as a glow started to appear around Loke's left fist, eyes narrowing slightly.

"I'll try and help you, though I don't know how much I can do," she replied, and Loke merely nodded.

Bel on the other hand only grinned at the new challenge, the other spirits having proven to not be much, especially since they didn't know what to expect. But this new one seemed like a better contest for his fighting style. Grasping more knives again, he flung them with deadly aim, watching as the newcomer easily and swiftly dodged them before dashing forwards.

Loke aimed a well-placed punch at Bel, who predictably dodged it, but Loke continued with the attacks. Throughout the multitude of swings, Bel only danced away, though admittedly he had to say that Loke was very experienced, as he was just barely dodging in time, despite his own training.

Quickly putting some distance between them, Bel brandished the familiar knives as he launched them forwards. However, a black whip soon intercepted, knocking them out of the air, and Bel glanced over to where Lucy stood.

"Ushishishi. This is more interesting," he laughed, grinning, before letting his storm mink crawl onto his hand.

"Let's see how you deal with this, shall we~?" he asked, while Mink's flames flared. Lashing his tail out in front of him, a large wall of storm flames spread through the air, heading towards Loke.

"Fiamma Scarlatta: Crimson Flame," Bel announced.

Eyes narrowing, Loke planted his feet on the ground firmly, hands glowing as he moved them in a circular motion, before placing them together. With a flash, Regulas magic discharged forwards, piercing through the flame wall and tearing it apart.

"Hmm, you're definitely stronger than that bug from before," Bel hummed, watching as the last few wisps of both attacks dispersed. "But, you're still weaker than a Varia officer," he added, laughing. Loke merely regarded his opponent. He felt that the teen definitely had some more hidden strength then what he had shown, but couldn't be certain.

Instead, he decided to force the answers out, and charged his fist with a large amount of Regulas magic, which took a circular shape, and ran towards Bel. The Varia member only stood there with his hands relaxed in his pockets though, and as Loke was about to land a solid punch on him, Mink swiftly raised itself onto it's front paws and hung it's tail in front of itself. With a quick flick, it started to spin in a rapid circle, and a shield of storm flames formed in front of Bel.

Loke's attack hit the defensive flames solidly. He grit his teeth as he could feel a sharp burn to his fist, no doubt the storm flames, and he broke away before they could do much damage. Mink's shield also dispelled, the small animal panting a little bit due to the strong flames he had to use to keep the attack away, but overall looked rather unaffected.

"Still weaker," Bel repeated happily, and raised his hand up. With a short snap, three different lines of storm flames raced across the ground, and looking closely, Loke spotted the faint shine of wires placed on the stone. Chancing a quick glance back, the spirit saw that three knives had been impaled into the ground. The storm user must have thrown them during Loke's last assault, while he was distracted.

He moved to jump out of the way, but instead of his feet gliding over the ground, he felt thin metal cut into his legs, halting his movements. Following the wires again, Loke realized that Bel had managed to throw them in such a way that they interlaced over his ankles, a clear demonstration of his skills with the weapons.

Thinking quickly, Loke charged up more Regulas magic and shot a burst at the wires, snapping them. However, more knives flew past him, and with it more trails of storm flames. Another knife flew at both of his sides, but he twisted to avoid them. It seemed to be what Bel had planned on though, which the spirit realised at the last moment when they cut through the fabric of his suit, stringing the wires into it like a needle.

The storm flames sped across, and Loke winced as he braced for the corrosive heat. Sure enough, flames reached him, and the bottom of his pant legs and suit caught fire. Due to his flaming clothes, he unfortunately wasn't paying attention to Bel, and froze when he felt cold metal pierce the right side of his chest, avoiding the heart even if spirits technically couldn't die from something like that. Not that Belphegor would probably know that though. Flames flared up, and Loke doubled over in pain at the internal burning. Reaching, he pulled out the knife, letting it clatter to the ground, but the flames had already got a grip. Loke felt himself growing weaker, and his skin started to vanish in wisps of gold light as he felt the spirit world pulling him back.

"Sorry I couldn't do much more, Lucy…" he gasped, looking over to where his key holder would be, only to see Bel in front of her with a knife across her neck, her whip dropped to the ground. A rueful smile stole onto Loke's face as his head dropped again.

"Seems we lost," he chuckled, before finally vanishing in a small flash of light.

"I win," Belphegor snickered, and Lucy just swallowed lightly, feeling her skin scrape against the sharp blade at her neck.

"The battle between Lucy and Belphegor is over, Bel as the victor after 8 minutes and 49 seconds," Mirajane called, and the crowd cheered over the good battle, though internally they were just thankful that the prince was on their side. Bel dropped the knife, and Lucy let a sigh of relief, before offering her hand to the blonde teen.

