Apocalypse: Dawn of the Dead

Alright, so because I'm revamping this story to maximum awesomeness, I thought I should include a new author's note. I'll be editing these at some point, but here's what you need to know

This story began as a collaboration between me and my best friends, all huddled around a computer during band camp. Each of us, me and my friends, are put directly into this story with nothing changed. Names, personality, everything. This story was also started a year before Black Ops II was released, hence another reason why edits are necessary. I simply didn't have the information I do now.

This story at first was something we just did because we were bored. I originally just took suggestions from my friends and put pretty much anything they said into the story, which I didn't take seriously when I began it.

When the Marching Season ended and I was left with the reins of the story, I took it in a new direction, building off of the foundations of what me and my friends have started. I decided sometime into the story…that I wanted something that could build off of such an interesting storyline and make it even better. I wanted it to be serious. I wanted it to be griping, exciting, dark, and memorable.

But most of all…


Now that we have that out of the way, I hope you enjoy my first major story on this site. It may start off a tad slow, but it picks up for sure.

Here it is.

Chapter 1: Apocalypse

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"- Henry Ford

Location: Bradburn County Florida

Time: About 10:00 P.M.

It was the night of the last football game of the season for the Bradburn High School Marching Panthers, and it was one no one would ever forget. It was the night where everything would change. Where innocence would be lost, and the nightmare would begin.

There was two minutes left in the 4th Quarter, and the score was 76-14, and it looked like the football team was losing yet again. The crowd was raving and cheering, or at least the Away team was. As for the Panthers, it was more of a "please let this end so we can go already" sort of attitude. The band watched on, eyeing the football team with distaste and silently thinking that the cheerleaders could probably play better than the football team was doing now.

One trumpet player in the Bradburn High School Marching Band, Nicholas, let out a sigh. He was a pale teenager of medium height of about 5 '10', with short blond hair and glasses that covered his green eyes.

"I think this settles it. Our football team will not be winning this game. Just like last year…and the year before…and the year before." Nicholas said in an annoyed tone.

"Our team sucks," a baritone player named Liam said with a scowl. Liam stood a few inches taller than Nicholas and had a mess of black hair on his head and had a great deal of freckles on his face. He had a more muscular build than Nicholas, but was still fairly skinny.

"Not really, they're good. It's just that some teams get lucky, or are just better," Nicholas reasoned.

"I can see that." Liam said with a laugh.

Nicholas started laughing too and said, "At least the band is good, that's all that really matters."

"So true," a trumpet player named Judith said walking up to the two teens. Judith was shorter than Nicholas by a good few inches, with dark-skin and short dark hair. She grabbed Liam's hand and rested her head on his shoulders. Liam looked at his girlfriend with an affectionate smile.

The group watched as the other team got the ball. The player with the ball dashed through all of the Bradburn Football players and scored yet another touchdown with two seconds left on the clock, as though to prolong their agony. The band members all groaned as one, unaware of what horrors lay in wait for them.


Location: Unknown

"Ah…finally, after all this time…I can finally begin." A man spoke with a smile as he walked through his lab.

The man stood at the top of a flight of stairs, looking down at the complicated machines with a grin. Attached to the machines was a series of rocks that glowed blue, giving off a wicked aura.

Element 115.

The scared element capable of raising the dead.

Five hundred corpses were on dissection tables, ready-made zombies awaiting the element's powers. For over fifty years, he had lived in the shadows, gathering his resources and the keys to revenge. He had spent all this time, slowly gathering his strength and power. This would be necessary to enact his grand plan. A scheme of sorts that would change the world forever.

The world would bow at his feet as waves of the damned destroyed all who opposed him. He would create a new world with his powers, and God help those who stood in his way.

"It…is…TIME!" the man yelled triumphantly as he walked over to a panel and threw a switch, causing each of the containers holding the meteorite to shudder and vibrate as their energy began to resonate with the area around them.

A greenish energy filled the cavern, coming from the powerful rocks, and the man's laughs intensified. Each of the corpses on the tables began to shake and rattle. Then, with a jolt, each slowly began to sit up. The man's blue eyes suddenly shone with an incredible light, the same color as the zombies eyes, and as a green aura flickered into existence behind him he began to laugh manically. The zombies broke through the door to the underground compound and made their way to the surface.

