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Chapter 4

Well of course Toothless and I have had a lot more dragon/boy bonding time. I learned he really likes a certain type of grass (Which I am now calling 'dragon nip'. You know, like cat nip except for dragons? Yeah you get the point.) and he likes to be scratched underneath his neck. I'm just not sure what to do about him though. He can climb out of the cove with enough effort I'm sure, but he really needs to fly. But I don't know how he can fly without a tail.

I staggered down the hallway of my school, avoiding contact with anyone. As usual. I don't like getting teased and picked on. I also don't want to fall on my face in front of someone.

As if it'd be the first time or something.

I banged my locker enough times to finally get the thing to open. It was gross and rusted and I somehow seem to get stuck with this locker every year. The door sprung open, whacking me in the nose. I grabbed my face, "Ow!" This type of stuff never fails to happen to me. I just wanted to end school and get home to Toothless. He's the only thing I have to look forward to these days.

"Hey Haddock!"

"Oh boy…" I murmured under my breath. I spun around and met the stormy eyes of Astrid. I awkwardly cleared my throat, "Um hey Astrid. What do you need?"

"I need extra art lessons."

I cocked a brow at her, "Astrid, that's what we're doing after school already."

She growled, "I know that! But I need even more practice if I'm going to pass that art exam next week. As much as it pains me to say this: I really need your help."

"I'd like to help but I have to go home after our after school lessons. I have something I have to do. Plus, the school closes a few minutes after we usually leave already, they won't let us stay longer." I said. I have to find a way out of this!

"Okay, then we'll do the after school lessons at your house! That way we don't have to worry about the school closing and you'll be at home."

Well she's defiantly persistent. I tried to reason my way out of this, "Astrid, I really don't think you want to ride my bus. It's not a pleasant time."

She blew a blonde lock out of her eyes and placed a hand on her hip, "I can just drive there. Give me a time I can come over."

"Astrid, I really don't think-"

"I really need your help."

I sighed. Pity on me for having a heart. "Okay I'll help you. You can come over around 4:00 whenever you need to. Okay?"

"Thanks Hiccup. You're really not a bad guy. And you're not as dorky as people make you out to be."


"I'll come by today after school to start the lessons. See you then." She leaned in close to my face, "And don't tell anyone. Got it?"

Throwing my hands up in surrender I replied, "Sure thing. Not a soul."

Astrid turned with a sway of her hips, "Good." She walked away as if the entire confrontation hadn't happened at all.

How does she do that! She acts like she hates me but then another second she's nice to me. I don't understand women.

I'll stick to dragons.

I waved to Gobber as I exited the bus. As soon as the yellow bus was out of sight I took off to my backyard. I snatched a fish out of the back cooler behind the house and ran off towards the cove in the woods. I sprinted through the trees, getting twigs and leaves caught in my hair and they snagged my clothes. I didn't care. I had to feed Toothless before Astrid showed up. I was afraid she'd get curious about what I did after school if I told her a later time to show up.

I reached the edge of the cove. I gazed down before spotting Toothless lying near the water, "Hey Toothless!" I called down to him.

He poked his head up and his tail swayed excitedly. I threw the fish down to him and he tilted his head at me curiously.

"There's something I have to take care of, bud. But I'll be back in a few hours. I promise."

Toothless rolled his large eyes at me before snatching up the fish. I had a feeling he knew this was about Astrid.

I escaped back through the woods to my house. My poor attempt at covering up the trail to the cove was a hopeless failure. Maybe I should walk another way from now on. I just hope Astrid doesn't notice the trail.

I waited awkwardly for that crazy chick to arrive. I didn't exactly understand why she wanted to use me for art so much more recently. I'm sure it's not my looks. Apparently, I'm not too far in that department. But she said I was kind of funny didn't she? That has to mean something. I won her over with humor. And that's it.

The knock at the front door nearly made me jump out of skin. I stumbled to the door and opened it to see Astrid staring back at me.

"I didn't realize how nice of a place you lived in." She said in awe.

I shrugged, "Well when your dad is the mayor that's just what happens. You get a nice house."

"It's pretty cool… Now can we start painting?"

"Yeah that's completely okay." I replied with a nod.

I showed Astrid to my art room and we each grabbed a canvas then got to work.

Astrid's attention span lasted longer than I expected until she started asking for food. We sat in my living room and snacked on whatever it was that I found in fridge. She looked out our see-through glass doors to the backyard.

Astrid's eyes widened, "Wow, for such a fancy place you've got a lot of woods back there."

I nodded, "Yeah it's full of gross things."

She cocked a brow at me, "Don't most guys find things that are gross really cool?"

"Most guys at our school don't paint like me." I replied with a shrug.

She nodded, "Touché."

We ate in silence for a few moments until Astrid spoke again, "Is that a trail?"

My eyes widened, "Uh, um, no. No it's not a trail. What trail?"

"Hiccup, are you hiding something out there? Any dead bodies?" She joked.

"No. There's not trail or dead bodies."

"Well. Let's go check it out." Astrid said as she headed out my backdoor.

I grabbed her shoulder as I tried to reason, "Astrid! I don't think that's a really good idea. I mean who knows what's-"

She shrugged me off, "Come on, Haddock, don't tell me you're a wuss."

I sighed, "I'm not a wuss, I just don't think going on uncharted land is a very good idea."

"It's a trail, Hiccup. I'm failing art but not because I'm stupid. If it's a trail that means someone's walked through it. Which means it's charted."

"But I-"

"Race you!" She called and took off down my forbidden trail that led to Toothless.

I dashed after her, "Astrid wait!"

The blonde skimmed through the tree branches like they weren't even there. Oh damn we're getting close to the cove. This is not good. She gave a snarky laugh as she ran through the woods, "What's wrong Haddock? Can't handle your own nature trail?"

"Astrid! You have to stop! You don't understand!" I cried.

"I get it! There's something here you don't want me to see. And I'm going to!" She called back to me.

"No! You can't!"

Suddenly, we were at the cove. My life is over as we know it.

Toothless sticks his head up at Astrid and she freezes mid step. She stares down at him in the cove, her face pale and frozen. She opens her mouth to say something but it comes out as a squeak. I squeeze my eyes tightly before sighing loudly. She turns her stare to me as I crawl down the rocks.

Astrid finally speaks, "Hiccup! Are you dumb? What are you doing?"

The blonde girl behind me slowly crawls down some of the boulders to get closer. I walk up to Toothless, who is snarling slightly.

"What is that thing?" Astrid says.

"Um…" I turn to Toothless then back to the girl in front of me. "Astrid…this is Toothless. Um… Toothless this is Astrid." Toothless hissed loudly towards her.

"What the hell is that? You still haven't answered me Hiccup!" She sneered.

"Um well… he's a dragon?"