Hello all! I'm starting another HTTYD story! This one is a modern AU but dragons do exist. You'll notice a few similarities to the movie in it. I was doing that to make sure I had a little bit of Hiccup's humor in it. The part where Hiccup meets Toothless is a bit similar to the movie but I had to make it different because Toothless wasn't tied up in the ropes because Hiccup didn't know dragons existed. So, I'm not sure how Toothless lost his tail yet, I'll figure that out later. xP But anyway. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: HTTYD belongs to Dreamworks! Which... I have no part of. Dx

My name is Harold Haddock. Lame name, yeah I know. My nickname is probably worse than my actual name though. Everyone calls me Hiccup. Why? Because I once had the hiccups for 3 days straight so the name kind of stuck. Why people at my school insist on giving everyone they can a nickname, I'll never know. I live in a small town called Berk, and my father is the mayor. You think that'd be great right? Everyone would know you and like you all because of what your father was. I wish. No one really talks to me at my school, it seems talking to "Hiccup Haddock" is sudden death. I'll welcome a new kid, but as soon as they talk to other kids they never seem to speak to me again. I could always bribe kids to be my friends with my dad's money, but money can't buy happiness. Well, can't buy it for me at least.

I walked down the hallway of the school, holding books for tonight's homework in my arms. The last period had just ended and all I had to do was get my backpack out of my locker and go home. It'd be an easy task for any person, except me. You'd think I was the luckiest guy in the world to have a locker next to the girl's locker room. Not really, mainly because they all hate me. Last period was the period the baseball team girls practiced. If the coach pissed them off I'd hear all about it. Sometimes the rage was taken out on me. I sighed and closed the locker door clipping the lock back. I was about to walk away until I realized my shirtsleeve had gotten closed in the door. I groaned and rolled my eyes. I placed my other hand on the side of the locker and yanked my arm back. My shirtsleeve came loose faster than I had anticipated. I yelped as the weight of my backpack pulled me down backwards to the floor. It hadn't been fully zipped therefore a few of my books flew out onto the tiles. I groaned once again and glanced up to see Astrid Hofferson hovering above me.

I gulped, "Astrid. H-Hi Astrid."

She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. She bent down and picked up my books, "Watch where you're going next time." She sneered dropping the books on my stomach.

"Oof! U-Um, yeah, I'll be sure to do that." I replied weakly while sitting up on the floor.

"Great, now get out of my way." Astrid growled storming past me.

I placed my books back into my backpack, zipping it up fully this time. I lifted myself off the floor and headed down the stairs. I scurried out of the school doors and I then boarded the bus. The bus driver smiled at me, "Have a good day, Hiccup?"

I gave him a smile, "Don't I always, Gobber?"

Gobber shook his head, "So you embarrassed yourself as usual?"

I nodded, "Yes, of course. When do I not?"

Gobber rolled his eyes, "Get in your seat, Hiccup."

"Yes sir." I replied going to my seat.

You know that seat in the back of the bus for one person? Yeah, Gobber assigned that seat to me, so I'd stop wasting space for people to sit in a normal seat. Why do I also call my bus driver by his first name? I'm the only kid on the bus for a little while. I live in the 'rich part' of town. Meaning I'm the only kid in that neighborhood that even goes to public school. The rest are all in private schools. I don't really mind though, I'd be ignored and known as a loser either way. I crossed my legs and pulled out my black sketch book. I began doodling all types of things. Dragons, trolls, fairies, you name it. I focused on my work, ignoring the kid in the seat in front of me who was watching me above my head. I didn't actually mind, I liked it when people admired my art work. It's just that I didn't want to engage in conversation with someone who doesn't really care.

I heard him mutter to the boy beside him, "Hey...that kid can draw."

"Wow I didn't expect him to have any talents." The kid replied.

I rolled my eyes. My art teacher loved me because she thought I had wonderful potential. A lot of teachers like me, just not the students. They probably like me because I'm not like most of their students. Sure I can be a smart ass a lot of the time, but I don't usually disrespect the teachers. I also turn in my work on time and do my homework. And other times I help the teachers during break or my free period. I usually go sit with my art teacher at lunch because she seems to at least care about what I have to say. She also thinks I'm funny, so that gives me a little self-esteem.

I glanced up, noticing that now all the other kids were off the bus. I was so focused on drawing I didn't notice that the other people had left. I grabbed my backpack and sketch book while standing up. I made my way forward to the front of the bus and sat down in the first seat next to the door.

"So Hiccup, how'd you embarrass yourself today?"

I looked up at Gobber and cocked an eyebrow, "Well. I tripped over air going to 3rd period. After last period I got my sleeve caught in a locker and fell backwards."

Gobber chuckled, "Nice ones. You sure have a talent for being clumsy."

I shrugged, "It's a gift."

He snorted as he pulled up to my house, "You really ought to get some new talents. If you want to hang out with normal teenagers that is."

"What do you mean?" I asked while grabbing my things and standing in front of the bus door.

"You need to stop all...this." Gobber replied moving his hands up and down.

"You just gestured to all of me." I retorted rolling my eyes.

"That's it! You need to stop being all of you."

"Yeah, sure thing Gobber, I'll try that." I turned to get off the bus and stepped down the stairs making sure I didn't fall.

The bus pulled away as I walked up my driveway. My dad was still at work for right now, which I was pretty thankful for. He'd probably just come yell at me or something like that. I liked to go into the woods all the time and draw in my sketch book or even come up with ideas for paintings. Other times I could think of something to build, unfortunately for me I'd need money to actually build anything. Gobber wasn't just a bus driver, he also owned a shop downtown and he'd let me use some of his materials every once in a while. But all these things made my dad frustrated with me. He didn't want an artistic son; he wanted a tough son that could play football and basketball. That just wasn't me though.

I walked the backdoor to the wilderness outside, though I lived in the rich part of town, we were surrounded by forest. One of the good things about living in Berk. I marched up a large log and began my journey through the large area of debris and foliage.

I began thinking about what happened with Astrid earlier today. It irritated me so much that she seemed to be the only girl who noticed me but it was always because I was "in her way". Why can't anyone take me seriously? I must seem like I'm the perfect victim for anything. Though, the people in my school don't give swirlies or hang you up on a flag pole by your underwear, they do talk. I was always the one to talk about. What did Hiccup mess up today? That was always someone's question.

I came upon a tree limb and hit it away irritably only to have it thrash back and hit me in the face. "Ow!" I paused when I saw a tree, split and bent over. My eyes widen, "Jeez... what could have done that?" I wondered out loud. I followed the broken trees and branches to a cove. I hesitated for a moment, wondering what I was getting myself into here. What kind of animal could have done that to those trees? I must seriously be crazy as I moved forward toward the rocks and crouched down. What I saw was something I'd never expected. "What is that?" I murmured. It looked like a reptile but it had wings. It was pure black with cat-like green eyes. The creature gazed up at me, its eyes narrowed into slits. My breath caught in my throat. Would it attack me? I must really be stupid because I came down the rocks towards it. It immediately pounced, holding me down with its claws. It roared in my face and stormed off into the opposite side of the cove. I hyperventilated a moment before sighing leaning back against a rock. I decided I needed to get the heck out of there. I climbed up the rocks as fast as I could. I trampled through debris as I made my way back to my yard groaning and collapsing to the ground. I struggled to catch my breath as my mind raced. A reptile with wings... A dragon? No way. Dragons don't actually exist do they? But there was no other conclusion I could come up with as to what that may be. Was I the first person ever to see a real live dragon? Surely not. But there was no doubt in my mind the creature that had just roared in my face was a dragon.