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Four long days and Izaya finally opened his red eyes, though they lacked the vibrancy they usually had.
"Izaya?" Shizuo started the moment his eyes were opened, highly relieved to see him open his eyes again.
"Shizu-chan..." He smiled weakly, he felt like he was dead for a moment a couple days ago. Not quite, but it had been a very close call and had worried Shizuo even more than he had been already.

"How are you feeling? Do you need anything? Ah! I should go get Shinra..." He eyed the door but he was reluctant to leave even now.
"You stayed here all this time, didn't you Shizu-chan?" Izaya smiled at the thought. Shizuo clearly hadn't had much sleep and he was a bit scruffy from not shaving.
"Duh, where else would I be?" He said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.
"Mm, thank you Shizu-chan... I love you," Izaya closed his eyes happily in a sigh.

"I love you know this wouldn't happen if you weren't such a damn troll," Shizuo grumbled and Izaya stopped smiling at that, looking at his lover.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean you have a damn god complex! Those people were all people you trolled Damn it!" He frowned. He knew that Izaya had probably deserved punishment, but he loved Izaya and as such he would never forgive those who hurt him... even if they had been hurt by him.
"But the humans are so much fun," Izaya pouted, "I love how they think and react! And watching them run through emotions is really entertaining!"

"...People don't like being treated like that! And when enough people have been wronged they get angrier and angrier, then they come together and form plans for revenge! They were going to kill you Izaya! You're not god so stop acting like you can do anything you please and suffer no consequences!"
"But..." Ah, maybe Shizuo was right... Celty also advised him that he needed to change in order to keep a working relationship. So maybe instead of seeing himself as God, "Okay... Shizu-chan, you are my God now."

"...You can't say that when you're injured damn it," He frowned.
Izaya blinked, oh, he smirked, "Why is that Shizu-chan?"
"Because it makes me wanna jump you," He blushed a little at having to admit that, but having Izaya say something like that went straight to his groin.

"That would be bad in my state... Maybe you should get Shinra now?" Izaya couldn't wait until he was healed now. Shizuo nodded and gave Izaya a light peck on the cheek before finding the doctor.

"Oi. He's awake," Shinra came in then with food for Izaya, though he'd let Shizuo feed him, and gave the informant medication. Shizuo fed Izaya carefully, it wasn't anything fancy or hard to eat and Celty had cooked so it was safe... and by that edible, who knew what Shinra might slip them. Izaya was just happy it was food, but he wondered if he'd have to stay here or if Shinra would release him to his own apartment.

For a day or two he kept him there until Izaya was doing a little better. He felt Godly with his fast recovery, but he wasn't going to push it and listened to Shinra's instruction while recovering... He was happy to be in his own home now though and Shizuo was there to care for him too. He immediately disliked Namie the first time he saw her too. She didn't like it either since Shizuo had thrown her brother before, but Shizuo is her boss' lover and she had to put up with it... Shizuo did have a point in his favor...Seiji HAD stabbed him in both knees and the hand when he had done so. Even so, he didn't really bother arguing it. Izaya could always fire her, ah but it's not his problem so he's supposed to stay out of it.

Izaya held video conferences in the meantime. In his free time though, he taught Shizuo how to use the private message. It irritated the blonde a little, but he caught on too. It did amuse him when Celty came over and told them the idea 'Yasu' had. Izaya found it amusing no one could figure out Shizuo was 'Yasu', guess Shizuo was as good an actor as his brother after all.

"Yay!" Izaya grinned, long time after the abduction, "I get my casts off!" Shinra nodded.
"Yup~! I can take it off once we get you to my place and SHIZUO NO-!" Shizuo broke the cast off his arm, then his leg without harming his lover.
"Problem solved,"

"AH~ Yay! Freedooooooo~m!" Izaya moved his arm freely. Shinra sighed, his face meeting his palm.
"Damn it Shizuo..."
"What? I didn't hurt him"

"That's true, and I'll clean the mess up," Izaya was already picking up pieces. Shizuo helped him though and Shinra just rambled on about Shizuo feeling a need to prove himself or something though he was way off. Shizuo just didn't want to see a cast on his beloved flea anymore. When they were done and Shinra checked him over once more, finding nothing wrong, Izaya and Shizuo were free to leave. Izaya paused by the door and then bowed at Shinra.

