TITLE: Walking With The Dead: Part 1

WORD COUNT: 11,016

WORLD: Glee AU/The Walking Dead

SUMMARY: It's the zombie apocalypse, and Quinn has learned not to trust anyone but herself and her best friend Santana. But when they start coming across survivors, they have to admit, they have a better chance at survival with more people.

RATING: M for violence, language as of this chapter.

CHARACTERS IN THIS CHAPTER: Quinn, Santana, Rachel, Kurt, Sam.

A/N: Excuse any spelling errors, this is unbeta-ed.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee. If I did, Faberry and Kum would be canon, Brittana would have kissed in the very first episode...and every single one since, and Finn would be forever alone.

January 15, 2012 – Lima, Ohio. 2:00PM, Fabray Residence.

Quinn jolted out of her sleep from a loud noise that echoed through the neighborhood, her heart pounding from being startled. Annoyed, she flipped over and glanced at her clock, which read 2:00PM. The blonde's eye widened then jumped out of bed, cursing because she was seven hours late for school. Her mother always woke her up since she could sleep through anything, why was today any different from any other? It's not like her mother had anything else to do.

Another loud boom, followed by another...and another. Quinn frowned, wondering what the Hell was going on, and stomped her way downstairs. She was met with a mess. Furniture was tipped over in the living room, with miscellaneous things scatted on the floor. The kitchen was in a similar state, table chairs laying on the ground, and cabinets open and empty. Had they been robbed? And where was her mother? Another boom. And what the fuck was that sound?

The blonde strode to the front door and opened it with an annoyed huff, ready to yell at the neighbors who were getting on her last nerve, when she was met with chaos. There was a car crashed into the house across the street, another smashed into a lamp post a few houses down that it's engine was on fire. Quinn stepped out further, her eye wide with complete shock as she made her way down her driveway, not caring that she was in her PJs.

At the end of the street, a man was running towards a woman, who held a gun. She shot it, making another loud boom, and the man fell to the pavement. Quinn's hand flew to her mouth to keep from screaming. Had the world gone mad? And how had she slept through this so long? Movement in front of her brought her out of her thoughts and back to the present. It was a woman, her clothes were ripped and blood-stained, and she was groaning.

At first, Quinn was going to step forward to see if the woman needed help, but something in her wouldn't let her. Her instinct. She was frozen where she was, which wasn't the smartest place to be, out in the open. The woman stumbled out of the house with the car half in it, and made her way across the lawn, getting way too close for Quinn's comfort. She was oblivious to the blonde's presence until she got to the curb of the road and lifted her head, sniffing the air.

Her eyes landed on Quinn then, and the woman growled, then started to walk towards her. The blonde's heart leapt out of her chest, and she was now able to move, backing away slowing. That is, until the woman picked up speed and stretched her arms out towards Quinn, then she turned around and ran back into her house as fast as she could go, which was pretty damn fast, thanks to years of intense Cheerios practice with Sue Sylvester.

Quinn slammed the door and locked it before there was a thud against the other side, then pounding. What was she? The blonde had no idea, but she knew she had to have a means of defending herself, now that there were apparently lunatics out on the street trying to hurt people. Sprinting back up the stairs, she retrieved her old softball bat from her closet, feeling just a tad safer now that she actually had a weapon.

She swallowed thickly, still hearing the bangs on the door from downstairs, debating on going down there and taking care of the woman, or waiting it out to see if she would just give up and go away. Deciding on the latter for now, Quinn took this time to look for any sign of her mother. Heading down the hall, her parents' door was wide open. The bed was in disarray, clothes strewn across the floor along with a few other nick knacks her mother kept on the dressers.

Walking further in, she closet door was open as well, and it was near empty, along with the suitcases they store. Had her parents just up and left her without a second thought? It sure looked like it. They had kicker her out after she had gotten pregnant, and after she gave birth, her mother somehow talked her father into letter her back in the house. It had been over a year, and her father still had yet to even acknowledge her, but to just leave her here?

That was a new low, even for him. What was she supposed to do now? She was still a kid. Although, Quinn was stubborn and strong minded, and could take care of herself, this was just a whole nother level of crazy. Leaving the bedroom, she walked back down the hall, noticing it was eerily quiet now. No more gun shots, no more pounding on the door, just...silence. She decided to venture downstairs again and make sure all the doors and windows are locked.

Quinn avoided looking outside as much as she could when she passed the windows, shutting the curtains slowly, not wanting to get noticed. When she got to the door that led to the garage, instead of just locking it, she opened it and looked out, seeing her parents' car was gone, but her was still in it's space. In case she had to get out of there in a hurry, it was nice to know that she now had a fast getaway. Closing the door and locking it, she went through the rest of the house.

Double checking the locks, and moving the couch in front of the front door made her feel safer. Not much, but it was better than nothing. By the time she was done, an hour had passed and she was getting hungry. There were some things left behind, mostly things from the fridge that they didn't bother taking. There was enough food to last her a few weeks if need be, but she hoped this nightmare would be over by then. She already tried calling 911, but the phone didn't work.

Not even her cell phone when she tried to call her best friend, Santana. The cable didn't work either, all that would come up was static. It was then that Quinn cried. She slumped to the floor in the kitchen, head in her hands, and just cried. For her parents abandoning her, for not being able to reach the one person she cared for, for not knowing what the fuck was going on outside her home. For being alone during it all. For not knowing what to do now.

By the time she was done, Quinn had lost her appetite, and yet another hour had gone by. Her rear was asleep from sitting on the hard floor so long, and her head hurt from all the crying. She managed to drag herself upstairs to her bedroom, lock the door behind her, and plop back on her bed. With the bat laying next to her, she closed her eyes, and hoped that when she woke up, this would all have been a dream, and things would go back to normal.

Hours later, Quinn woke up to a banging sound. Immediately, she sprung up, but still impaired by sleepiness, she wobbled and fell to the floor.

