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D. Gray-man – The day Allen lost his appetite

. P R O L O G U E .

The light of the setting sun faintly illuminated the small room. The warm light rays tinted the furniture a red-orange color, creating a homey atmosphere.

In the narrow bed in the corner, half-hidden in the shadows, a lone figure lay asleep. The figure was of a slender build and upon a closer look one could make out the features of a young male known as Allen Walker. Next to him a muddled heap of mostly black clothing could be seen lying on the ground.

A gentle breeze blew in from the window and caressed the boy's silvery white hair, causing a single strand of hair to fall across his face and brush against his nose. It must have tickled, since the boy stirred, wrinkling his nose. He sneezed, then sat up and began stretching his tired limbs, only to stifle a yawn a second after. Running a hand through his tangled hair, he got rid of the annoying strands that were dangling in front of his face. Through half-lidded eyes he tried to take in his surroundings.

Faintly he remembered to have put a glass of water next to his nightstand earlier that day. He reached for it and put it to his lips, only to find that he seemed to have emptied it before he fell asleep. Shrugging, he ran his tongue over his lips to moisten them and was reminded by his stomach that it had not been that good of an idea to sleep through lunch.

He bent down to collect his uniform from the ground and neatly placed it over the backrest of the only chair in the room. It bothered him when clothing just randomly lay on the ground in a heap, and he had only made an exception that day because he had come back from a mission in the early morning hours and had felt too tired to care. Instead, he had simply let the uniform fall to the floor before he had collapsed on the bed. Within seconds he had been fast asleep, and apparently his sleep had been deep enough for him to sleep through lunch and, he realized as he looked out of the window, almost through dinner as well. And now his stomach seemed intent on making him pay for depriving him of food this long.

Despite his midsection's loud complaints, the young boy decided to take a shower and change into clean clothes first. He completed his routine in the blink of an eye and was out of the door and on the way to the cafeteria even faster than that.

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