"Thanks for everything! I mean everything too," Izaya said. Shinra blinked and then grinned.
"You're welcome Izaya," the doctor said and Shizuo was equally surprised.
"Did you just thank someone?" The blonde asked and Izaya stood again, smirking at his lover.
"Shinra's the one who deserves most of my thanks... You're next Shizuo~"

"Oh?" Shizuo grinned looking very much interested. Izaya took his hand and left the apartment and Shinra calling after them to do that in their own place... just what Izaya intended to do. Shizuo walked with him eagerly though he was sorely tempted to just pick the flea up too. Shizuo's place was closer... Izaya decided and started running with his blonde in tow

"Whoa, Izaya! A little eager are we?" He teased as they ran.
"I'm surprised you haven't picked me up yet~" Izaya teased back.
"You got mad the last couple times," He pointed out, but then he scooped the informant up and slowed to a walk.
"That was different," NOT, but Izaya was playing coy now, and leaned up to nibble Shizuo's ear. Shizuo purred a little but he didn't go any faster.

"Ah, you're better!" Mikado had spotted them. Izaya wished he had... Yet he looked at Mikado, ah, and Masaomi... They look like they're on a date~, how cute~.
"I am... Finally! Took my casts off today~" Izaya cheered. Shizuo frowned a little and kept walking. He wasn't going any faster, but he wasn't about to slow down either. Mikado nudged Kida with an elbow so he could say what he needed to say to Izaya.

"I know," He whispered to Mikado and noting that Shizuo didn't seem likely to stop, he walked beside them.
"Uhm, Izaya... I-I forgive you."
"Kida-kun... And I'm sorry for everything I've done to you, but this isn't a good time..." Izaya sweat dropped a little.
"Very BAD time," Shizuo growled and Mikado turned a brilliant shade of red at the realization of why it was a bad time.

"O-Oh," Kida figured it out too, blushing like Mikado.
"Yeah..." Even Izaya was a little embarrassed by it, "We can talk later, okay?"
"Yeah..."Kida agreed. At least Kida and Mikado weren't arguing. Shizuo might have to get angry if they did as he hadn't been able to do Izaya for far too long now.
"Have fun on your date~" Izaya had to tease them a little though before letting the blonde carry him off. Mikado had blushed furiously at Izaya's comment and leaned into Kida. Shizuo picked up the pace, marched up the stairs -the elevator was broken- and kicked down his own door. The first thing he did was drop Izaya on the bed too.

"So violent Shizu-chan~" Izaya giggled when his monster kicked his own door down.
"I hate violence," He grumbled lightly as he nipped Izaya's neck, tugging that stupid furry jacket off him.
"Sometimes I find that hard to believe," Izaya purred and shuddered, helping and stripping Shizuo. Shizuo ignored the comment. He had been less violent since they had started dating at least...well okay, the past few days he had been hellish and every tiny thing had ticked him off. He was about to get laid though and that would make things better again... He ripped Izaya's shirt again trying to get it off him.

"I lose more shirts this way, Shizu-chan," The informant grinned presenting himself in an appealing manner for his blonde
"Tch, like you care, besides do you have any idea how much clothing of mine you've destroyed in the past?" He growled as he kissed along Izaya's chest, licking at the informants nipples

"Mn! Hah, ah, l-lots... One hundred thirty-seven..." Izaya squirmed and gasped.
"There you go, and I've ripped what...three?" He managed not to destroy the pants at least.
"Then you have catching up to do, Shizu-chan~" Izaya teased, his face flushing a little from the treatment to his chest
"My point is, don't complain about your damn shirts," He grumbled lightly, his hand moving now to molest his flea.

