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Aggression raced across my skin, and the snarl that had started low in my stomach built within me, expanding and racing along my ribs and across my heart to take wings in my throat. The sound that clamored to escape me was tortured and primal, but I refused to allow it to take flight; the need for silence was an absolute necessity. Rage, pure and strong, fueled the need to destroy, my instincts demanding to be obeyed as they screamed for the destruction, decimation, and annihilation of the enemy. The target of my plans paced nervously, unaware of just how limited his time left upon this earth was.

From a great distance, I heard Alice screaming as if she was in pain and the part of me deep inside that needed to relieve her agony responded. Wasn't I doing my very best to eliminate the man who had caused us to be this way?

"Edward!" she screamed.

It was imperative that I ignore her, that I use my speed and ability to hear those around me in order to get to the one that was causing us pain. Distractions could provide the enemy an opportunity to outwit me. Such was what had happened when Aro had taken me…I'd been distracted by my wish to fulfill another's desire, my mate's. The enemy wouldn't have that chance today…for I would destroy the man that dared to believe he could touch one of my own.

Ignoring Alice's pleas to the contrary, I moved quickly, using the shadows to cover me. Giving up on me and on my ability to help her, she screamed out instead for Jasper and Emmett. Taking to the roof, I moved toward the area where I heard his loud and lewd thoughts. They were what betrayed him in the first place. Visions of my daughter wrapped through my mind. Beautiful Renesmee. His intentions for her were what sparked the current need to obliterate.

I could hear a multitude of racing thoughts within the house, contemplations that were centered around the harsh words coming from Alice as she pleaded for help. Then everything went blank, my gift deserting me. Bella… The need for speed and covertness were instantaneously magnified as I sped across the sharp lines of the roof, and I fantasized about tearing at him with my teeth.

Crawling through the window, just down the hall from where the man responsible for my current rage paced surrounded by his lackeys, I made my way stealthily toward him. I heard their raucous laughter and banter. They were loyal to a fault and willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole. But if he thought there was security in numbers, I would soon disabuse him of the thought, because I would destroy anyone that got in my way. Images of broken bodies and carnage filled my mind and amused me.

"Edward!" I heard Alice scream again in warning from below me and then the sound of a large group of individuals approaching. My advance had been betrayed.

There was no more time…it must be now.

Smashing through the door, I caught the confusion on their faces as I tore into the room toward the man that dared to despoil my loved one.

"Edward!" Jacob cried out in concern at the fury on my face. He'd been straightening his bow tie and shrugging on his tuxedo jacket. Immediate recognition of the mistakes he'd made and the consequences rolled through him, and he rightly panicked. "Shit!" He moved to protect those around him. "Seth! Get back!" The young man at his side didn't listen, placing himself between me and Jacob.

Seeing the startled and wary looks on the wolf pack's faces, my rage dissipated instantaneously. And as Seth held his hands out toward me in placation, my control returned. It was almost like a water faucet, the fury within me shutting off as the feral part of me was tamed by the rational. I shook to dispel the aggression that had momentarily controlled me, and Seth watched warily to see if I was successful…he'd been with me before when I'd had to struggle against the aggression within me. He was a good friend, a pure soul.

But Jacob wasn't, and he knew it. And, I still wanted to kill him, but maybe with just a little less pain. A whoosh of air at my back had me spinning and Carlisle collided with me, throwing me into the wall.

"SON!" He had his arm across my chest, holding me back. Worry tinged his golden eyes as he listened to the snarls that instinctually tore out of me at his actions.

Then, my love was in front of me placing her hands to my face as she'd done so long ago when she'd tried to tame the monster within. "Edward… That is Jacob; the man who loves her." She patted my cheeks softly to garner my attention, as she argued with me against our friend's destruction. Alice…she must have told them when she was screaming for help…and then the flashes of her frantic pleas for Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle washed over me. I'd been too far gone with the rage to acknowledge her quick actions. I would have to thank her later, for although seeing the wolves' faces had broken through the rage, it was good to have Bella and Carlisle here to help me.

