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It seemed that a small part of her had always known that Rex would die. But Ahsoka had never believed it. until now. Until, inexplicably, he fell, landing wounded in the snow. Soon, white was stained with red. Rex seemed invincible, but here his body lay. There was nothing that they could do for him, so Ahsoka stayed with her Captain...

Tears falling

won't let go

cold twilight

tears and snow.


Eyes amber

her tears flood

burned armor

Captain's blood.


Rex dying

in the snow

heartbeat fades

"Please don't go!"


Eyes amber

fill with pain

"Don't leave me!"

spirit's flame.


Eyes cerulean

hidden fears

face white-marked

soaked with tears.


Flame dimming

embers die


spirit flies.



knelt in grief

her Captain!

Code's unbelief.


Pale starlight

sorrows shown

black midnight

his soul flown.


Tears fallen

won't let go

dawn's first light

tears and snow...

Cold. It was so cold. Ahsoka shivered slightly as she watched the icy sunrise. Watched them taking his body away. She bowed her head in grief to see her own tears, frozen at her feet. Fallen in the snow.

A/N obviously not as good as some poetry, short lines are almost cheating. This poem is Ahsoka POV, but she's not thinking it. Also, this was not meant as Rexsoka, although I guess it could be viewed that way. The lack of description was meant to poetic, I'm sorry if confuses you. Please tell me what you think. I was kind of going out on a limb here. Thanks! ~RandomCelt (and editor 'Mihi)