The man then turned to five men standing behind him, observing the proceedings with interest.

"You know what to do..." the man said in a low tone, his voice as smooth as silk. The five men bowed to the man with the glowing blue eyes before vanishing on the spot in multicolored balls of fire. The scientist turned back around and said, "Now…to draw those who wish to stop me out…and snuff out their hope once and for all."

Bradburn High School Football field:

"Hey, do you guys feel that?" Nicholas said as the ground shook slightly.

"It was probably Chuck Norris breathing!" A short, brown-haired bowl-cut boy named Nick said enthusiastically. He had a wide grin on his face and a cheerful attitude that usually couldn't be stopped, even with a kick to the nuts.

"Really? Another Chuck Norris fact?" Liam said in an annoyed tone. Judith shook her head and another student walked up to them.

"Hey Andrew, what's up?" Nicholas asked his friend, who had walked from the other side of the "Band Zone" to them.

"Can't you guys feel that? It feels like there's an earthquake going on underneath us! And this doesn't…feel right to me." Andrew said to his friends with a frown on his face. Andrew had very short, peach colored hair and stood at about Nicholas's height. He had a muscular sort of build, despite being at about average height…he was also a massive flirt with the ladies, which drew the ire of many of their friends.

"Can earthquakes even happen in Florida?" Liam asked Nicholas as the ground shook some more, causing them all to stumble a bit more. There was a sudden tremor, the largest one yet, and the crowd screamed in response. There was a low, moaning sound that could be heard in the distance. The coaches were looking at the disturbance while the teams continued to play.

Nicholas's eye caught something emerging from the nearby woods, and after a moment he nudged Liam and said "Hey…take a look at that, man."

The other teen turned around and saw a group of people stumbling out of the woods, looking fairly disheveled and covered in blood and dirt. Their clothing was in tatters, and some of them looked as though they had been dead for weeks. Every single one of them had shining blue eyes. They stumbled toward the field, drawing the attention of the fans and the officials.

"Oh wow, look at that, they're dresses like zombies." Liam said in an offhanded way.

Nick blinked in response to that and said, "Kind of a weird time to do a prank. I mean the game's almost over."

One of the figures then let out a loud yell that quickly turned into a scream, and Nicholas gasped in surprise. Liam flinched and said, "OK…déjà vu…that's a really weird scream."

"That kind of scream ring any bells to anyone?" Nicholas muttered, getting a bad feeling about the figures stumbling towards the field.

"You mean the fact they've got glowing blue eyes, decomposing bodies, and are screaming like the zombies from the Call of Duty games, then yes. Bells are ringing like a mofo in my mind, man," Liam replied with an uneasy smile.

"Wait…Zombies?" Judith said in surprise, looking at the two teens. Nick and Judith exchanged a confused glance before Nicholas paled in horror.

"Zombies! Get the hell out of here!" Nicholas yelled as he grabbed his silver trumpet and began running towards the buses, followed by Judith, Andrew, Liam, and Nick, who realized what was happening.

The rest of the band stood there, looking at them like they were crazy.

"Zombies? What are you guys, high?" a clarinet player smirked.

"It's some sort of prank from the other team, don't be stupid!" another one laughed. The rest of the band followed this logic, as did most of the crowd, but Nicholas began to flash back to the sounds they were making. The low groans and the feral yells, along with the glowing eyes were all too familiar too him.

"Guys, they're not kidding!" A tuba player named Joe said beginning to run with the others, followed by a trombone player named John. Joe was quite tall, towering over most of the band students, and had brown hair and had a good-natured face, though he was a bit immature. John was about medium height and had light brown hair with a large nose and a rather pimply face. John was incredibly intelligent while being incredibly dorky as well, though he had a knack for complaining when things didn't go his way. He probably knew more about politics than anyone in the entire band.

