Apocalypse: Dawn of the Dead


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Chapter 21: Know Thy Enemy

"Joe! Come on, wake up!" Judith said shaking Joe, who was still not moving.

"This isn't good." Nick said with a tired sigh.

Nick looked at C.N. and winced at the condition he was in now. He was chipped horribly and there were long cracks running down the length of the statue. Nick sighed again and put the statue on his back.

"How long until Fluffy gets here?" Juliet asked.

"No telling. It's just...watching us as it moves" Nicholas said as he reloaded his weapons while sitting on the ground.

"I don't know if I can keep this up" Liam said tiredly as he lay down on the marble slabs of the Memorial.

"I think I'm OK still" Juliet said with a wan smile.

"No, you're not" Nicholas said firmly.

Juliet smiled and said "Yeah, but I'm still better off than you"

Nicholas shrugged and said with a small smile "Good point"

Jax glanced at the piles of Zombies everywhere and said "I'm going to move the bodies. It seems disrespectful to leave them here"

While Jax blasted the Zombies into the Reflecting Pool, which was also filled with dirt and mud and group continued to rest, trying to catch their breath. It had been nonstop for them ever since they were at the hospital. They were barely able to put down the Hydra Zombies, they had almost all been killed by Slenderman, and each of them had been rendered unconscious by Porter. They couldn't hold up much longer.

The group wandered around, observing with a detached sort of interest the destroyed around them. Samantha watched Fluffy making its way towards them, almost hungrily. Obsessed with saving her from the grasp of Richtofen.

After a few minutes, and group slowly gathered together at the base of the memorial. Everyone except Nicholas, which struck Juliet as odd. He had been acting…weird, ever since the encounter with Slenderman. He didn't show it, but something was bothering him.

"Hey, can you guys tell me more about Nicholas?" Juliet said as she sat down on the ground with the others.

"What's to say? He's kinda scatterbrained and talkative, but he's a great guy" Nick said.

"Have you ever looked closely though?" C.N. asked.

"What do you mean?" Jax asked.

"When you guys were captured by Slenderman, Illuzio taunted us and hinted that he lost someone special at the hands of Richtofen. Nicholas…he flew into such a rage…I have never experienced so much anger before. He's hiding something painful underneath that calm. I only noticed it because he slammed my head into the ground" the statue said drily.

"What do you think's wrong with him?" Judith asked.

"I could look into his mind…but I'd rather not" C.N. said.

"Why?" Liam asked.

"Because the best thing for him is time" C.N. replied.

Nicholas had walked away from everyone, wanting to be alone. He sighed and said "I…damn it!"

Tears welled up in his eyes, yet he forced it back. He was good at hiding his true emotions. He hid it behind a wall for a while, but recent events had begun to break the wall. He could only deal with all of this for so long.

"I guess…I guess I can sympathize with him…I understand why he's doing all of this...I mean, it's not exactly what he went through, but…it's enough" Nicholas said as he slunk to the ground and put his hands in his face.

"I miss you…I wish I knew what you would do in this situation…" Nicholas whispered as a tear rolled down his face.

Illuzio watched the group from on top of the room of the Lincoln Memorial. He pulled out a small dagger and began to clean the dirt from under his finger nails with it in a rather bored way. As the group tried to figure out a plan, he began to smile to himself.

"They may have bested Porter…but can they best Richtofen? Another test will determine that…" Illuzio whispered as he created a spark in his fingers.

Illuzio flicked the spark into the Reflecting Pool, which shimmered bright green and began to rumble and boil.

"What's with the underwater light show?" Nick asked.

"And since when was the water of the Reflecting Pool so…muddy?" Jess asked curiously.

"I don't know, but I think we're about to find out…" Jax muttered as he reloaded his Zeus Cannon.

A huge mass rose out of the water, and the group watched in silent horror as some…thing… began to form from the mud.

It was humanoid in shape, with a large mass of mud mixed with blood. It continued to rise from the pool until it was sixty feet big, with two huge arms of mud. Bits and pieces of Zombies stuck out from the mass, which had two Zombie heads as its eyes, which were glowing bright blue.

Samantha glanced towards Fluffy in the distance, heading right towards them, and then looked back at the new Zombie.

"I'll take care of Fluffy" Samantha said.


Samantha turned around to see Nicholas looking at her with a sad look.

