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Epilogue 19 years later

Kingscross Station is full of families passing through. You might catch a odd family wearing odd or mismatched clothes. You see people gawking at a man with black hair and glasses, with a red headed family. A few minutes later you see a tall man with platinum blond hair, a petite woman with brown hair in a bun, and two children with their trolleys. People with strange clothes, or families with children watch the second family in awe.

The Malfoy family was walking into Kingscross station. Hermione looked at her two children. Perseus Scorpius Malfoy is the eldest of the two. He has platinum blond hair with chocolate brown eyes. Rosaline Elizabeth Malfoy had brown hair that fell into soft ringlets, and was 9 years old. They were both the first half-blooded Malfoy's in the family. After Lucius Malfoy's death seven years before, Draco had reclaimed the name of Malfoy. The family speed through the barrier.

To most it was odd seeing once rivals Hermione Granger married to pure-blood Draco Malfoy. He had though redeemed himself after fifth year, and did not go "to the dark side" during the second war. Perseus Malfoy was beginning his first year at Hogwarts, and was nervous about what house he would be placed in.

"Hi Percy!" shouted Lily Potter the II, she was Harry Potter's only, and youngest daughter.

"Uh..hey..uh.. Lily," Perseus stuttered.

"Admit you like her Perce!" shouted James as he was running toward something.

"I DO NOT LIKE HER JAMES! Well, anything more than a friend," Perseus said.

"Uh-huh, well I'll just see you in a bit love birds," cackled James.

"James Sirius Potter! Do not call Percy a coward!" Lily shouted.

"I did not call him a coward!" James retorted.

"You implied it!" Lily shouted as James ran.

"I've got to go Lily," Perseus said.

"Okay, me too, see you!" Lily said.

Percy talked to his father quickly.

"Dad, I what if I'm put into Slytherin?" Perseus asked.

"Perseus, the Malfoy Family has been put into Slytherin for years. There is nothing to worry about," Draco told his son.

"And if I'm put into Gryffindor?"

"Then your mother and I will be proud."
"Thanks dad."

"Hey Draco!" shouted Harry Potter.

"Hello Harry," Draco said.

"They grow up so fast," cried Harry.

"Looks like someone else needs to grow up fast too."

"What that supposed to mean!"
"It means your wife is better at coping better with this than you."
"You insolent ferret!"

Hermione ran up to the two quarreling men.
"Harry! Draco, we need to help Percy with his trunk," intervened Hermione.

Hermione saw Harry talking with James and Albus Severus outside of the window.

"The only thing I agree with James about is that Percy and Lily would look cute together," said Hermione.

"You cannot be serious!" Draco exclaimed.

"I'm not, but I am," she laughed.

"Mum!" complained Perseus.

"He's right, now where do you want to sit?" Hermione asked.

"I'll sit with Albus," Perseus said after a long thought. "Hey dad, why is everyone staring at us?"

"No idea," Draco said.

Draco and Hermione walked out the train with five minutes to spare.

"Let's hope this year is normal," Harry sighed.

"Have we ever had normal lives Potter?" laughed Draco.

"I don't get it," whispered Lily to Rosaline.

"Nor I," she replied.

"When your wizards, it's never normal," said Hermione.

Harry rubbed his forehead. Draco rolled his eyes. Hopefully, this would be a calm year. Looking back, Hermione thought the best times of her life had been with Draco Malfoy, and their kids. It was strange how two enemies, became the celebrity couple of the wizarding world. And it had all started out with a simple message. All because of a house unity project. All was well.

Authors Notes: Yes this chapter was really shot. Well it's an epilogue. Origins of the Malfoy's names. Rosaline Elizabeth Malfoy- Rosaline I do believe was the name of Romeo's original love interest in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Hermione's name was also from a Shakespeare play too, kind of an inspiration. Perseus Scorpius Malfoy- Perseus after a constellation (or is it a galaxy, I forget which one). NOT named after Percy Weasley. Scorpius, JKR wrote this. Well R&R please!