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And with that thought in mind and his heart throbbing wildly, Allen leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to Lavi's.


. C H A P T E R 5 .

He didn't see the redhead's eye fly open and widen in shock before softly closing again, he wasn't even aware that he had closed his own eyes, he didn't know how or when his right hand had moved from the backrest to Lavi's cheek and from there on to the surprisingly soft red hair and since when his left hand was grabbing a handful of the other's shirt, he couldn't tell when the rabbit's hands had found their way to his hips – everything except the feeling of warm, soft lips on his vanished from his mind.

It was an innocent kiss, just a mere brushing of lips against lips, but to Allen, it meant more than that. To him, kissing Lavi and enjoying it to an extent that made him blank out his surroundings meant everything. It meant that their feelings were most likely mutual. And Allen found that he was glad; He didn't think it would've been easy for the both of them if he had to reject the redhead. Their friendship wouldn't have been the same anymore, and it hurt the white-haired boy just to think about the possibility of Lavi's feelings creating a barrier between them that would make both of them wary and uncomfortable.

Allen gently pulled away, by now half kneeling on the couch and half sitting on Lavi's leg, and not minding it in the least.

The slight smile that tugged on the corners of Lavi's lips, showing that he was still unsure about Allen's reply to his confession but happy nonetheless, caused a familiar fondness to rise up inside the white-haired boy. He couldn't help but smile slightly himself, but he wasn't oblivious to the spark of insecurity that flashed in the redhead's eyes. He was determined to erase that spark, but before he could say something, Lavi spoke up first.

"So.. this was what you wanted to try?" Allen nodded, whereupon Lavi continued, "Why?"

"Well..." Suddenly embarrassed because of this straightforward question, he didn't really know how to put in words what he wanted to convey.

"I like you. A lot. But I've never thought about the possibility of these feelings being more than the usual feelings of friendship... So I thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that I'd have to find out whether I want to take our current relationship to a more.. physical level or not."

Lavi nodded to show that he understood, so the white-haired boy continued.

"The problem was just.. I don't have any experience. How should I know if I want to be kissed by you if I've never been kissed before?"

He didn't have to explain it further. Lavi briefly thought that giving up your first kiss to find out if he could return the redhead's feelings was a sign of how much Allen treasured his friends, but he dismissed the thought quickly as he had more urgent things to think about.

"So you decided to try it." he ended Allen's explanation, receiving a nod in response. "And.. what did you find out?"

Allen blushed. Lavi had to strain his ears to hear the next words.

"I.. I'd like to do it again...", the white-haired boy uttered as his blush intensified.

A grin slowly crept up Lavi's face, although there was one thing he had to confirm before he did something.. rash.

He asked, "So... do you want to try dating me?"

Instead of directly answering the question, Allen admitted, "I... I think I.. love you, but.. neither am I completely sure yet, nor do I have any experience with this. The only person to ever love me was Mana, and he was like a father to me. I'd like to start a relationship with you, but I don't want to disappoint or hurt you in any way... so, are you sure about wanting to try this?"

"Very sure." the redhead answered, a crooked smile on his lips.

Allen couldn't help but smile back. Although he didn't want to get the redhead's hopes up, he was fairly sure that he hadn't misinterpreted his own feelings. He just wanted to make completely sure that he was right before he told Lavi so, just in case.

However, both their spirits had lifted considerably nonetheless. They began joking around, talking about random things, laughing at the mental picture of how Kanda's face would look if they (albeit jokingly, but it wasn't as if Kanda knew that) asked him to join them for a threesome or wondering how Jerry was able to be so openly gay without anyone caring about it (they came to the conclusion that he must be too good a cook to fire him just because of his sexual preference), but Allen still hadn't quite registered yet that his gorgeous best friend was now his boyfriend. Said rabbit was already stealing fleeting kisses from him during their conversation, though, and Allen couldn't say that he minded it. It was nice.

He was content just being where he was, so close to Lavi that he could breathe in the redhead's scent, and knowing that his worries had been unfounded. The unpleasant feelings that had never once left him since he had overheard the bookman and Lavi talk had finally disappeared and dissolved into happiness. The white-haired exorcist couldn't think of a place he'd rather be.