"Quinn!" A familiar voice shouted from the other side of the door.

"Santana? Is that you?"

"Yes, now open the door!"

Quinn scrambled to her feet, unlocking her door and whipping it open, finding her best friend. She had never been so relieved to see the girl, and all she could do was fling her arms around her neck, hugging her tight.

"Good to see you too, Q. But you need to shut that light off before you draw unwanted attention."

She let her friend go and went over to her bedside table, flipping the switch, engulfing them in darkness.

"What the fuck is going on, San?" Quinn asked, wasting no time.

The girl frowned, however it went unseen. "Have you not been outside? It's fucking Zombieland out there!"

"Z-zombies...what, no! There are no such thing."

"There is now. If you don't believe me, I'll take you down the street where Mrs. Landry is eating the intestine of her husband."

"Oh God...this can't be happening."

"Well it is."

"Wait, how did you get in here, I locked all the windows and doors."

"You left the garage window unlocked, so I climbed in there. And hello, I can pick locks with ease. Don't worry, before you say anything, I locked them all behind me."

Quinn nodded, her eyes now adjusted to the dark to where she could see Santana's silhouette. "I should have gotten some flashlights earlier..."

"No, those are too bright. You got any candles?"

"Uh...I think there are some in the closet downstairs. My grandma makes them..."

"I'll go get them, I have my lighter."

Santana was able to retrieve a box full of long, thin candles from the closet, and lighted two, placing them on opposite sides of the room, lighting it up enough to where they could see, but it wouldn't be seen out Quinn's windows. After everything was set up, Santana rubbed her tired eyes and joined Quinn on the bed, laying next to her. When a few minutes had passed, Quinn scooted closer to her friend, resting her head on the Latina's shoulder.

"What are we going to do, San?"

The girl had no clue, but she wasn't going to say that. "We'll figure it out in the morning." She responded, trying to convince not only Quinn, but herself.

January 15, 2012 – Lima, Ohio. 5:00AM, Lopez Residence.

Santana woke up before the sun rose, just like every other day, so she could get to Cheerios practice on time. She showered and got dressed, all the while, hearing faint commotion outside, but attributed it to her neighbors that had been fighting with each other all week about property lines. It wasn't until she went downstairs, that she knew something was off. Every since she could remember, her mother got up about when Santana did, so when she was done with her morning ritual, breakfast would be all ready.

But this morning, there was no sign of her mother. No smells of eggs and bacon, the noise of her mother turning the page to the newspaper, or the radio in the background turned to a Spanish station. No, it was quiet...too quiet. The only indication that her mother had even been downstairs, was that the lights were on. Santana frowned and made her way down the rest of the stairs and turned into the kitchen, which was empty. She checked the rest of the first floor, and still, nothing.

At this point, Santana was starting to worry. No only was her mother seemingly gone, but the noises outside were getting louder. Furrowing her brow, she opening the front door and stepped out, and she saw something she never thought she would have. There was so much to take in at once...crashed cars that were smoking, people with bats, lawn clippers, a two by four, running from other who were chasing them, the blood-stained sidewalk. It was like she stepped into a horror movie or something.

It wasn't until she saw her father, that she snapped out of her shock. He rounded his car, groaning, his clothes ruffled like he had gotten in a fight with someone. Santana almost ran over to him, but then she saw his mouth. Something bloody was handing out of it, but she didn't have much time to figure out what it was, because he started running towards her. Her instinct told her to run for her life, so that is exactly what she did, stumbling back in the house and locking the door behind her.

There was pounding a few seconds later, and it was safe to say that Santana was scared now. Her father was...a lunatic, her mother was missing, and she had no idea what was going on. He looked like...her neighbors looked like...no, it couldn't be. Zombies were just from monster movies, they aren't real...right? She couldn't deny what she had seen outside, and something certainly happened to her father, who was still pounding on the front door at this point. If this was what her gut was telling her, then she was in trouble.

How do the people in movies kill zombies? Shoot them. Yes, shoot them, but in the head. Or hit them with a blunt object, but always in the head. Okay...so she needed a gun, or a blunt object. She had a bat upstairs under her bed, from when she played softball in middle school. That will work...but she also knew her father owned a gun, it was just a matter of where he put it. Santana raced back upstairs and burst into her parents bedroom, and she was faced with her mother, who was wobbling around the room.

"Mami!" Santana shouted in relief.

When her mother turned around, she was met with her disheveled mother...much like her father was, and Santana's heart stopped.



"It's me...Santana, your daughter."


Santana's fight or flight response kicked in and she slowly started to back away into the hall again, when the older woman growled again and started coming after her. This is when Santana turned and ran, all the way down the hall to her room, slamming it shut and locking it. Her mother was slower than her father, but it only took a matter of seconds before she was at the door, twisting the knob and banging on the door to her daughter's bedroom. Remembering the bat, she grabbed it from under her bed, knowing what she'd have to do.

There was only one way out of Santana's room, and her mother was in her way. What if she could get around her and get down to her car...there had to be a cure out there, or at least some scientist working on a cure. She could wait, come back when they started distributing it, and save her mother. That was just a fantasy and she knew it. But how could she kill her own mother? The woman that protected her, loved her, accepted her? She had to put vulnerable Santana away, and bring out Santana "Satan" Lopez.

It took a while...but she gather up the courage, but she opened the door and put her mother out of her misery. After, Santana fell to the floor next to her mother's body and cried. Satan was gone, and Santana was back. Why did it have to be this way, why did this have to happen? More importantly HOW did this all start? She wished for answers that she may never get. She thought about killing herself then. Maybe jumping out of her window, or off the roof? Slitting her wrists or downing a bottle of pills?

Going through scenarios in her head, because without her family, she was nothing, and she had nothing to live for. That was when she lifted her head and wiped away her tears. Quinn. Her best friend. She was family to Santana, but was she okay? Or had she turned into a zombie like most likely the majority of Lima, if not the entire world? She had to know. Rushing back into her room, swiping her cell phone off of her nightstand, she turned it on, but it was getting no signal. She all over the house, but still nothing.