"That was a good battle, Belphegor," she smiled, but Bel only laughed in response, tucking his knife back to wherever he kept it as Mink vanished, and he walked past her.

"Entertaining enough for a peasant, though it could have used more blood," he replied offhandedly, before continuing on his way, humming some rock sounding song under his breath, though Lucy swore she caught the word bloody as he walked out of ear shot. Shaking herself mentally, Lucy double checked to make sure all of her keys were secured on her belt again, before turning and walking after 'Prince the Ripper'.

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Omake #1: The Sun, Mists, and Cloud

Reborn stepped out of Tsuna's house, which was currently vacant of everyone besides Giannini, the dimension-jumping bazooka in hand. Despite his words and what Giannini thought, he really was worried about his student, and wasn't acting on the simple fact that it would make the brunette's life harder. At least not completely.

Walking towards Namimori, he soon heard a large commotion coming from the school, despite the fact that it had ended over half an hour ago. Reaching the gates, Reborn looked upwards towards the roof, and saw four figures, which he easily recognized. Smirking, Reborn walked over to the sign labeling the school as Namimori Middle School, and with a quick flick of his hand, it lifted to reveal one of his many secret hideouts in the school. Hopping in, the sign closed again, and Reborn pushed a few buttons before he felt the small space lurch, slightly crammed with the bazooka also taking up room.

He didn't have to wait long though before it opened again, and this time Reborn stepped out from a vent that was at the roof. Stepping away, he jumped on top of the small structure that held the stairwell and looked at the people occupying the area. Sure enough, Hibari was glaring fiercely at a smirking Mukuro, the two exchanging rapid blows. Off to the side, Chrome watched in slight panic, while Ryohei stood beside her, yelling at the two to stop and settle this with a proper boxing match, but he was of course ignored.

Holding out his hand, Leon crawled onto it and transformed into an air horn. Pushing down on it, the extremely loud sound sliced through the sounds of fighting, and Mukuro and Hibari froze in mid-swing, one pair of eyes looking in the noise's direction curiously, while the other one held a murderous glare. They both looked slightly surprised though to see the Sun Arcobaleno standing there, and Ryohei and Chrome even more so.

"Baby, what are you doing here?" Hibari asked, clearly impatient to get back to the fight, but he knew better than to ignore the Arcobaleno, and instead waited.

"Just completing a task," the hitman responded, raising the bazooka and quickly pulling the trigger. A missile shot out and slammed into the ground, exploding into a cloud of black smoke.

"Take care of Dame-Tsuna," he smirked as the smoke engulfed the four teens. When it finally blew away, the group was gone, leaving without a trace, and Reborn let Leon transform into a hang glider before running off the roof, the wind carrying them back to Tsuna's house.

"I just hope you'll be enough," he added to himself, smirk dropping as a slight frown took over.

Omake #2: Varia

Reborn knocked on the future Varia's door loudly. He had recently taken a plane ride from Japan to his home country of Italy, and had walked to the Varia's mansion, before shooting himself with Lambo's bazooka, something he had taken from the cow before shipping him off on that cruise. Now he stood in the future, awaiting an answer to his knock. Instead of someone opening the door though, he had to jump to the side as a large amount of sky flames tore open the doors.

The wood smoking, Reborn stepped through the now ruined doorway, raising an eyebrow at the irritated Xanxus that greeted him.

"Ciaossu, Xanxus. Call a meeting, would you?"

A few minutes of yelling, explosions, and fighting later, the ten year later Varia was gathered in their meeting room, all looking at the infant hitman. The group included Xanxus, Squalo, Lussuria, Leviathan, Belphegor, Fran, and now Mammon, as the Arcobaleno were alive in this timeline since Tsuna defeated Byakuran and thus eliminated the use of the non-tri-ni-sette. Reborn had already dropped a rock note into a new portal function Giannini had added to the dimension jumping bazooka, and he just had to wait for the right moment to send him and the others over, thus they were merely sitting there in silence.

"Reborn, what do you want?" Mammon finally asked, clear irritation in his voice. Reborn smirked, and counted down in his head to the right time, before replying.

"Nothing much, but you'll be taking an extended vacation as of right now."

A bazooka was taken out from wherever Reborn managed to keep the weaponry, and a shot fired right at Xanxus. Squalo quickly reacted, blocking it with his sword, but it merely exploded into a mass of black smoke that engulfed the whole room, Reborn along with it. He heard shouts coming from the group, but he ignored them.

"Better brace yourself, Dame-Tsuna."

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