My Love Story

Chapter 1

I always wonted to know what it was like to fall in love but I never knew how hard it would be. It all started when I moved to a small town in Alberta because of my parents divorced and they went there separate ways. I was with my mother but I was sent to my fathers and he lives all the way in a small town called Ryley.

I never really liked my father but my mother made me go visit him. I never really under stood why my mother ever loved him in the first place, he was a jerk and always working but I can't even tell him that because my mother always said to be a `good boy`.

So here I am in front of a two story house with my father at the front door waiting for me. I stepped out of the taxi that took me all the way here and I walked up to my father. That's when he came up to me and hugged me which was startling because he never did it when I was younger.

`` Its so good to see you again Tommy. `` He said cheerfully. He then let go of the hug and looked at me and smiled which made me even madder. `` Why don't you come on in. `` He opened the door and let me inside the house.

Inside it was clean and very neat, nothing was out of place well I walked though the house. When I got to a flit of stairs I saw that there was someone else in the house. In front of me was a woman with dark black hair and grey eyes she was almost down the stairs when I spotted her. She stopped and looked at me for a little while then said, `` You must be Tommy, I heard so much about you. `` She said with a sweet voice. That's when my father came into the room.

`` So you have met my new wife, Jennifer. `` He said. He walked up to his new wife that looked like she was in her twenties and put his arms around her. I said nothing because I was so mad at him so I just left and went up stairs to my room and closed the door with a slam. I walked in to the room and exhaled. Why didn't he tell me he was married or even invite me to the ceremony? Not like I care!

When I looked at the room I saw a bed against the far wall and a dresser at the end of the bed. There was a night stand on the right side of the bed and a desk beside the door. I walked up to the bed and though my bag on to the bed and sat down on it heavily.

Strands of hair fell over my face and tickled my nose. I pushed my blond hair behind my ear and rubbed another part of my head which was bare because I got my hair shaved on both sides but left some hair so it could cover half of my face. I was not always blond though, I use to be a brunet, just like my mother.

Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door. I lifted my head just as the door opened. There in front of me stood a man in his late thirties with soft blond hair and blue eyes. `` What do you went Jim? `` I asked him in anger.

He ignored my rude tone and side, `` I am sorry that we never really got to now each other very well but I want to change that. I want to be a good father, if only you gave me a chance. `` He said looking at me with sad eyes. I was still mad but I have to let him have that chance to be a better father then he was back when I was younger and not sixteen. He looks like he has changed over the years, so why not.

`` Fine, I will give you another chance but if you mess it up you will not get another chance, ok dad? `` I said. He broke out into a huge smile and walked up to me and gave me a big hug which I returned. When we broke apart he sat down on the bed which had black sheets and pillows, just the color I like. The wall paper was blue with hard wood floors and the roof was blue with black rimming.

`` So, do you like your room? `` Jim said nervously.

I looked him in the eyes and smiled. `` Yes, it's very nice. ``

He smiled at me and patted my shoulder and left the room so I could unpack and sleep for the next day witch was my first day of school at the Ryley School.

How great is it, to go to a new school and be in the eleventh grade? I would say it will be the most boring thing I have ever done, but I never knew what would hit me when I got to the school for the first day.

Let's just say I never expected what would happen next.

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