Trying the land-line, she realized that the phone lines were down, and soon found out that the cable was gone to. This was just great, nothing connected her to the world outside of her house, and she had no one to fight with her. All of the noise outside had died down to nothing, so she figured they were wither held up in their houses like her now, or they had been killed while trying to fight the zombies off. Either way, she was alone. Once she regained her thoughts, she started to gather supplies.

If she was going to leave the house, she needed to take some supplies with her, just in case. She got a few boxes down from her closet, dumping out the contents that didn't matter anymore, and started to fill them up with toiletries, canned foods, flashlights, and anything else that may be useful. Then she went in search of her father's gun. She knew he kept it in their bedroom, but didn't know where. Searching for five minutes, going through the closet dressers and bedside table, she found it taped to the mattress under the bed.

She now had two weapons: a bat, and a gun. Making sure the safety was on, she stuffed it in the front of her jeans, only the butt sticking out, in case she needed it fast. The rest of the day, she observed the activity outside, and decided it was best to head out at night, that way she wouldn't be see so easily. When the sun finally did set, she locked all the doors and quietly loaded the boxes into the back seat of her car. She had no problems, the zombies seemed to be distracted with something down the street.

It wasn't until she got in her car and started it up, that she garnered attention from them, who stopped what they were doing immediately, and started running her way. Santana peeled out of her driveway and down the street before they even took a few steps, and sped her way over to Quinn's house. She kept her headlights on so she could see, even though it made her stand out, she ran over any that came near her. When she turned on the Fabray's street, she finally killed the headlights and let out a breath of relief when she saw that the only light on in the Fabray house, was in Quinn's bedroom.

January 15, 2012 – Lima, Ohio. 8:23PM, Fabray Residence.

Quickly parking, Santana got out and locked the car, wanting to get in and see if Quinn was okay before she brought in supplies. When she picked the front door lock, it was blocked by a big object. Annoyed, but thought it was smart, she moved on, testing the rest of the windows until she came to the garage, where the back window happened to be unlocked. She had no problem climbing in, picking the kitchen door lock, and getting in the dark house this time. She tripped twice on her way to the stairs, once on a chair, and another time on a cereal box.

She was relieved when she made it to the girl's bedroom door, which was locked. She decided knocking would be better than picking the lock and scaring the crap out of Quinn if she was still alive, so she pounded on the door and yelled quietly. It took a few minutes, but she knew Quinn was an extremely heavy sleeper, and was so glad to hear the blonde's voice through the door. When it finally opened, Quinn didn't hesitate to hug Santana, but there was a more pressing issue...getting that light out.

Once turned off, it was pitch black all throughout the house. Santana had gotten attention when she drove into the area, and didn't want it to be like a lighthouse when they came to investigate where she had gone, although there were a few lights on around the neighborhood, whose owners were most likely the zombies out roaming around. Once the Latina had gone down and found a box of candles, it illuminated enough to where they could see enough, and both girls rested on the bed, silently thanking God that they had each other now.

January 16, 2012 – Lima, Ohio. 7:06AM, Fabray Residence.

Quinn had gone to sleep not long after the two had laid down last night, snuggled up into Santana's side. Her on the other hand, refused to sleep. She couldn't. Now that she was still, not having things to keep her mind busy, all she could think about was the few moments it took to kill her mother. There was no doubt her father or her mother would have killed her if she had just stood there...they were monsters. Soulless monsters that didn't remember their own daughter. Santana never imagined zombies would suck this much.

Rubbing her eyes, Santana felt Quinn start to wake up, but stayed quiet, not knowing exactly what to say.

"How long have you been up?" The blonde asked before she yawned into Santana's shoulder.

Still half in her own world, Santana just shrugged her shoulders slightly.

"What are you thinking about?"

The one friend that Santana had always been open and honest with, was Quinn. She trusted the girl with all her secrets, and this was no different. "I had to kill my mother yesterday, Q."

Quinn swallowed thickly, feeling for the girl. "My mom and dad were gone by the time I woke up. I don't know where they went, but they packed up and left without me."

"No offense, but you're better off without them, all they did was make you feel miserable in your own home, when they did let you back in."

Quinn nodded, knowing it was the truth. "I shouldn't be so surprised...they abandoned me once, why not again?" She stopped herself there, not wanting to cry again, so instead, changed the subject. "I'm so sorry about your mom, San."

"It wasn't her. I've been up all night thinking. She was gone the second she was bit. I just wished I could have said goodbye one last time, when she was herself."

"She knew you loved her, that's what matters. Ella lo sabía. (She knew)"

Somehow, Quinn speaking to her in Spanish put her more at ease, and made her more inclined to believe the blonde."You know I love you, right Q?"

Quinn smiled and nodded. "You wouldn't be here if you didn't. Te amo demasiado. (I love you too)"

Santana shifted so she could peck Quinn on the forehead, as a way of getting across how thankful she was for Quinn, and also a way to end that particular conversation. She had never been one for mushy moments, but she tried.

"You go get washed up and put some clean clothes on, while I go downstairs and fix us something to eat. I don't know about you, but I'm starving."

Later that morning after eating, Santana grabbed the large white board from Quinn's room and brought it downstairs.

"What are you doing with that?" Quinn asked curiously.

"Making a list. Okay, so what have all the zombie movies taught us?" Santana asked.

"I've never seen any zombie movies, so you should just tell me instead of asking."

"Fine." Santana sighed and turned, starting writing on the board with blue marker.

-The Buddy System

"We stick together, at least until we're comfortable with splitting up."


"Sure, bats are fine and dandy, but if we get caught in a situation where there's ten zombies coming at us, we're going to need some fire power and ammo. I have my Dad's handgun, but it only has one clip, and I could find any more bullets. We will have to find a place and learn how to shoot, too. We were Cheerios, so we already know how to be light on our feet, and it will pay off to be able to move around quietly."