Focusing on the heart shaped face in front of me, I growled out as Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice made our side. Their thoughts crashed over me as Bella released them from her shield. Emmett…the perpetual happy one…was enjoying the show, while Jasper, ever the tactician, warily assessed the room attempting to determine how to deescalate the situation as quickly as possible. Rose supported me…well, to some degree. Nessie was her baby, and the thoughts of handing her over into the Dog's paws still upset her. But like me, she knew that harming Jacob would destroy our angel's heart. Alice, well, she was just exasperated.

I'd been with her one moment, allowing her to straighten the bow time I wore with my tuxedo, and the next, I'd lunged for the window upon hearing Jacob's thoughts. The need to destroy him for thinking of Nessie in such a sexually explicit manner had taken over instantaneously. It was the legacy of my time with Aro…the very reactive and aggressive manner that I sometimes allowed to reign in times of need.

The years had allowed me to develop a sense of self, but my savage nature was now a very large part of who I was. Most often, I could use it for advantageous reasons, rarely dealing with such loss of control. But any perceived harm to my family was a trigger...one that I was still having a little harder time managing.

"Sorry!" Alice squeaked out to the group. "I didn't see it happening until it was too late, and he wouldn't listen." She was quite perturbed at me.

Carlisle looked at me, inspecting my features and determining my mood. Seeing the gold color returning to my eyes and the way I took breaths to provide a focal point for relaxation, just as he'd taught me, comforted him. He smiled gently before saying, "I do believe he'd already started to calm before we arrived, though."

Just seconds before actually, but I still panted in anger, glaring over Bella's shoulder at the man who'd frozen. Seth, of course, took the chance to find humor in the moment.

"Thinking dirty thoughts, Jake?" he smirked, shaking his head at his friend.

It was only because Bella was in front of me and Jasper and Emmett grabbed my arms, that my lunge wasn't successful. Seth's words reminded me of what had started it all.

"Oh God! I'm sorry," Bella cried out, frustrated that she'd allowed her shield around Jacob to drop.

The pack found the situation hilarious, their wolfish laughter filling the room in a good natured manner. Alice, however, was not pleased. The tuxedo I was wearing was ruined, dusty and covered in sheet rock from my destruction of the door and ripped from my traverse across the roof of our house. Her lip curled in disdain at the disorder of my hair.

"Thank goodness I had the foresight to purchase an extra tuxedo, Edward Anthony MCullen!" she growled out, pointing down the hallway toward where I would need to redress for the wedding.

"Daddy!" Renesmee admonished me from across the house, having just figured out what had occurred. Another growl ripped out of me as Jacob turned toward the sound like a magnet.

Emmett and Jasper began to drag me from the room thinking that my more untamed side might reemerge. It was probably the best plan, considering that I wasn't entirely under control.

"Hey, wait!" Jacob called out, stopping them.

"Are you crazy?" Bella yelled at him in disbelief as he came closer to where my brothers restrained me.

He ignored her and moved close enough that if I played my cards right, I might just be able to take a bite out of him. But seeing the gleam in my eyes and recognizing it for what it was, he took a step back. Emmett actually snickered at the retreat, while Jasper hit us all with a calming wave. I narrowed my eyes at my brother so that he could see my disgust. Late much? Jasper didn't have to be a mind reader to know what I was thinking and wisely didn't react to my disgruntled look.

"You know,I love her," Jacob said simply, catching my eyes and maintaining them.

Damn him.

In regards to things he could've said to me, it was the one thing that would not infuriate me to near pathological levels again. What he'd envisioned had almost been the death of him.

"I know!" I hissed.

Jasper tried to hide his smirk, but his thoughts gave him away. He was enjoying the new me.

"What are you smiling about?" I asked shrugging his hand off in an irritable manner. Emmett still held me tightly, so no one panicked at my release from one of them. "Didn't you feel the lust coming off him?"

