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WARNINGS: Slight OOC-ness, AU, but follows close to cannon

When Hermione was 11 she got her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Her mother and father were very proud that there daughter was accepted into a magical school, despite it being strange.

Then during her second year of Hogwarts, her mother passed away from cancer. When her father had taken her to Diagon Alley during break, he fell head over heels for a lady named Jades' Greengrass. She had two daughters, Daphne and Astoria. Her husband had died by a tragic train accident. They soon married later that summer before Hermione went to school.

She had received a letter from home saying that her father had gotten into a fatal car crash and wouldn't make it. She left school for a weekend to attend the funeral. Her Step-mother Jades', allowed her to go to hogsmade, but she had to work at the family pub, The Three Broomsticks, which was managed by a lady Ms. Rosmerta.

During her school year, her friend Hagrid had received the post of Care of Magical Creatures post. The DADA teacher was R.J. Lupin. Her friend's Harry and Ron were too busy to bother her. She silently glanced at Draco Malfoy. He was seeker for Slytherin, and had platinum blond hair. Of course, her friends would look down on her if she ever went after him, she'd get a Howler from Jades', Pansy would freak, and Daphne would make her life torture.

In DADA, they did boggarts and her fear was that Jades' would leave her to rot, and Harry and Ron were screaming at her.


"YOU WERE OUR FRIEND!" shouted boggart-Harry.


"RIDIKKULUS!" she yelled, and they turned into naked mole-rats.

Of course, Draco was going out with Pansy, but she kept annoying him continually. Her attempted "queen of da Nile" haircut was not pleasant. Of course, her hair was much more noticeably tamer than Hermione's bushiness.

The first day of work started for her at The Three Broomsticks. Madam Rosemerta was very kind to Hermione, but they both had a strong dislike for Jades' because of her way of forcing everyone else to do her dirty work.

In her fourth year, she was working at the Three Broomsticks for long hours. Which infuriated Ginny. She was not allowed to go to the Quidditch World Cup with her friends because Daphne was going instead. She was also busy with school work and worrying about Harry.

August 19th, 1995

Hermione was now 15 years old, and still worked at the Three Broom Sticks. Her hair had gotten dirty blond, and she lived in the attic of the Greengrass Estate. Which, was relatively small.

"Jades, I have your towel ready!" Hermione yelled as she came approach the "Age-Diffying Tanning Bed," that Jades had recently bought.

"Hermione! There's something I always wanted to tell you, and I think you're ready to hear this, you're not very pretty, and you're not very smart. Get to work now!" Jades ordered.

"Yes Jades," Hermione said.

Hermione had gotten to the Three Broomsticks by the Knight Bus. Her uniform consisted of a black shirt, jeans, and a green apron.

"So, what can I get you?" she asked table 9, which consisted of Draco Malfoy, her step sisters, Pansy, and Blaise Zabini.

"What can I get that has no carbs, no caleroies, and is free?" Pansy asked.

"Water," Hermione said.

"I'll have a Iced-tea instead," mused Pansy.

September 1st, 1995

Hermione had found a prefects compartment with Ron. Just on their way out Pansy was falling over Draco.

"I swear they're made for eachother. Both ego-maniacs, rich, pureblood, and jerks," Hermione said.

"How can they not stand the other getting on the others ego?" Ron asked.

Her "Wiz-book" was jingling Hot-n-Cold by Katy Perry. Over break, she'd gotten able to submit a form to Hogwarts for the HUP (Hogwarts Unity Program). But she didn't know who her H.U.P Buddy was. Though he sounded (of course it was a he, it was a boy/girl programming system) very kind and caring, but was often lonesome.

How's the train ride so far Otter13? Was the message. She used Otter as a nickname because she was fond of otters. Her pal was Dragon24

Decent, but I can't stand Pansy she wrote

Me too, she's a pansy


I cant stop thinking about you

I feel flattered

Yeah, but my biggotted father is all "pure-blood this" "pure-blood that"

Pure-blood freak?

More like maniac. But my aunt I hear was worse. I could be with all of my kind, but never with who I am on the inside.

My friends would laugh at my crush

Have you heard about the Halloween Ball this year?

Yes, hopefully I don't have to work that night so I can go

If you do go, meet me in the middle of the Grand Hall

Deal-eo. Gotta go. Otter13 out

Dragon24 is annoyed by Pansy, and out

"So, do you know who Mr. Mystery is yet?" asked Ginny Weasely, who was Hermione's best (girl) friend.