"Ah, but-MM~" Izaya lost the will to argue then. Shizuo chuckled and watched Izaya squirm for him before removing his own pants to free himself from the too tight pants. Izaya eyed him longingly and licked his lips, Shizuo wasn't the only one suffering when he was in a cast. Shizuo moved so he was seated on the bed then and smirked a little at the informant.
"C'mere," Shizuo growled affectionately. Izaya watched and got a shiver at the blonde's words, crawling over to his lover.

"You're going to get me ready while I get you ready," He purred, wetting his own fingers. Izaya's face turned red, but he did just that... He angled his body so he could tend to his lover while Shizuo did him in return. He held the organ gently licking it along the length a few times. Shizuo smirked and watched him before sliding one finger into Izaya's perfect ass, thrusting it slowly. Izaya felt tight again, so long without sex and he's tight as before again, as he shivered and moaned, now sliding his mouth over Shizuo's cock. Shizuo groaned at the feeling, bucking his hips upwards just slightly as he worked to loosen Izaya a little before adding a second finger.

"MM~" Izaya arched into the feeling, pushing his hips back into Shizuo's fingers as he moved his head up and down. Shizuo smirked as he did the same as before finally adding the third one. That was it too, Izaya's rape-able face came on then, as he used his hands so he could speak,

"AH! Shizu-chan~ F-Feels good!"
"Does it~?" Shizuo purred happily before pulling his fingers out at least.
"But it's not enough," Izaya panted, twitching to have his lover inside him.
"Well then, I guess you had better do something about it," The blonde purred, watching Izaya carefully.

"M-Me?" Izaya pointed to himself innocently, but it didn't last long, before he moved and straddled Shizuo facing away from him. Shizuo smirked at that. He knew Izaya couldn't put up much of an argument in this state... Izaya lined Shizuo up with his entrance and slowly lowered himself onto it.

"Mm... Hah, anh..." Shizuo barely managed to avoid bucking into him but he was enjoying this immensely too. Izaya arched as he lowered down, just resting on his prostate as he tried to regain control of his breathing and adjust around his monster. Shizuo moved his hands along Izaya's sides now, then moved so he could nip at Izaya's neck.

"UHN!" That caused Shizuo to grind against his insides, "Sh-Shizu-chan..." Shizuo smirked and gently placed one hand on each of his flea's hips to slowly start moving him, making sure he was angled in just the right way to give Izaya the most pleasure.
"AH! Shizu-chan!" Izaya's hands went to Shizuo's arm and back to his neck as the informant arched, beginning to move with Shizuo's help.
"Nn! Y-you're so t-tight damn it," He groaned happily, nibbling Izaya's neck again.

"That's 'c-cuz I couldn't h-have you for mo~nths~" Izaya gasped and panted as he tried to move faster then. Shizuo began to move his hips as Izaya moved too leaving fresh marks of possession along Izaya's neck and upper back.
"AH! Shizu-chan!" Izaya panted and moaned, his body trembled so much from such little pleasure he could bring himself in a position he's never tried before. Shizuo was going mad at such a pace though and finally moved them over and pressed Izaya against the bed, still behind him before thrusting mercilessly into his flea.

"NYAA-HAA!" Izaya's moans were somewhat muffled by the sheets now as he clenched a little around Shizuo at the sudden rush of pleasure. Shizuo held Izaya's hips now to lock him into position and keep him from moving as he fucked him.
"AH Shizuo-it's been t-to long! UNH, I'm gun~na come~" It had been too long, Shizuo agreed and he groaned low. His own release was nearly there too with the extra time he'd had enjoying Izaya's mouth.

"Shizuo! C-Can't, hah, gunna come, come! AAAAH!" Izaya clamped tightly on the blonde then, shooting hard into the sheets.
"Ah! Fuck!" Shizuo groaned, Izaya's release pulling the blonde over the edge with him. He came deep inside Izaya before pulling out. Izaya panted, and collapsed into the pool of his own come.