Jasper rose to his full height, putting his hands behind his back in a relaxed manner. "Yes…but unlike an over-reactive father, I realized that for their wedding day, that anticipation is exactly as it should be. Might I remind you that you were even more…um…excited than Jacob." He arched his eyebrow at me, prompting memories of the day Bella made me the happiest being on this earth. Just to add credence to his statement, he merrily sent me a memory of my virginal self…pacing, worrying with my bow tie, fingers plowing through hair.

"Screw you," I said of his rationality, even as those around me attempted to control their hilarity. My family was reliving similar memories, all focused on the neurotic being I'd been. I had one defense against their reminders. "Charlie didn't have to listen—" Jake had the grace to blush as I stressed the next part "—IN INTIMATE DETAIL as to what I would like to do to his daughter," I pointed out.

"DADDY!" Renesmee shrieked. "Don't make me come down there and ruin everything." Silently, she threw at me, "In my room. Now!"

Glancing over to a very silent and still Jacob, I growled. "Do you think you could at least attempt to control your thoughts?"

His eyes widened in reaction and the humor of this moment overwhelmed both Jacob and me. I'd inadvertently just repeated the request I'd asked of him regarding Bella, back during the time in the tent as we waited for Victoria to strike. And this time, he had the wisdom to not tell me to just not listen. Stepping even closer, he looked to Emmett to remove his hands from me. I saw Carlisle, sensing the crisis was over, grin and turn slightly from us.

"Edward, no one will ever love Nessie the way I will. You know that. I will do my best not to let my thoughts get out of control, but perhaps Bella needs to remember to help me just a little." Jacob's sincerity was plain, and it was the impetus for me to wrap my control around the remainder of the aggression, extinguishing it for now.

Bella grunted at his reproach, but then sniffed in disdain. "I only slipped for a minute. I saw Renesmee and lost it."

Our daughter was a vision…an absolute beauty wrapped in the simple elegant splendor of her mother's wedding gown. As if it would produce tears of love, my throat tightened at the image my wife shared with me. My memory of Bella in the same gown was just as miraculous.

"C'mon Edward. Bella and I have to finish off Ness' hair, which by the way I was about to accomplish when you went all badass Edward." Alice grabbed my hand to reemphasize her command. Bella took the other.

But I loosened my grip on Alice long enough to take Jacob's outstretched hand. That I pulled him in for a tight "father-son" hug and hissed in his ear slightly was just a necessary warning.

He chuckled as I left, knowing that we were fine. Over the past seven years, we'd gotten through Nessie's insistence that she wasn't waiting until she was eighteen in human years to begin their relationship, their dating, my reaction at catching them in their first kiss, Bella's first slip at keeping his lascivious thoughts from me, the day he'd come to ask my permission for her hand, and the day he'd actually run toward me to get away from Nessie and her passion - his muttered, "Your father will kill me," the only thing that saved him. Yes, if we could get through all that…then perhaps I shouldn't kill him on his wedding day.

Bella patted my hand as she pulled me toward our daughter. "What have I told you about saving that type of behavior for me?" she admonished.

The promise in her voice had me grinning like a fool. She was reminding me that there were better outlets for my excessive energy…ones we both found immensely satisfying. "Don't worry love; I have definite plans for our first night as empty-nesters." Alice giggled at the vision that raced through her mind and released me to blur toward Nessie. She was allowing Bella and me privacy, and I took advantage of it.

Leaning over, I whispered, "A night full of stars…our meadow…some silk scarves…some hot wax…" That I didn't care if our family and friends waiting below heard was just a measure of how much my experiences had changed me…Bella was my wife and I was all about enjoying that fact. We'd fought hard for our forever.

I bit the lobe of her ear before I left her standing with her mouth open in shock. As the aggression simmered just below the surface, writhing to break lose and attack her, I smirked in satisfaction. For one, I'd enjoyed the rare splendor of rendering Bella silent, and two, I knew as I envisioned her white skin crisscrossed with sapphire blue silk ties that I fully intended to make good on my promise.

A growl of pure lust threatened to explode from me this time. Yes…there were definitely better things to do with my monster.

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