This is a new story so please tell me if you like it. It will be made up of smaller chapters. Yes there are demons in this story.

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My fingers flew over the computers keys making an orchestra of taps. It was a review of a book Ijust read, it was about a man that grew too old to talk care of his young daughter. It has adventure and I loved it!

But even a new, good book couldn't keep my mind off of that stupid man! I happen to be a writer, and my insanely small house proved that small fact. He had called my book books 'childish scribbles' and 'confusing plot line'. Oh I'd show him a confusing plot line! It had taken most of my day, yesterday to find out that he was a wealthy business man. That figures! Men like that like to flaunt their money and title.

I just munched on my crispy cream donut and read over some of the other writers I loved to read. Most seemed to have made it big and had their fan pages covered with pictures of them, their family, in places that looked more expensive than my house, car, heck! Most likely move expensive than my whole life!

I let out a frustrated growl and lightly slammed my computer closed. It was still my baby.

I threw the donut rapper away and plopped onto the couch. I tried reaching for the remote but hey, it was a whole foot away! I was never usually this lazy, and even go to the gym Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Too bad it's a Tuesday.

I snatched the remote as Buyo padded around on my tummy. He curled up and started purring lightly. It kind of tickled. The slightly beaten TV flipped on and Mr. Mean-Review was on it looking all business like as he talked about bonds and saving money and other things that make you want to change the channel. I did have to admit that he filled out his suit nicely compared to other men like him, demon or not.

After that thought flashed brefly in my mind I flipped to cartoons and watched Tom the cat run into things and always lose Jerry.