"Go to her. We'll be fine" Nicholas said with a smile after a moment.

Samantha smiled and said "Thank you"

Samantha put away the Wunderwaffe and sprinted towards the Hellhound. The others turned their attention to the new Zombie, which roared loudly and picked up a large stone and hurled it at them.

"GET BACK!" Nicholas yelled as he sprinted towards the safety of the monument, and everyone sprinted after him.

Andrew pulled out Skullcrusher and fired a grenade at the Zombie, which took the attack head-on. Large globs of mud globules flew everywhere and the creature roared loudly in agony.

"Guys, can you keep going?" Nicholas asked as he ducked behind a pillar.

Nick, Jax, Judith, Liam, Juliet nodded. Andrew shrugged painfully, holding his chest and Jess sadly shook her head, which had only just stopped bleeding.

"You two stay here and shoot from afar then. Watch over Joe too. We'll…we'll figure something out" Nicholas said, though he really wasn't sure.

Truth be told, he was sore all over and would like nothing better than to take a breather. Even anger and adrenaline couldn't keep you going forever. Juliet limped over to Nicholas and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hope" Juliet murmured as she revved her chainsaw.

"Hope huh?" Nicholas muttered with a small smile as Juliet strode out into the moonlight.

The creature pulled back a fist that had morphed from the mud the hurled it at the group, who scattered.

"You know what I hope? That this thing has a death wish!" Nicholas scowled as he opened fire with his Galil.

The group opened fire, with some grenades courtesy of Jess and Andrew. The mud Zombie roared in pain and large globules of mud fell from the beast, landing on the ground in large chunks.

"We've almost got it!" Liam yelled.


The Zombie starred at them, and then its face contorted into a terrifying grin.

"Uh oh…" Jess said quietly.

A dozen tentacles of mud shot from the creatures back and shot towards the group, who were sent flying back into the monument. Illuzio winced with a smile as Liam landed on his chest and began to cough up blood.

"Liam! Get back there! You're done!" Nicholas said loudly as he got to his feet.

"To hell with that!" Liam choked out, grabbing another Symtex and hurling it at the Zombie, blowing off another chunk of its body.

The large globules of mud and Zombie flesh fell onto the ground.

And then they began to move.

"Oh come on!" Liam said exasperatedly.

The globules began to form into humanoid figures themselves, becoming a terrifying mish-mash of pieces of Zombie flesh, blood, and mud. One of the Mudball Zombies lunged at Nicholas, who jumped out of its way and fired an entire clip into it. Its head exploded in a shower of blood and mud and fell onto the ground.

"The hell-?" Nicholas muttered as the Zombie's corpse began to move towards the water.

The Zombie slid back into the water of the Reflecting pool and Nicholas watched in horror as the Mudball Zombie merged back into the original mud Zombie and the original Zombie began to heal.

Andrew threw more grenades at the enormous Zombie attacking them, causing ten more globules to land onto the ground. The blobs of mud and flesh formed into horrible human-like shapes and lunged at the group, who opened fire onto the muddy Zombies.

Jess aimed her Awful Lawton at the main Zombie and fired an arrow into its head, causing it to explode in a shower of mud and Zombies. The mud Zombie snarled at Jess and a tentacle of mud shot towards her, causing her to scream as it wrapped around her.

"Jess!" Judith yelled, aiming her rifle towards the Zombie and firing five shots at it.

"C.N, will you hold together if we do another attack?" Nick asked.

"JUST DO IT ALREADY!" C.N. yelled, and Nick nodded and aimed C.N. towards.

"ANNIHALTOR GUN!" C.N. yelled as a stream of red hot bullets shot towards the tentacle, severing it and causing the arm to explode.

Jess screamed as she fell towards the earth, but was saved when Jax shot a blast of air towards her and slowed her fall to where she could land lightly on ground.

"Thanks" Jess said to Jax and Nick with a sigh of relief.

Nick smiled for a moment, and then howled in pain and fell to the ground as the strain of using a power attack caught up with him. Another huge crack appeared on C.N.

"Andrew, get Nick!" Jax yelled as he reloaded his Zeus Cannon

"Everyone, open fire!" Nicholas yelled as he unloaded another clip into the giant Zombie.

"You OK?" Andrew asked Nick.