"We'll need walkie talkies, in the case where we have to separate. We already have flashlights, but we should stock up on batteries for those and other various things. Also, a radio. The government may eventually send out a signal for survivors, or something."


"From what I've gathered so far, it can probably last us two weeks, but eventually we'll have to go out and search for more. And I suggest we do that before we completely run out, that way if something gets in our way and we have to retreat, we won't go starving or anything."


"Last but not least, we probably should head West from here. The middle of the US is much less populated than near the coasts. And to go along with that, avoid the big cities, because that's where the most zombies will surely be. Once we're on the move, we'll go from house to house until we find a suitable place that we can settle for the time being."

Quinn nodded. "Okay. We can do this."

January 22, 2012 – Lafayette, Indiana. 4:43PM.

It was their first time leaving Quinn's house and going further than the local grocery store. And even thought they were just three hours away from Lima, it felt like a whole lot further. Both were still anxious about being out in the world, away from their comfort zone, but they could have holed up at Quinn's house forever. They had gotten some practice with weapons after they raided the Artillery Shed in downtown Lima, killing four zombies as they were gathering food.

Right now they were scowering a nicer looking neighborhood for a house they would be staying in, for a least a few days. They were right down the street from a grocery store too, which made them happy that they didn't have to go far. Pulling over onto the side of the street, they both got out, guns at their sides.

"Let's look in this one first." Santana said, pointing to the house they had stopped in front of, which was the only house on the block which was not a weird color. "It's the least accosting to look at."

Quinn giggled and shook her head. "You know, it's about what's inside, not on the outside."

"Yeah, and I'm assuming by their normal décor, the inside will be the same too. Come on, now."

"Hello?" A voice from behind them, made them jump.

Within a second, both girls were turned towards the voice, guns held in front of them, ready to shoot. They were met with a wide-eyed blonde boy, looking to be about their age.

"Whoa, don't fire!" A shaggy-haired guy squealed, dropping the bat he was carrying.

This was the first time that Santana and Quinn had come in contact with another survivor, and since he was a guy, they were more on edge.

"Mantenga su arma hacia él." (Keep your gun on him.) Quinn said, lowering her shotgun. "What's your name?"

"Sam. Sam Evans. I'm from here, I heard voices and I came to check it out and found you two, now can you please lower your gun?"

"Not until we search you, make sure you ain't gots a knife or gun ready to pull on us. Q?"

Quinn nodded, slowly approaching the boy called Sam, keeping her gun out of his reach, she patted him down, not finding anything. "He's clean."

Santana lowered her gun slightly, not trusting him even though he didn't have a weapon on him. "I'm sure you can understand why we are being careful. You're a stranger, and a guy."

"Yeah, but you know, not all guys are bad."

"Not in my experience." Quinn replied.

"I'm sorry. I don't know you or what you've been through. But I swear, I'm not out to hurt anyone."

Santana narrowed her eyes at the guy, gauging if he was being truthful. She had always been good at reading people, and in him, she saw no threat. "Are you alone?" She finally asked.

"Yes, it's just me."

Holstering her gun made him relax and let out a breath, but made Quinn look to her, questioningly.

"Well, Sam, as much fun as this encounter has been, we should get going." The Latina said, turning to their car.

"Wait! Why don't we like, you know, team up or something?"

"Team up?"

"Yeah. Band together. A group of three is stronger than two."

"Genius, this guy." Santana teased.

"Please. You're the first people I've run into, and I can't be alone anymore. I'm paranoid all the time, I hardly get any sleep because I'm worried that a zombie will eat me when I'm unconscious. I promise I'll do anything you ask, just let me come with you." The boy begged.

They were all quiet for a few moments before Quinn turned to Santana. "¿Qué te parece?(What do you think?)

"Parece inofensivo, pero si lo tomamos en adelante, no va a haber reglas." (He seems harmless enough, but if we take him on, there's going to be rules.)

Quinn nodded in agreement, then they both turned to face Sam again.

"Alright, white boy. Even I have to admit it would be nice to have another person around for things, BUT, there are rules that we set, that you WILL follow, or else you're out on your lonely ass again."

"Got it." He smiled.

"If you try anything, I mean ANYTHING, with either one of us, you're gone. Since you have you're own car, you will drive that behind us, our backseats and trunk are filled with supplies. When we find a house, you will sleep in a separate area, away from us. When we go out, you will pull your own weight, gathering food, being a look-out, or whatever we need at that time. That's all I can think of right now, but if you don't think you can handle it, say so now."

"No, I can definitely handle it. Although, I have a question..."


"What are your names?"

The Latina rolled her eyes. "Santana."


"It's nice to meet you both."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

March 7, 2012 – Hastings, Nebraska. 6:46PM.

"Everyone's walkies on?" Santana asked as they stood next to their cars.

"Yup." Quinn replied.

"Oh!" Sam's hands flew to his belt, switching the device on. "Okay."

Both girls shook their heads at him.

"Let's do this fast, it will be getting dark soon enough. I'll take the red house. Sam, you take the white one across the street. And Q, take the one with the vomit -colored shudders. We meet back here in fifteen minutes and report. Don't be afraid to call for back-up if you hear something, better safe then sorry. Alright, show time, bitches."

Splitting up, they all drew their weapons, ready for anything that may come their way. Just because an area was quiet, doesn't mean there wasn't a ton of zombies waiting for their next meal come by. Santana was the more aggressive type, so naturally, she just flung open the front door and waltzed in like she owned the place. Quinn and Sam always took the safer approach, going about things as quietly as they could.

Santana immediately smelled something foul, which only meant there was a body somewhere in the house. Her home was now out of the running for shelter, but that didn't mean she still couldn't look around. Closing the front door behind her, she stepped into the living room, that was just to the left of the entrance. It was much like Quinn's house, things strewn about and knocked over, pictures crooked on the wall.