Still not minding in the least that he was half-sitting on one of Lavi's legs, he looked at his boyfriend and smiled a truly genuine smile. The redhead noticed his gaze, and the happiness dancing in Allen's eyes made fondness bubble up inside his stomach.

Suddenly, Allen found himself being pulled closer to Lavi, followed by the feeling of soft, warm lips on his. This time though, it wasn't a fleeting kiss but one that lasted longer. It was a different kiss than the one Allen had initiated before, less innocent and more certain.

Allen was amazed at how much emotion could be conveyed through a mere pressing of lips against lips, for the kiss made him feel cherished and cared for in a way that words could not. He basked in the feeling of being loved and tried to put his own feelings into the kiss in return. The kiss suddenly intensifying told Allen that he must've had succeeded in doing so.

The white-haired boy smiled into the kiss, and if his eyes were open, one could've seen the warmth and affection dancing in them. Lavi nibbled on Allen's bottom lip, silently asking for entrance, so he granted it, parting his lips slightly. The sensation of the redhead's tongue in his mouth felt strange at first, and the kiss turned sloppy due to Allen's lack of experience, but eventually he came to enjoy the feeling of Lavi's tongue exploring his mouth.

One hand tangled in his boyfriend's red locks and the other holding onto his shoulder, Allen further deepened the kiss as he began, hesitantly at first, rubbing his tongue against Lavi's. A moan escaped Allen's lips, muffled because of the kiss. He concentrated on the battle of their tongues so much that he didn't realize that Lavi was turning on the couch and gently laying both of them down so that he was once again straddling the white-haired boy – though intentionally this time – until he felt the armrest digging a little uncomfortably into his neck. He didn't mind it too much though, for he was preoccupied with exploring Lavi's mouth with his tongue. He didn't care if Lavi had let him win the 'battle' or not, all that counted was the reward of tasting the inside of that warm and wet cavern.

Eventually, the two of them had to part for air, and Lavi seemed to find joy in trailing kisses from the corner of his lips to his ear, where the redhead's tongue darted out to lick Allen's earlobe, eliciting another moan from the white-haired boy. Allen would've been self-conscious, but he was still trying to figure out what the redhead's mouth had tasted like. It had been sweet, like he had eaten something that involved a lot of sugar, so Lavi must've had dessert just a short while ago. Mh... dessert...

Lavi captured Allen's attention again as he began loosening the smaller boy's necktie, uncovering part of his slender neck and trailing kisses along his jawbone down to the newly exposed skin. He was interrupted, though, by the sudden growling of Allen's stomach. Lavi's head snapped up and he looked at a slightly blushing Allen, not sure how to react to that. His gaze made Allen feel as if he had to say something, so he uttered, "Uh... I'm hungry?"

That did it. Lavi burst out laughing. Allen felt a little offended and complained, "Hey! I haven't eaten in forever, okay? You know that I have a fast metabolism!"

But Lavi was laughing so hard that he had trouble breathing and thus wasn't able to respond to that. In the corner of his eye, tears of laughter were forming. As Allen watched him, he couldn't help but chuckle. It was sort of cute.

"Calm down, Lavi," he laughed, gently wiping away a tear that had escaped Lavi's eye, "it wasn't even that funny!"

The redhead tried to focus on his breathing in order to calm down and managed to gather enough air to respond, "Oh yes, it was! Talk about perfect timing!"

Gradually, his laughter died down, and he swiftly re-tied his boyfriend's necktie before standing up and pulling Allen up to his feet shortly after.

"Come on, beansprout, let's head to the cafeteria before your black hole of a stomach decides that 'gorgeous redhead' sounds like a good snack," he grinned as he walked over to the door and opened it, just to have a black and white blur pass him in a hurry.

"Hey, wait up, beansprout!" he yelled after him, only to hear a distant "It's Allen, baka usagi!" echoing through the hallways.

Lavi sighed, a fond smile on his lips. "Oh, well.."

And with that, the redhead headed for the cafeteria as well, though at a much slower pace.

Behind a column nearby, Bookman smiled to himself. "I knew you'd go tell him. It seems like he returns your feelings, just as I predicted. I hope you'll finally find happiness now, my son."

. F I N .

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