"I'll…I'm fine" Nick grunted as he got to his feet and walked back over to the fight.

"Watch out!" Nick yelled out as the creature attacked again, tackling Liam out of the way of another stone projectile.

"T-thanks" Liam muttered as he pulled out his Afterburner and opened fire onto the Mudslide Zombie.

The group continued to open fire on the new foe and after a solid minute of firing, the Zombie had huge gaping holes in it. About a hundred globules from the creature surrounded the ground, as a result of their fight with the beast. They slowly slid back into the water, where the beast remained still.

"Are we done?" Judith asked lowering her rifle.


Illuzio appeared in a burst of particles, clapping his hands together. He looked slightly impressed, and walked through the mud and guts and towards the group, which raised their weapons at the jester, who chuckled.

"Sorry about the Mudslide Zombie, it was a simple test" Illuzio said with a grin.

"A test? We can barely stand after fighting Porter, and now choose now to "test" us?" Judith said angrily.

Illuzio shrugged and said "If you think I'm bad, you're going to hate the other two members of 935 that you haven't met yet" Illuzio said with a laugh.

"Other two members…you mean that voice that we heard" Nicholas said to the jester, who nodded.

"And one other" Illuzio said.

"Other? Who else is in 935?" Jess asked.

Illuzio was about to answer when he straightened up and said "Damn! I've got to go. By the way, look behind you"

Illuzio snapped his fingers and vanished in a green flash.

The group slowly looked behind them and saw the Mudslide Zombie starring at them, its glowing blue eyes narrowed in anger.

"We may have made it mad" Liam said.

"What gave you that idea?" Judith said sarcastically.


Samantha watched Fluffy from behind a building as it slowly padded down the street. Samantha bit her lip, and then ran out into the street.

"Fluffy!" Samantha called.

Fluffy snarled angrily and shot a burst of fire at Samantha, who jumped back and easily avoided the attack. Samantha rolled to the side to avoid another burst of flames and said "I won't fight you Fluffy!"

"AWOOOOO!" Fluffy howled.

Fluffy raised a paw and brought it down on Samantha, who yelled out in pain as she became pinned under the massive claws.

"Fluffy! SIT!" Samantha yelled in her demonic voice.

Fluffy snarled and roared at Samantha, who scowled and said "BE THAT WAY THEN!"

Samantha wriggled free from Fluffy's claws and jumped back as another paw slammed down next to her.

"Bad! Bad Fluffy!" Samantha yelled at her dog, which snarled at her.

Fluffy lunged at Samantha, who grabbed the mouth of the Hellhound and yelled "BAD DOG!"

Fluffy snarled as Samantha slammed Fluffy's head into the ground with an incredible amount of force. Fluffy snarled and shot a fireball at Samantha, who was hurled through the air in a burst of flames. Samantha landed roughly on the ground forty feet away, smacking at her clothes to put them out. Samantha growled angrily as she tossed her burnt jacket to the ground and said "Well, here goes nothing!"

Samantha dashed forward and leapt high into the air, soaring above Fluffy. She landed on Fluffy''s head, but the dog threw her off. Samantha righted herself in midair and kicked off the side of a building, sending herself flying back towards Fluffy. Samantha charged her fist full of energy and punched Fluffy in the snout, causing the Hellhound to snarl in pain.

Samantha landed on the ground and said "Fluffy! Stay!"

Fluffy roared at Samantha and slammed her paw down on Samantha's legs, pinning her to the ground. Fluffy opened her mouth and began to charge up another fireball in her mouth.

"Nein! Schlecht Hund! Fluffy! Sitzen!" Samantha yelled out desperately in German.

Fluffy blinked in surprise and removed her paw. She then sat down on her hind legs, and looked at Samantha quizzically.

"She must be having trouble recognizing me in this new body" Samantha realized.

"Good girl…" Samantha grunted as she got to her feet.

Samantha looked at Fluffy, who was staring at her. Samantha slowly walked up to her dog and said gently "Fluffy? It's me…Samantha"

Fluffy bent down and looked at Samantha deep in the eyes, and then whined softly. She then laid down in the street.

"I guess you only recognize German commands. It's been a while since I learned the language of this country, you don't really know English commands" Samantha said thoughtfully, patting her dog on the nose.

"Now, let's see if I can help you" Samantha said walking over to Fluffy's side.