As she moved through the house, the smell got worse, and she had to cover her nose with her shirt to stand it. Just past the dining room, she pushed open the swinging door to the kitchen, finding the source of the awful smell. A man and a woman were spread out on the floor, dried blood splattered everywhere. Blood didn't bother Santana anymore, but it still got her when she'd see someone's insides hanging out, like this woman's intestines were.

Before she had the urge to throw up, she quickly exited the kitchen and made her way back to the front of the house, where the stairs were, and headed up. As soon as she turned the corner, she found blood smears along the right side of the wall. The foul stink was back, and she more than suspected that another body was behind the door with tons of bloody hand prints on it, and didn't bother going any further. About to turn around and head back downstairs to see if they had anything useful, there was a noise in the silence.

A gurgly growl erupted from behind her, and she swung around, aiming her gun in front of her, expecting an adult zombie, but found a small girl. She was blonde, with a white barrette in her hair to match her white dress that she was wearing, although it was dirty and blood-stained. The girl was about ten feet away, and was looking at Santana curiously with her head cocked to the side. The Latina had gotten used to killing zombies...but this girl was just a kid.

She knew this little girl wasn't herself anymore, but that didn't stop her from feeling guilty when she pulled the trigger of her Silencer, and the girl's head flew back from the force of the bullet entering her skull. The girl fell down with a thud, and Santana swallowed thickly. She needed air. Not caring about the items she could be leaving behind, she just needed to get out of there right then. When she finally made it onto the front porch, she sighed in relief.

While Santana closed the door to the red, house and headed to the cars, Quinn was roaming around the concrete basement of her house. It was more of a living room, with a couch and two Lazy Boy chairs, but with a bed in the corner that was shoved up against a wall, and a nice full bathroom beside the stairs. There were no windows, and the basement door was thick, with six locks on it. This would be a nice place for them to relax for a few days, and feel safer than they ever had been. They didn't need to worry about turning off the lights and fumbling with candles while down there.

While Quinn was already planning things out in her head, Sam was exploring the attic of his house next door. He smiled as he fiddled with a telescope that was stationed at the window, remembering how his father had gotten him one for his tenth birthday. He'd always loved looking at the stars with he father, constantly finding constellations to learn about. That was an easier time that he wishes he could go back to all the time, but he also knew that was never going to happen.

Suddenly, movement way down the street caught his attention, and he grabbed the telescope to get a better look. Within seconds, he was zoomed in and focused on a herd of zombies. His heart skipped a beat before it started pounding in his ears. Scrambling her unhooked his walkie from his belt, and pressed the button to talk.

"Guys." His voice was shaky. "Code Red."

Quinn's eyes widened when Sam's voice came over the walkie talkie and alerted them to an emergency. "Crap!" She muttered to herself, then pressed the button on her walkie to reply. "Where are they?"

"About a half-mile down the street. Looks to be about thirty of them. What do we do?" He asked, mainly to Santana.

Santana was sitting in her car at this point, now looking behind her, down the road at the approaching threat. "First, we all get in the same place. What are your positions? I'm in my car."

"I'm in the attic."

"I'm in the basement. You guys, this is perfect...it's totally zombie-proof." Quinn said quickly.

"Alright, Sam, head over to Quinn's house right now, I'll get as much supplies as I can carry and come in a fast as I can."

"On my way, over." Sam said, then clipped his walkie back onto his belt, then, in a spontaneous moment, grabbed the telescope, thinking it may come in handy, and raced his way through the house, and took the backyard route to Quinn's house.

Knocking on the door lightly, but urgently, it only took a few moments before Quinn peaked through the curtains to make sure it was him, then open the door, closing it, and locking it behind them. Running to the front of the house, they looked out the window and saw Santana grab the last of the supplies she could carry, and maneuver herself behind abandoned cars in an effort not to be seen by the zombies heading their way. Once out from behind the last car at the cur, she sprinted the rest of the way to the door, which Quinn was at the ready to open.

It helped that it was getting dark outside, so the likelihood of her being seen was lower. They all breathed a sign of relief when they were all united again, and they all gave each other quick hugs.

"What the Hell is that?" Quinn asked, just then noticing the large object in Sam's hand.

"Telescope. Figured when we leave, it will be useful to check up the road to see if any zombies are coming, you know?"


"Enough chit-chat. That herd is getting close, fast." Santana said, checking out the curtains. "Take these to the basement, Q. Sam, help me make sure all the windows and doors are locked and the curtains closed. And turn all the lights off!"

Santana locked the front door and checked the windows in the living room, dining room, and den, while Sam locked the door that was attached to the garage, closed the curtains in the kitchen. Turning the kitchen and living room lights off as they went. Quinn set the sacks Santana had managed to get from the car onto the sofa, then headed back upstairs. Both Santana and Sam were now peeking out out the blinds in the dark living room, just now seeing the herd of zombies come into their vision.

"Just a fucking perfect time for a herd to come by." Santana said angrily. "I managed to grab a few guns, but lets hope we don't need to use 'em."

They all sat backward on the sofa and watched as the zombies started to mill around with no particular destination. Though they did back up when a few zombies came closer to the house they were in, ducking out of sight, just in case. As they all lay on the floor, they could her the moans and footsteps clearly through the wall. They waited there for ten minutes, that's about how long it took for the noises to die down outside, but they were still at their utmost careful.

They quietly crawled back to the basement door, and shut and locked all of the locks behind them. Quinn took her jacket off and laid it in front of the bottom of the door, so when she turned the lights on, none of it would seep through and get the unwanted attention. Once the lights were on, Quinn told them that there were no windows, so it was safe, and they started unpacking the two sacks. One held a bunch of canned food and their portable stove. The other had some handguns that were tossed in last minute, and underneath those were their toiletries and a few water bottles.

