DISCLAIMER: I...Don't...Own...

My final post for this story... *Sobs uncontrollably* I just want to thank all the people that reveiwed on almost every chapter and am glad to say there are to many to name! My next story will be out TODAY. It is also a drabble.

The cover was smooth in my palm. It was black with silver and purple stripes that formed a perfect shadow of Sesshomaru. It had taken me half a year to finaly decide on a cover, but it was perfect.

My (Hehe) husband's hands pulled me into his lap while I flipped to the back. The author's picture, normally in end cover, was the one of me on his back. I giggled.

I flipped through the pages and the smell of new book wafted through the air. My head fell back onto Sessy's chest and I turned to the first page. In pretty cursive print it read:

"To my loving Husband who before this book, was just another snotty rich man."

And below that read:

"See girls? Men really do like women that read."

I read some of my favoret excerpts to Sesshomaru and could feel him chuckle lightly. When I finally got to the end I murmured the Acknowledgments.

"I want to say thank you to my editor...Blah Blah Blah etc, etc." Then I got to the good part. "Most of all I want to thank the gym. To whom I own my marriage."

He threw back his head and laughed.