"I know who he is, but he doesn't know me. I think it's better because his father is a pure-blood maniac," Hermione said.

"Well you HAVE to go to the Halloween Ball with us!"

"I don't know, Judessa might yell at me for going."

"Medusa whatever, we have to go!"
"Fine! I'll go!'


Harry was freaking out about strange reptile horses. Luna Lovegood was in a empty carriage and let them sit by her.

At the sorting Professor Umbridge was the new DADA teacher, and the announcement of the Halloween Ball was told after the usual announcments.

Hermione and Dragon24 (or Draco as she knew) where HUPing until 9 when they had to go.

"Hermy! Who's your HUP Pal? Mines Ron!" Lavender giggled.

"No one of any importance!" she retorted with a waver.

"If you HUP him for over an hour, It's somebody special!"

"Good-night, Lavender!"

Her dirty blond wavy hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

"I cant believe we have double Snape, double Umbridge, and double Binns all on a Monday!" complained Ron.

Ron for once, was right, seeing as Snape was pushing them hard, Umbridge wouldn't let them use wands, and but Binns' class would let her talk to Dragon24.

She and Harry had made plans for the Read Defense Class. This would meet in the basement of the three broomsticks on Halloween. Nearly three days before the Ball did Judessa (or Medusa by Ginny), told her that she would have to work the nightshift on Halloween, and would be coming by at midnight to make sure she was doing her work right.

October 31st, 1995

"Not only is Umbridge making you write I am not Special on your hand, but you cant go to the ball?" screeched Ginny in the common room.

"Unfortuanetly both are true," Hermione sighed.

"This will NOT do at ALL! I will personally go down to The Three Broomsticks and drag you out to the ball to meet YOU KNOW WHO 24!"

"Fine! I'll go to Tiffany's Dress Robe shop with you AFTER the meeting."
"Voilà! Perfect!"

Most of the Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaw's, and Gryffindor's where at the gathering. And they all signed onto the waver of loyalty. When Hermione went back upstairs to the pub, Draco was trying to pry Pansy off of him.

"How could you do this to me Drackie?" she pleaded.

"I told you, I have no feelings for you what-so-ever. I think I'm into somebody else! Now keep your abnormally large pug face nose out of my business!" Draco shouted.

Hermione was secretly pleased that they had broken up.

Around 2 they had gotten Hermione the costume of Alice of Wonderland. But when she returned to her dorm, it was ruined in shreds. She didn't mourn too much on the dress. Though it had cost her most of her savings. She had told Ginny, which Ginny screamed for a bit, but decided that they would have to work something out later that night.

Hermione had been working at the Three Broom Sticks for 2 hours (7:30) when Ginny stormed in. Ginny was going as an angel to the Ball.

"HERMIONE! Why aren't you in your costume already! The balls been going on for an hour and you're working here!" shouted Ginny.

"There is a ball going on!" asked Rosemerta.

"Only the most lavish one all year!" Ginny said.

"Well, I have a feeling Daphne or Astoria destroyed my costume, so I have nothing to wear!" Hermione complained.

"You deserve a break!" said a waitress, Allura.

"Yeah! Stand up for yourself kid!" said Houdini (the chef).

"Fine I'll go!" laughed Hermione.

By the time they reached Tiffany's they were already closing.

"Wait!" shouted Rosemerta.

"What?" complained Tiffany.

"We need a costume!"

"And if I let you in?"

"I'll give you free lowfat breakfast for a week."

"Make it a month!"

They had only found a white mask that went with nothing, but bought it for a galleon. It was white with sliver embodiment, and diamond crystals on it. They went back to the Three Broomsticks to get the white dress Rosemerta was loaning Hermione.

"Where did you get it?" asked Hermione, for she had never seen the white gown before.

"I was married when I was younger. It hasn't gone anywhere in a while, and you are bound to give it a good nights out," said Rosmerta.

At Hogwarts

"Blimey, I wonder if Ginny found Hermione yet," said Ron.

"They'll be here in a bit," said Harry.

Draco, was not in a comfterable spot. Pansy had found him and was nagging on him.

"I mean, your costume looks so manly on you Draco," she swooned.

"Dude, Draco, why are you not a Musketeer with us?" complained Blaise.

"Yeah, now where only like, 2," moaned Theodore.