Fluffy growled in annoyance as Samantha climbed up her back and onto her head.

"So much mutation and 115 energy…you've been hurting for a while, haven't you Fluffy?" Samantha whispered.

Fluffy whined loudly, and Samantha patted her dog on the head and said "There there, I'll make it all better"

Samantha placed both of her hands in Fluffy's matted fur and yelled "RELEASE!"

Fluffy roared loudly and almost hurled Samantha off of her. Energy from Fluffy flowed into Samantha, who screamed in agony. It was beyond pain, but she would endure it to help her beloved Fluffy.

The Hellhound roared in pain and charged down the street, with Samantha clinging to her head for dear life. Samantha hung on though and continued to absorb the very radiation that had been used to torture and mutation Fluffy. After a whole three minutes. Fluffy whirled around in a circle and threw Samantha off of her. Samantha crashed down into the street, leaving massive cracks in the road.

Samantha was grinning widely as she got to her feet.

"There…isn't that better?" Samantha asked her dog gently.

Fluffy whined and bent its head down to the ground where Samantha was. Samantha felt a tear go down her face and said "I've missed you Fluffy…"

Fluffy flashed dark red and began to shrink. Samantha watched in amazement as Fluffy shrank down to the size of a rhinoceros. Its skin had reverted to normal, making Fluffy look just like a German Shepard. Fluffy began to pant happily and wagged its tail at the sight of Samantha.

"Fluffy!" Samantha yelled happily as she ran towards her dog and threw her arms around it.

Fluffy began to lick Samantha's face, to which Samantha giggled happily.

"Fluffy…Ich habe dich so vermisst, meine Fluffy" Samantha whispered in German as she hugged her long lost dog tightly.

"NO! ANDREW!" a voice yelled in the distance.

"NO! The others! Fluffy, can you still…you know?" Samantha asked Fluffy.

The dog nodded and its eyes flashed crimson. Samantha chuckled and said "My little Hellhound…let's get you some payback, shall we?"


"NO! ANDREW!" Jax yelled as Andrew went flying into the air and crashing down onto the hard ground, where he remained still.

Judith ducked as a Mudball Zombie swiped at her and bashed it in the head with her L115 Isolator before Jess fired an arrow at it. Judith ran away from the Mudball Zombie as it exploded violently. The pieces of mud, flesh, and blood splattered on the ground and then began to move towards the water of the Reflecting Pool.

"This thing won't die!" Liam yelled as the Mudslide Zombie lashed out at him, causing him to jump to the side to avoid the attack.

Jax pulled out his PX2RG and fired it over and over again, causing the Mudslide Zombie to roar in pain as large blobs of mud and flesh fell onto the ground, only to attack the Zombie slayers again. Juliet activated her Chainsaw Blaster and began firing at the Mudball Zombies attacking them.

"Jess! On your left!" Juliet yelled as one of the Mudball Zombies lumbered towards Jess.

Jess aimed her Awful Lawton and was about to fire when she realized this was her last arrow. Jess ducked to avoid the swipe from one of the three hands of the Mudball Zombie and switched to her M115 Kollider and fired at the Zombie, causing its head to explode.

"How are we supposed to beat this thing?" Jess asked Judith as the Mudball Zombie fell apart and merged once again with the Mudslide Zombie.

Illuzio watched from the rooftop of the Lincoln Memorial. They were losing against this seemingly unbeatable beast. It was one of his own pet creations, and he was curious as to how to would work against the teens.

"Maybe what they need is the right nudge?" Illuzio asked himself as he slid off of his perch and through the ceiling of the memorial.

Illuzio landed lightly on the ground of the Memorial and walked over to Joe, who was propped up against the statue of Lincoln. Illuzio chuckled and said "I never even imagined the possibility of someone making the Wunderwaffe DG-7. So, as thanks for putting Porter down for good…" Illuzio murmured.

Illuzio created a spark in his hand and flicked it towards Joe, who began to stir. Illuzio warped again as Joe's eyes opened.

"W-w-what…where am I?" Joe asked himself.

"Last thing I remember was shooting Porter with the Wunderwaffe…what the hell?" Joe yelled in surprise as he saw the epic battle taking place next to him.

"Samantha must have the Wunderwaffe still" Joe realized as he got to his feet and reloaded his guns.