Quinn was thankful that they had bags already prepared for the most part, so Santana only had to grab a few other things. From now on they would have a guns and ammo sack added to the food and toiletries, in case of another situation like this. Usually their big guns are scattered around the trunk, and the handguns are laying around the back seat. They were definitely going to have to come up with a better storing idea for them.

That night they took shifts, not feeling entirely safe now that they had run into a herd. Santana went first, then Sam, then Quinn. In the morning, Santana went upstairs to see about their situation, and to her annoyance, the herd was still out there, wandering around. A few caught sight of a squirrel and chased it to the tree in front of the house they were in. It didn't look like they were leaving anytime soon, now that they had spotted life in the area. Clenching her jaw, she made her way back downstairs and informed the other two of their predicament.

"We have enough food for another two days." Sam said. "Maybe they'll be gone by then."

"Not if they keep finding squirrels to chase. Little fuckers. We have to entertain the possibility that we'll have to fight our way out."

Quinn didn't like the idea of that at all, but she thought it was "So, we have six handguns, and a bat. If there are still about thirty zombies out there, and each gun has one clip with seven bullets each, that would be forty-two bullets. So if we hit out targets each shot, then we'd even have a few extra. Plus if one of us had to use the bat, that would save even more."

Santana and Sam stared at Quinn for a minute. Usually Santana was the one to figure things out and Quinn was more quiet.

"Okay, so in English, we could most likely make it out of here alive? Sam asked.

Quinn nodded.

"Good." He smiled.

Every few hours, one of them would go up and check on the zombie situation outside. It appeared that they started to dissipate slowly, some going further down the street, and some going into the woods after small animals. By the time the second day had passed, they only had one can of soup left, and there was only about ten zombies roaming around in front of the house. This was their time to seize the moment and go for it. Taking out ten zombies seemed like a breeze now, but they still didn't want to get over confident. Anything could happen.

After Sam had gone upstairs and used his telescope to see far down the street and deemed it clear, they formed their plan. Quinn had a gun in one hand, and in the other was one of the sacks, that now only held the portable stove and water bottles. Santana had her Silencer in her right hand, and a .45 in the other. And just in case, carried two other .45's in the front of her jeans. Sam had his bat and a .45. He would go out the back and come around the side of the house so the zombies wouldn't flock to one place, while Quinn would go straight for the car, and Santana would cover her.

Sam went first, and the girls waited until he passed the side living room window before they opened the door, immediately getting the attention of two zombies.

"Go, Q." Santana said, pushing her out as she took out the closest zombie.

Sam took this as his cue, and started shooting at the zombies that were gathered near his car. Quinn barely heard the gunshots around her, because her heart was pounding so loud in her ears. She saw Sam take out the group of three that had congregated near the cars, and she picked up her speed. When she got in the car, she breathed a sigh of relief and started it up. Santana was killing her fourth zombie, and Sam was on his ninth when Quinn got back out of the car and without hesitation, shot in Santana's direction.

A zombie behind her dropped to the ground, and Santana finished off the the one on front of her when zombies started to come from down the street and woods. Sam was in his car now, revving it up, and Santana ran and slid over the hood of her car to get to the passenger side, and slipped in easily.

"Go, go, go!" The Latina instructed, and Quinn peeled out, looking in her side mirror for Sam, who was right behind her, running over a zombie that dared to get close.

They soon got on the highway not bothering to look at the map, not caring where they were headed, just as long as they were putting that town in their rear-view mirror.

April 15, 2012 – Santaquin, Utah. 3:23PM.


"Alright here's a town." Santana said as she stopped the car.

"According to the map, it's pretty small. I imagine quite contained, unless its residents moved on, there isn't much out here for zombies to feed on." Quinn said.

"What's the plan, girls?" Sam asked over the walkie.

Quinn picked up the walkie, now addressing both Sam and Santana. "This road to our right takes us right through the middle of the town, we can scope it out as we drive by, and see how bad it is and decide from there. It won't take long, and if need be, we could get out of there really quickly and come out the other side, which is just more highway."

Santana nodded. "Alright."

"Fine by me."

Santana, gets off the highway and onto the main street of the town, driving at a leisurely speed as Quinn and Sam looked around. There were a few zombies they got glances of in streets further back, but didn't see if they had heard their car.

"There's a store." Quinn said, pointing to her right.

Once they were all the way through, Santana turned around and lined her window up with Sam's, who rolled his down so they could talk.

"There are some zombies walking around in what looked like the start of the neighborhoods, and there is probably some in the stores, but if we're quiet, we can get in and out with no trouble." Sam said.

The girls nodded in agreement. Like there was much of choice. They were all starving and in need to stock up. Making their way back to the store, Santana pulled into the back, Sam following, parking next to them.

"Me and Q will go in and find the stuff we need, you make your way to the front of the store and look out. If any zombies are coming in, that would be the entry point, not this heavy door."

"'Kay. You two be careful." He said, kissing them both on the forehead, before entering the back door with them.

Santana had her Silencer and Quinn had a .45 in her holster but was carrying her bat, as was Sam, toting his bat, but also had a .45 in the back of his pants. The three made their way through the back and into the actual store quietly. They split from Sam as he headed for the front, and Santana grabbed a basket and handed it to Quinn, then got one for herself. They went through the aisles together, Santana grabbing random things that they wanted, while Quinn got more essential things, like canned foods and chips. Even if they turned out to be stale, they were still something to eat, and they were all fine with that.

There were bodies laying around the store here and there, but everything was all quiet as they got their things...until they heard a rustling a few aisles away. They both quietly put down their baskets, raised their weapons, and moved toward the source of the noises. When they were one aisle away, the noise suddenly stopped, which made them freeze for a second, then kept going. When the were ready to round the corner, Santana silently counted to three, and right after, they jumped in the aisle, and were surprised to find a girl about their age pointing a loaded crossbow at them.

The brunette looked between the two girls, who looked just as surprised as she was to actually find people who weren't zombified.

"¿Crees que es una amenaza?" (Do you think she's a threat?) Santana asked Quinn.