Draco, was not indeed wearing a ridiculous Musketeer costume, but a Prince Charming costume.

"If you'll excuse me, I have somebody to meet," Draco spat.

A ridiculous Muggle singer Justin Fever (Beaver? Beiber?) Was singing at the moment.

Are we an item? Girl quit playing

We're just friends, what are we saying

Say there's another and look right in my eyes

My first love broke my heart for the first time

And I was like...

Baby, baby, baby oooh

Like baby, baby, baby nooo

Like baby, baby, baby oooh

I thought you'd always be mine (mine)

Baby, baby, baby oooh

Like baby, baby, baby nooo

Like baby, baby, baby oooh

I thought you'd always be mine (mine)

For you, I would have done whatever

And I just can't believe we ain't together

And I wanna play it cool, but I'm losin' you

I'll buy you anything, I'll buy you any ring

And I'm in pieces, baby fix me

And just shake me til' you wakeme from this bad dream

I'm going down, down, down, down

And I just can't believe my first love won't be around

And I'm like

Baby, baby, baby oooh

Like baby, baby, baby nooo

Like baby, baby, baby oooh

I thought you'd always be mine (mine)

The music had stopped when a girl in a white ball gown and mask had stepped at the top of the stairs. Her hair was blond with brown highlights, much to Pansy's dismay.

"Love the dress, hate her," Pansy sneered.

Hermione had gone to the center of the dance floor/great hall.

"You do know you are in the exact center of the dance floor," asked a husky voice.

To her dismay, it was Zacharias Smith, he began twirling her.

"Im'ma, thirsty," Hermione said.

"Of course," Zacharias said.

"Otter13?' asked a voice.

When she turned around she was not nervous, angry, or upset, but Draco was there.

"Draco Malfoy? You're Dragon24?" Hermione said.

My Heart Will Go On was playing now in the Great Hall.

Love can touch us one time

And last for a lifetime

And never go till we're gone

Love was when I loved you

One true time I hold to

In my life we'll always go on

They had gone into the garden in the courtyard. Draco and Hermione danced for a while.

"So, who are you?" Draco asked.

"20 questions," Hermione said. The game was very popular this year for unknown reasons.

"Okay, are you pure-blood?"


"Were you angry when you met me?"

"Surprisingly no."

"Do you like Muggle hamburgers?"

"Yes, why do you hang out with Pansy?"
"Because of this engagement to her. The only way to throw it off is disownment or I get engaged to someone else."

"Why did you ask me if I like Muggle hamburgers?"

"It's the only Muggle food I ever had, and now that you mention it, you just narrowed down the population of girls to 26%"

"This is crazy, there's no way you can be Draco Malfoy, son of alleged death eater, Slytherin prince, pure-blood jerk, Slytherin seeker, and blood-traitor? There's no way you can be both."

"I told you, I could be with all of my kind, but never with who I am on the inside. And you're eyes, I swear I see gold in them."

Hermione smiled.

"Do you Otter13, regret coming here tonight?"
"Not at all. And do you want to see me again after the ball again?"

"I'd love that."

He then kissed her with such passion, emotional, and it was fiery, exhilarating, and left her wanting more. Then the alarm went off on her witch-watch.

Call me (call me) on the line

Call me, call me any, anytime

Call me (call me) my love

You can me any day or night

Call me!

It was already 11:40.
"I'm sorry, I need to go!"

"Who are you!"
"Maybe I'll tell you soon!" she yelled as she ran. She kept running towards the exit. Draco tried to run after her.

Near, far, wherever you are

I believe that the heart does go on

Once more you open the door

And you're hear in my heart

And my heart will go on and on

Her silver slipper fell off her foot, but she kept running.

You're here, there's nothing I fear,

And I know that my heart will go on

We'll stay forever this way

You are safe in my heart

And my heart will go on

The blue ford Angelina that she and Ginny rode to the castle was now becoming dusty and broken again. And Draco would never forget the girl who stole his heart, but he would not know her until the time was right.

Authors Note: Jades was thought after the White Queen of Narnia, who I imagined would be a lot like the Greengrass mother. The plot is loosely based on A Cinderella Story. I will follow canon but make it my own in this story. The Blue Ford Angelina was the same one from the CoS, that was enchanted to look new. Songs used in this chapter were Baby, by Justin Beiber, and My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion. Read and Review please!