"Shizu-chan..." Shizuo smirked before he rolled Izaya over and kissing him gently.
"I love you Izaya..."
"Mm, I love you too Shizuo," Izaya smiled... But he wasn't done yet. They didn't pass out for three more rounds.

Izaya woke to his phone, wherever it was, that morning. Shizuo frowned and opened one gold eye to glare at the direction of the damnable sound.
"Make it be quiet" He grumbled.

"I would if I could walk over there..." Izaya groaned too, "you have no restrain for the freshly healed Shizu-chan. If you get my phone, don't break it please..." Shizuo grumbled before sitting up and rifling through Izaya's pockets to find his damn phone. Izaya tried to shift closer, but got a huge protest from his body.

"Nng, Shizu-chan... You're a monster, I was right..."
"Shut up flea," He grumbled finally digging out the phone that was ringing and handing it to Izaya. Izaya frowned, and shut his phone off before tossing it back on his pile of clothes.
"I don't want to be bothered today..." Shizuo chuckled a little before flopping back down next to Izaya and pulling him close again.

"Me neither..."
"Shizu-chan... I'm thinking of giving Celty her head back..."
"Her...wait, you know where it is?" He was genuinely shocked by that. Guess Namie is the only other person who knows... Izaya blinked.
"I have it." Izaya confessed and Shizuo frowned.

"Right. Should have seen that one coming..."
"Shingen-chan gave it to me a long time ago," Shizuo frowned further at this news.
"I suppose you have a perfectly insane reason for still having it too?"
"Not... really... actually... With the prospect of reviving her head through a gang war long over, I guess I have no more use for her head... Plus I've got you~"

"So...give it back to her then," He was less than impressed with this revelation.
"I will, I will!" Izaya cowered a little under his lover's tone.
"Good..." He said smugly, though he did secretly wonder what would happen when she did get it back. Izaya wondered that too, but eventually they showered, ate and dressed, before Izaya went to get Celty's head. Shizuo went with him to make sure he really did it too.

The informant had emailed Celty to meet him in the park where they had the bet, and he had Celty's head with him, still in the jar. Shinra had come too just because. Celty would have blinked in shock if she had eyes to do it with but Shinra took care of that for her.

"Celty, don't type anything, just listen..." Izaya rubbed the back of his neck, "I've had your head for a long time... When Mikado came here, I began plotting to resurrect your head using the three forces to bring a war to Ikebukuro. That resolved itself though, and then Shizuo and I hooked up, so I forgot all about your head, but now I'm giving it back to you." He lifted a cloth from the jar. Shinra frowned a little, worried his girlfriend would disappear but when she lifted her head from the liquid all it did was make her eyes open.

"Hmm... I don't feel any different," Her head said.
"How come Celty?" Izaya asked, he was expecting something more climactic...
"I'm not sure... I guess... I guess my memories aren't in my head after all...Well okay, it's a LITTLE different, but not much. I guess this is just a mouthpiece..."
"Go figure..." Shizuo said.

"Ah, well that's good for Shinra isn't it~" Izaya couldn't resist teasing them now. Shinra smiled and hugged Celty emphatically.
"OH CELTY~! I LOVE YOU SO- oof!" She jabbed him with one hand her though cheeks went red and a large smoke heart poofed out of her neck. Izaya smiled, his work was done... Another couple closer in love thanks to his trolling~! He bounced over to Shizuo.

"Oh yeah, Celty-san~~ Meet Yasu!" He said cheerfully and Shizuo glared at him while Celty blinked.
"Shizuo-san is Yasu? But you said Shizuo couldn't even turn a computer on!"

"You said what?"
"Oh my look at the time~" Izaya began drifting off, but he was prepared to bolt when Shizuo chased him. Shizuo simply latched onto his arm with his hand. "Iza~ya~, now would be a good time to explain! Or would you prefer not to walk tomorrow~?"

"I-I'm a troll by nature, I can't help it!" Probably the wrong answer. Shizuo smirked evilly before throwing Izaya over one shoulder and marching right back to his place. Yup. Wrong answer... Izaya would not be seen in public for a week.

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