"Ella es tan pequeña ... lo dudo." (She is so small...I doubt it.)

Rachel sighed and lowed her bow slightly. "I can understand everything you're saying. I took three years of Spanish in high school, and I originally came from Mexico with my family, half of which of only spoke Spanish. To answer your question, I can assure you that I am no threat, just as long as you are no threat to me."

Both girls blinked in response to the unexpected little tangent the girl went off on, but soon regained their composure. "Alright, Munchkin, we're no threat to you, you're no threat to us, no lets put our weapons down before someone accidentally gets hurt."

They all did so, Rachel putting her arrow away and slinging the bow over her shoulder, Santana holstered her gun, and Quinn lowered her bat.

"Now that that's over with, we can properly greet each other like civilized human beings. I am Rachel Berry." The brunette introduced herself, sticking her hand out for Santana to take it.

"Santana." The Latina replied, returning the shake with a firm grip.

"Quinn." She reached out and shook the other girl's hand as well.

"It's nice to meet you two. You are the first survivors I've run into. Where are you from?"

"We hail from Lima, Ohio." Santana answered.

"Oh, I've never been. What brings you to Utah?"

"The scenery." Santana replied sarcastically.

Quinn elbowed the Latina, then spoke. "Just passing through...we needed supplies."

"I see. Well, if you two are interested, I'm cooking a meal tonight with various things from my garden, and you are welcome to come and stay with us until you are ready to move on."

"Us? How many more survivors are with you?" Quinn asked.

"Just one. My best friend Kurt happened to be staying over the night everything went to Hell, and we've stayed together since. We used to live here in town, but it's not safe anymore, so we found a ranch about fifteen minutes away in Rocky Ridge that's perfect. He's watches the house while I come out here and gather things. So, anyway, dinner, yes?"

The Latina narrowed her eyes. "Hm." She and Quinn shared a look, then nodded. "Okay, we'll take you up for dinner and see how that goes."

"Great! I'll notify Kurt that you two are coming." Grabbing the walkie talkie from her waist, she pushed the button and began to talk. "Princess Leia to Luke Skywalker, do you read?"

"I thought I was Leia?" A womanly voice replied, and Santana bit back a laugh.

"It makes more sense that you are Luke, since you are indeed the male."

"Ugh, fine. Go for Skywalker."

"I came across two survivors, they are joining us for dinner."

A few seconds of silence went by. "Are they cute?"

Rachel giggled and shook her head as she pulled a can of creamed corn off the shelf and tossed it into the basket. "Oh, yes, they are quite adorable...but they're both girls."

"Drat! I can't catch a break. If there was next to no hope for me before the zombie apocalypse, my chances of finding prince charming now are forever dashed, and I am to spend the rest of my days alone."

"He's a bit of a drama queen, but I'm sure you'll like him." Rachel said, turning to Quinn, then replied to Kurt. "Sorry, hon. Anyway, I'm almost done here, so we'll be back at Home Base soon."

"Okay, Lei-Skywalker over and out."

"Actually there are three of us." Quinn spoke up. "Sam, he's currently the look-out."

"Well, then, this will be a nice surprise for Kurt. You're all still welcome of course, the more the merrier." Rachel smiled.

April 15, 2012 – 4:07PM. Home Base.

Pulling up to the ranch, all three of them were surprised to find it very much upgraded. Solar panels covered the entire roof, multiple generators lined both sides of the house, and they could see security cameras positioned all over to get every possible view of the nearby land. Rachel pulled her car into the garage, and Santana and Sam pulled off to the side near a tree, out of the way. Leaving their things in the car for now, they followed the small girl in through the garage and she closed the door behind them.

"Welcome to our humble abode, I am Kurt Hummel, please come in." He said, appearing out of nowhere when the two girls walked in after Rachel. "And what are your names?"



"Sam." The blonde said with a smile as he came in the doorway smiling, surprising Kurt, whose eyes widened.

"Nice to meet you." Kurt said with a smile, still starting at Sam.

Rachel elbowed him in the back. "Right this way." She said leading everyone further into the house and into the living room.

On the coffee table on front of the sofa, there were multiple monitors set up. They could see that they were getting live feed from the cameras that were set up around the outside of the house.

"This is Command Central, as we like to call it. As you can see, we have the whole outside covered, even the stables and barn behind the house. There are motion censors set up around the perimeter also, so if one of us is not here in front of the monitors, an alarm will sound, notifying us that there is something out there moving around. And as you may have noticed, there are many generators set up outside, as well as the solar panels on the roof. Those are for when the power inevitably goes out forever. Overall, I'd say we are very well prepared." Rachel said. "I'll give you the grand tour so you know where everything is, just follow me."

She led them through the rest of the living room and into a hallway that had three doorways.

"Kurt and I always sleep on the first floor of the house, and this is where you can find us if you need anything. Mine room is the one on left, and Kurt's on the right. This door leads to the basement." She opened the thick door and flipped on a light switch. "Down here we store the food and water that we've collected over the last few months. As of right now, we probably have a year or two's worth of food."

Looking around, it was much like the basement in Hastings, Nebraska, except much more spacious and fancier. Whoever lived here before definitely had money. There were two sofas, two chairs, and pool table near the back. Stacked in cardboard boxes to the left in a large pile, they could see canned foods sticking out. Next to that was a stack to the ceiling of bottled water. And to the right of the TV, there were four large plastic containers, and Quinn wondered what was in those.

Meanwhile, Rachel continues. "And if you turn on the TV, it's connected to the monitors upstairs, so we can still see what's going on. There's two bedrooms off to the side, each having their own full bathrooms. And we have storage containers that hold guns and ammo. If something were to happen and we'd have to stay down here for an extended period of time, we would be pretty comfortable. Any questions so far?"

"Um, how did you get all this stuff?" Sam asked.

"Tech, food, or weapons?" Rachel responded.