The group ran as fast as they could, the chill of the night upon them, leaving the crowd and the band behind. They could hear the zombies moans from afar, and they could now hear the screams of the crowd as they realized the truth, though it was too late for them. A green light filled the stadium, causing most of the people to go unconscious from the strange energy flowing through them.

That left them to the mercy of the ravenous zombies. Easy prey to be turned and new zombies to be created. A few zombies were roaming the street, surrounding someone from the group that had run.

"And so…it begins again…" a cold cruel voice said with a small laugh, vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.

"Hey, where'd Nick go?" Nicholas asked with a pant as he ran into the road, noticing the Chuck Norris obsessed teen had disappeared.

"He's a goner, just go!" Judith said with a nervous look as she glanced behind her, eyeing the growing horde of undead behind them with apprehension. A lone figure was surrounded by fifteen of them, and suddenly yelled out "YEAH!". Several Zombies crumpled to the ground as their assailant took them down with an unknown weapon.

"Damn, whoever's killing those Zombies must be a complete boss." Andrew said, grinning at the sight of the undead falling to the ground.

Suddenly a flash of brass came up from the horde as a baritone smashed into a Zombies skull, killing it. Nick came out of the horde, a pile of zombies lying dead next to him. He jumped up on the pile and yelled out triumphantly "WOLVERINE!"

"Come on Shorty!" Joe said grabbing Nick by the collar and making him run back towards the buses, which were abandoned in the parking lot.

"Should we go back for the others?!" Joe said joining the group.

"No time Joe! They're close behind." Nicholas said as they got to the buses, where they beheld a scene of horror.

A group of Zombies stood in the group's way, blocking their escape, though they seemed a bit disoriented, as though trying to get their bearings. Andrew pulled out a switchblade from his shoe and said, "I knew there was a reason I brought this."

Andrew ran at the closest zombie and stabbed it savagely in the head and then yanked the knife free, sending up a spray of blood. He then kicked it in the chest as hard as he could, sending it crashing onto the ground with a groan.

The others ran forward, using the very instruments they used to entertain people at football games to protect themselves from the undead charging at them. Nicholas bashed a woman over the head with his trumpet and then delivered a powerful strike to the back of her skull, caving it in with the brass instrument and killing the zombie instantly.

Judith and Liam were able to overcome three zombies coming at them through teamwork, with Judith distracting and warding off each of the zombies with her trumpet and then having Liam go in for the kill with his baritone, crushing the zombie's skulls one by one while they were distracted. Joe managed to find an old pipe lying around and was using that to fend off a zombie that was going towards him. John then ran up from behind and bashed it in the head with his trombone, killing the zombie that was giving Joe trouble.

"Now you owe me," John said with a smirk.

"I'll never owe you" Joe replied with a frown.

"Oh? Well guess what?"

"What?" Joe asked, albeit in an exasperated tone

"You just lost the game." John said with a grin as he walked away from the now very annoyed Joe.

The group finally made it to the bus, but they could see through the window that the bus driver was gone, having probably fled. "You think he left the keys in the car or something?" Joe asked in a dubious tone.

"Probably not," Liam replied as he snatched the pipe from Joe's hands and began to bash open the doors to the bus, getting them open after a few moments.

The group carefully stepped onto the empty bus and Nick looked out the back window and let out a groan of despair. The zombies were coming towards them now, and in much greater numbers than before. New zombies had joined their ranks, innocent spectators from the crowd. Maybe their own band members and friends were among the undead…

"Can anyone hotwire a bus?" Nicholas asked his friends, sounding a bit doubtful with the answer he was expecting to get. If this didn't work, they'd have to run for it.

"Whose idea was this again?" John asked in an irritated tone, having just gone along with the flow and realizing that they didn't really even have a plan at this point.

"Yeah, give me a sec." Liam said, hoping into the driver's seat a few moments later. Nicholas starred at the black-haired teen in complete disbelief before Judith said, "Hey, don't complain. If you have a problem with it, you can walk."

"Hurry up! Go ask fast as-" Nick began to say to Liam before he cut him off.

"Don't say it! I swear to God if you say Chuck Norris, Nick, I will throw you out of this bus and feed your ass to the zombies." Liam said angrily as he worked frantically.