"This thing just won't die!" Nicholas yelled as he stabbed a Mudball Zombie in the head.


Five grenades flew through the air and landed on the Mudslide Zombie, which roared in pain as they exploded and fell over, stunned. The group turned around to see Joe walking down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, smiling widely.

"JOE!" Nicholas yelled with relief.

"Hey guys, what's up with the Mud Zombie?" Joe asked.

Jess and Judith hugged Joe, who blinked in surprise at the reception.

"What happened?" Joe asked.

"Using the Wunderwaffe put you into a coma! We thought you wouldn't wake up" Jax said.

"I still have some kinks to work out with the Wunderwaffe then. Sorry I worried you guys. Did you kill Porter?" Joe asked.

"Samantha ripped out his heart and absorbed some of his power" Liam explained.

"Nice!" Joe said with a grin.


The Mudslide Zombie was back on its feet, and it looked pissed. Juliet aimed her chainsaw at the Zombie and said "Hang on!"

Juliet sprinted towards the Mudslide Zombie and yelled out "Chainsaw Dash!"

Rockets shot from the back of her bedazzled chainsaw and she shot forward like a bullet. Juliet kicked off of the ground and soared into the air. Juliet kicked out with her legs so she was aiming her chainsaw at the Mudslide Zombie. The rockets on the chainsaw shifted so Juliet was floating in midair, and she began to fire her Chainsaw Blaster over and over.

Mores chunks of mud fell to the ground and attacked the group, who tried as hard as they could to subdue the monster, but to no avail. Juliet was able to fly to the shore and ran back over to the group, trying to slash and hack the Mudball Zombies in nothingness, but it wouldn't work.

"What will it take to kill this thing!?" Nicholas yelled angrily as his Galil ran out of ammo.

A ball of white lightning slammed into the Mudball Zombie in front of Nicholas, and it evaporated into nothingness. The ball of lightning flew to the closest Mudball Zombie, killing it, and then flew to the next. Each of the Mudball Zombies became ensnared in a net of white lightning. The group watched in amazement as the horde was slaughtered in front of them.

The group looked to the side to see Samantha, riding on top of a giant dog, her hair billowing in the wind as the dog raced towards them. Samantha was aiming the Wunderwaffe at them. The Hellhound leapt about fifty feet and landed onto the ground right in front of them. The Hellhound whirled around to face the Mudslide Zombie, which towered impressively over the massive dog.

"Fluffy…Sic 'em!" Samantha yelled.

Fluffy began to grow explosively and suddenly the huge flaming undead Hellhound that had attacked them on the bridge was standing before them, with Samantha standing on its back.

"Töten."Samantha said quietly, pointing a finger towards the Mudslide Zombie.

Fluffy roared and a massive burst of flames erupted from its maw, engulfing the Mudslide Zombie. The flames sprayed everywhere, evaporating the muddy water everywhere to nothing. The Mudslide Zombie thrashed and writhed as the flames slowly reduced it to a shriveling pile of dirt and flesh. Samantha smiled evilly and aimed the Wunderwaffe at the Zombies.

"Bye bye!" Samantha laughed as she fired a shot at the Mudslide Zombie, causing it to explode violently.

The Mudslide Zombie burst into dust and the group let out a collective sigh of relief and collapsed onto the ground.

"So, Fluffy…is good again?" Jess asked.

"Yes. She listens to me again. She can switch back and forth between this form and her regular form" Samantha said as Fluffy began to shrink rapidly.

Samantha jumped off of Fluffy's back and lightly onto the ground. Fluffy reverted to her normal form, though she was still much larger than she had been before she went into the Teleporter all those years ago.

Jess and Liam ran over to Fluffy and began to pet her. Fluffy growled in annoyance, but allowed it. The group sat in silence for a few moments before Illuzio appeared in a flash of green light, clapping slowly.

"Well done" the jester grinned.

Illuzio looked at each of them, but was surprised at the look Nicholas was giving them. He starred into Nicholas's blue eyes, and recognized the look he was giving Illuzio.


"You…have been thinking about what I said before, haven't you?" Illuzio asked.

"Of course I have. You don't forget that kind of speech" Nicholas said quietly.

"Hey, what's up man?" Joe asked Nicholas quietly, but Nicholas ignored him.