The brunette smiled. "Well this place already had quite a bit when we got here. The computers, half of the generators and a few cameras. I took many trips into town, and even travels to nearby towns to get everything you see. Hooking everything up wouldn't have been as easy if I didn't have Kurt. He's the techie. The guns, I figure, the owner was a hunter or collector, so he had a good amount, but my father was a hunter as well, so we already had those. Combine them and the ones I'd collect on my outings, we have a great stash. Two of those containers hold guns, the other two, extra ammo."

Everyone was silent for a few seconds before Sam spoke up again. "Sweet."

Rachel giggled and motioned them to follow her back to the main floor and up a flight of stairs. "Now for the second floor. It's pretty much untouched by us, since we have no real need to come up here. There are four bedrooms, so you are welcome to find one for each of you and make yourselves at home. Down this way is the library, which has an enormous amount of books which you are more than welcome to take and read if you wish. Also, there is a record player in the corner if you want to play some music."

The room was fairly big, filled wall to wall with large and small books. It even had one of those moveable stairs so you can reach the high shelves. Quinn used to be an avid reader, before she had to worry about staying alive every second of every day. This could be her haven, a reprieve that she has been looking for for months now, and it was pretty much being handed to her on a silver platter. Not in her wildest imagination, she would have thought that they would stumble upon a place like this.

Going back downstairs, Rachel took them out the back door, and on each side of the porch was a large garden, shaded by some blankets that were hung.

"These are the gardens. We shade them because it can get hot out here, and this land really isn't meant to grow things."

A dirt path began where the concrete patio stopped, and they followed the left to the stables.

"Half the time I take on of these guys into town instead on the car, to save gas. It's more risky with zombies roaming around town, but I haven't had a problem so far, since it's much more quiet than the rumble of a car's engine."

There were two horses in the whole stables, assuming the others had broken out and gotten free. One was brown with a blonde mane, and the other was coal black with a white blotch on it's chest.

"The brown one is Ace, and the black one is Beauty. Well, at least that's what we refer to them as. We've been fortunate that they have a lot of food stored for them, about one years worth when we got here. But no doubt there is more in town, there are quite a few ranches out here. You're welcome to go for a ride if you want, just let us know that you're going out before. Or if you don't know how to ride, me or Kurt will be happy to teach you. I'm not going to take you over to the barn, since there's just a bunch of chickens in there running around. That's where we get our eggs."

The three nodded and followed Rachel back to the house and into the living room, where Kurt was sitting on the sofa watching the monitors.

"Alright. I'm going to get dinner started, I'll call for you all when it's ready. So, you are free to do whatever you want. If you have any questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask."

April 16, 2012 – 2:47AM. Home Base.

Having trouble getting to sleep, Quinn tossed and turned in her bed until she couldn't take it anymore. Putting on some pajama bottoms and a light jacket, she headed downstairs in need of some fresh air. Quietly sneaking out the front door, she found a seat on a nearby porch swing. Sinking into the cushions, she hadn't been this comfortable in a long while, and certainly not when outside, but she knew she was safe with all of Kurt and Rachel's security measures.

It was still kind of hard to believe that two teenagers had set all of that stuff up by themselves. Of course, she never thought that she'd ever know how to handle a gun. The zombie apocalypse has changed so many things, and put them through so many things that no one should ever have to go through. Frankly she was surprised that they had lasted this long. But she had Santana to thank for that. The girl had become the leader that she always strived to be, and always gave Quinn hope.

It got much better when they found Sam. At first, neither of the girls were very comfortable with taking on a guy, but soon Sam proved that he was different, just like he had told them. He had become sort of a brother to both of them in such a short time. He was apart of their family now, and she couldn't see a future that didn't have him in the picture with them. She loved that he was so optimistic; never letting a dim situation get the best of him.

Things were better than they ever have been, now they they had Kurt and Rachel. Quinn liked to think that it was Fate that they had run into Rachel earlier that day at the grocery store. If they hadn't, they probably wouldn't have stayed in Santaquin long, or come across their ranch in Rocky Ridge. God only knows where the Hell they would be right now.

"Hey." Rachel said as she closed the front door behind her and padded over to the swing, sitting down next to Quinn. "I heard you come out. Is everything alright?"

Quinn smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I just wanted to get some fresh air, think, enjoy the fact that I can actually relax now."

"Oh, I'm sorry for intruding...I'll leave you-"

"No, it's okay. Quinn replied. "Stay."

Rachel gave a crooked smile and sat back.

"You know, I used to have to go to such lengths to have just a relaxing moment alone. School activities, clingy boyfriends, and stress at home took up all my time and energy. And now...I'm so used to being around Sam and Santana twenty-four-seven, being alone is just so...lonely. It feels wrong."

"I know what you mean. Well, now. I wasn't the most popular in school...ever. It wasn't until last year that Kurt came into my life. We spent every second of everyday that we could together, so I'm used to being around him so much. Though when I have to go out for supplies, I just feel empty without him."

"Not to intrude, but, why won't he go out with you?"

Rachel sighed. "When we had leave my house in town to get somewhere safer, we stopped at the store you found me in. We had separated to gather more things in less time, and he was attacked by a zombie...almost bitten. So once we found this place, he refused to go out again. I can't really blame him, it was a very traumatic experience."

"Well, life now is just one big traumatic experience, unfortunately."

The brunette nodded. "I wonder how this all started. What it was that infected people..."

"Huh, I don't think I've ever had time to think about that. Could have been the Government for all we know, they do, or did, things that we could only dream about. Who knows what kind of experiments they've been doing for years. I wouldn't be surprised if something blew up and infected people."

"Do you think there is still a Government out there maybe working on a cure?"

Quinn bit her lip as she thought. "I hope so. And if not a cure, than at least looking for survivors. They should be prepared for something like this. Maybe not zombies per say, but an outbreak of sorts, so it's pretty likely they have a contained area somewhere. Now they just have to find us."

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