"OK…" Nick said sadly, looking crestfallen.

"Harsh, but necessary." Nicholas chuckled, a bit of relief in his tone.

"Less joking when we're not about to be torn apart by a zombie horde." John said sitting down.

Suddenly, a decayed hand burst through the window and grabbed John by the throat, a scream erupting from the undead creature's throat as its electric blue eyes shone through the dark.

"John!" Judith screamed as John's skull slammed against the bus wall. Suddenly an object burst through the window and slammed into the zombie's skull, causing it let go and fall onto the street below. John scrambled away from the window, panting heavily and looking up at Nicholas and his bloodstained trumpet.

"Thanks," John said breathlessly.

"No prob. Liam, how much longer?" Nicholas asked the black haired teen, who smirked.

"About twenty seconds." Liam said, obviously grinning from excitement and taking this much better than Judith and John, who both looked very worried.

Come on, hurry up!" Joe said angrily, grabbing an abandoned flute on the bus and jamming it into a zombie's skull with a yell. The zombie fell backwards and onto its brethren, who were surrounding the bus.

"Come on Liam, we won't last much longer!" Nicholas said bashing a Zombie in the head with his trumpet and knocking it down from the side of the bus. The undead were swarming around them now, dozens of zombies screaming and clawing at the bus.

"And…done!" Liam yelled out as the bus roared to life. Liam slammed on the accelerator and everyone was thrown backwards, including the zombies who went flying into the street. The bus sped out of the school's parking lot and everyone got to their feet, clutching the seats for dear life. Nicholas sat down at the front, clapping the driver on the shoulder and declaring, "Liam you get an F in efficiency, but I give you an A plus in dramatic timing."

"Thanks, I try." Liam shot back with a grin, turning the corner.

"OK guys, the school is gone, and we have no idea how many survived that attack. Let's assume that there's plenty more zombies out there, and that we're on our own. Options?" Nicholas asked the others. The group had a small moment of silence, contemplating what they could do next.

"We can keep driving, maybe find help." John suggested in a low voice, earning a nod of agreement from Nick and Judith.

"Maybe…but we don't know who is alive at this point, John. The zombies could have taken over all of Bradburn County by now. No one would be ready to fight zombies or any kind of threat at this hour…they're goners already. " Nicholas said in a soft and bitter tone, causing everyone to realize just how serious this was now. "I think we should stock up on supplies and weapons. We got really lucky just now…We might get lucky again and get first dibs on some useful stuff. The only problem is…where could we go?" Nicholas asked. The group thought hard as Liam turned another corner. And then it came to them. A place where one could get anything they needed, and was a great place to get stuff for a zombie apocalypse or any other sort of emergency, and all for a low price…

"Wal-Mart!" everyone said at once except John, who scowled and said "And you guys actually think there's going to be supplies there for us to take?"

"If you've got a better plan, by all means, speak up now John," Joe said in a mocking tone.

"Yeah, we're all ears," Nick added.


"Thought so." Joe said as he plopped down on an empty seat.

And with that the bus turned another corner and the group headed for Wal-Mart, unaware that on the roof of the bus, they had an unwelcome visitor in the form of someone with glowing eyes.

"So…you really think they're the ones?" the figure muttered to himself in a low voice. The figure spoke again, in a ethereal tone "Yes…they're the ones who can do it. We have to follow them. Help them stay safe…"

"Until when?" the figure asked the voice within him.

"Until it's time for the truth to be revealed…until then…we remain in the shadows." The voice said to the figure, who nodded and held on tighter to the roof of the bus. The bus sped through the streets, trying to outrun the undead no doubt chasing them down.

A lone man standing on an empty sidewalk watched the bus speed by him and noticed the figure riding atop the bus, chuckling a little at the sight. As he looked up at the full moon looming in the sky, the man's chuckle became a dark laugh that echoed in the sky air. The man's laughter subsided a few moments later as he looked back down the street, the bus now gone.

"Run all you want, children…in the end, he'll find you. He'll stop at nothing until this world is burned to ash…" the man said with a twisted smile before he vanished in a flash of green light.

End of Chapter:

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