Illuzio smiled slightly and said "You do know. Don't you? What it's like to lose some you care for"

"To watch them die…slowly…painfully…and can only watch helplessly as they suffer" Nicholas whispered.

"Nicholas…" Juliet said too quietly for anyone to hear.

"Yes…I do know that feeling, Illuzio… I know it very, very well" Nicholas said.

"Show me" Illuzio said simply.

Nicholas stepped forward and Illuzio placed a hand on his head. Illuzio used his magic to show what memories Nicholas was thinking of.

Nicholas and Illuzio stood there for a few moments, and Illuzio said softly "I see…"

He let go of Nicholas and took a few steps back. He looked at Nicholas, who was starring at the jester in a very tired way.

Illuzio smiled and said "You know then, the pain of loss. Not exactly my pain, but close. It's incredible, how loss drives you onward, yet the memory of the one you lost gives you strength. But it also a pain like no other, that can tear you to pieces. Know that we share the same pain, you and I. And for that, I promise you that together, you, me, and your friends. We shall make Edward pay"

Illuzio snapped his fingers and the group felt a wave of warmth course through them each, healing each of them and giving them newfound strength. Nicholas however continued to stare at Illuzio.

"Why didn't you kill Richtofen sooner?" Nicholas asked him.

"He…was my friend, for a time. I never considered he had a hand in my precious one's demise. And by the time I found out from Sieger, he was far too powerful for me to stop" Illuzio said.

"Why did you kill the group Samantha formed a while back to stop Richtofen?" Nicholas asked.

"Orders. I had to thwart any threats to the plan, and I had to enrage Samantha to keep fighting against Richtofen" Illuzio looked at Samantha and said "It also kept you going until now. I knew how close you were to going on to the next life"

"I hate getting played" Samantha grunted angrily.

"I have to go now. But until then, keep searching. The node is close by, more so than you realize. Until then. Ciao!"

Illuzio snapped his fingers and vanished in a flash of light.

"Hey…you OK man?" Joe asked walking over to Nicholas.

"No. I'm not. Not for a while"

Nicholas sighed and said "We should get moving. We've got to stop Richtofen and the rest of 935"


Nicholas turned around to see his friends looking at him in concern. There was pain in those blue eyes. Nicholas turned around and said "Yes?"

"What is the deal with you?" Liam asked.

"You want to know what the deal with me is Liam!?" Nicholas yelled walking up to him.

"Yeah!" Liam shot back.

"I know EXACTLY how Illuzio feels. To lose someone you hold very dear to your heart. I'm not over it yet, and now I have to deal with this crap. You all almost died from Slenderman for crying out loud, I thought I lost all of you! I'M NOT GOING THROUGH THAT AGAIN! " Nicholas practically screamed.

"It's not our fault!" Liam shot back.

"Liam!" Judith yelled angrily.

"No. You need to clam the hell down. We can't trust Illuzio. He's trying to get into your head!" Liam snapped.

Nicholas smiled bitterly and said "No, he isn't Liam. You wouldn't understand"

"Try me" Liam replied.

"We don't have time for this. He said the node is close, we need to find it" Nicholas said reloading his Galil and walking away.

"Did you guys know?" Jess asked.

The others shook their head and looked after their de facto leader, who stormed away.

"I wonder what that was about?" Andrew muttered.

"Until he tells us, just don't bring it up. If it torments him that much, then there's a reason he hasn't brought it up until now" Jess said firmly to the others, who nodded.

A voice then spoke to them.

"Hmm…you defeated Porter…you defeated the Mudslide Zombie…and now you've tamed Fluffy…but can you really stop Edward?" a quiet voice whispered in their ears with glee.

"Of course we can!" Samantha growled angrily.

"Sure…but be warned. Now that you've defeated Porter, Illuzio will finally have to release me…and when I've completed my mission…I'm coming…

The presence in their minds became…darker and said in a deeper tone "And when I find you, I'll slaughter each and every one of you!" the now deep voice growled maliciously.

"We took down Porter, and we'll take you down too!" Liam yelled at the voice, who laughed.

"Doubtful, though you can try. Liam is it? You'll be the first one to die!" the deep voice laughed.


Richtofen's voice yelled out loud enough to shatter their eardrums. The presence all but vanished and group looked at each other, wondering who had been speaking to them and why.

End of Chapter:

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