"Dude, did you hear Mr. Garrison, a new kids is joining school" said Cartman as he shut the door to Stan's house, chucking his bag onto the floor

"Yeah, so what?" asked Stan as he and Kyle sat on his couch, he didn't seem to be paying much attention to what Cartman was saying, after hundreds of rants from the fatass he had just got used to it

"So what, don't you understand, it's our school and our town, this kid just thinks he can walk right in", Cartman always had problems accepting new people, in fact he had problems with people in general

"That's stupid, you just want to pick on him" said Kyle as he and Stan both rolled their eyes as Cartman made yet another strange claim

"Well obviously, we need to set this kid straight as soon as possible or he will think he owns the place" snapped Cartman, thinking it was stupid not to want to bully the new kid

"Why don't you just let him be, it's hard enough joining a new school" said Kyle, trying to stop Cartman being a jerk

"No it's not, if we don't show him who's in charge then he won't be able to cope in the real world" argued Cartman, by this time Stan had already given up on the argument and was sat watching Terrance and Phillip

"What are you talking about, just leave the new kid alone when he arrives" said Kyle as he sighed and started to watch Terrance and Phillip as well

"Shut up Kyle, your little Jew mind can't understand what I'm saying, Stan you get it right?" shouted Cartman as he got half of Stan's attention

"Not really" replied Stan as he kept his eyes on the TV

"I thought it was my Jew brain, Stan's not a Jew so explain" said Kyle with a smug voice as he annoyed Cartman

"Well, he… he, Wendy must have dissolved his brain with her whorish behaviour" stuttered Cartman as he struggle to find a reply

"Hey, shut the fuck up fatass, Wendy isn't a whore" snapped Stan as he kicked Cartman in the leg

"Ow, ow! What the fuck?" yelled Cartman

"Don't call her a whore" said Stan as he went back to the TV

"I'm gonna tell my mom on you" whined Cartman as he walked out of Stan's house in anger

"You bothered about that?" asked Kyle as the door slammed shut

"No, he is all talk and no fight" laughed Stan as he turned up his TV


"Thanks so much Mrs. Testaburger" said a blonde boy with a brown jacket, brown shirt and blue jeans

"Not at all, I'm sure Wendy will help you settle in" replied Wendy's mother with a smile

"Good, it's gonna be hard being in a different country" said the boy

"I understand, she should be in the living room if you just want to go in" said Wendy's mother as she pointed the boy to the living room, the boy nervously walked into the room

"Ermm… Wendy?" said the boy as he stood in the doorway

"Huh, oh, hi" said Wendy as she stood up and turned to the boy, "You must be the new kid from England"

"Yeah, I'm Alec, I hope you don't mind but your mum said you could help me settle in" said Alec feeling a little less nervous

"It's ok, I like helping people out" replied Wendy, giving Alec a smile, "So, what do you want to know?"

"Ermm… what's school in America like?" asked Alec as Wendy offered him a seat

"Well, I doubt it is different from England, we have lessons, recess, lunch, we get grades and stuff like that" said Wendy trying to answer the vague question

"Ok, what are the students like?" asked Alec as he continued to quiz Wendy

"Well, most of them are nice, I don't really know many of the boys" replied Wendy, suddenly someone started to bang on Wendy's front door, Wendy got up and opened it, standing there was Eric Cartman, "What do you want?" asked Wendy who was annoyed by the sight of Cartman and didn't like having to speak to him

"You need to keep you pussy of a boyfriend under control" ordered Cartman

"What are you talking about?" asked Wendy as she was already becoming bored with the fatass

"Stan, he is being violent, hitting and kicking people for no reason" said Cartman

"Of course he is, you can leave now" said Wendy immediately detecting Cartman's exaggeration

"Hey, I'm not lying, he kicked me… wait who's that?" asked Cartman as he spotted Alec in Wendy's living room

"That's the new kid, now go away" said Wendy as she closed the door, she walked back into the living room and sat down, "Sorry about that, he is an annoying fatass


"Everyone please welcome your new classmate, all the way from England, Alec" announced Mr. Garrison as Alec stood uncomfortably at the front of the class, "Right, go and sit next to Wendy" said Mr. Garrison as he began to start his lesson

"Look at him, who does he think he is" said Cartman as he stared at Alec

"Seriously Cartman, just leave him alone" said Kyle

"Shut up Jew!" snapped Cartman

"Shut up fatass" argued Kyle

"Don't call me fat" said Cartman

"Kyle, Eric shut up and focus on the work" shouted Mr. Garrison

"Hey Wendy" whispered Bebe as she leant across her desk

"What is it Bebe?" asked Wendy as she kept her eyes on the lesson

"I saw you and the new kid walking to school together, is there something going on between you two?" asked Bebe, Wendy blushed a little before giving an answer

"No, just friends"

"Oh, he is cute, you don't mind me asking him out" said Bebe as she looked over at Alec

"Ok, but he is new, maybe you should wait until he has settled in" said Wendy in a caring way

"Can you help me out then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when he has settled in can you ask Stan to invite him to his house so I can speak to him"

"Oh sure Bebe"


Alec is sat in the school cafeteria at a table by himself, he is eating his food and texting someone at the same time, "Hi Alec" said a jolly voice as Butters sat next to Alec

"Oh, hey…ermm" said Alec as he put his phone down

"I'm Butters, how are you?" asked the ever jolly blonde boy

"I'm… good I guess, it is strange being in a new school"

"Well sure it is, but that doesn't mean you have to sit by yourself"

"I guess, but I can't just go and sit with everyone else, I don't know them"

"Well how are you gonna get to know them if you don't sit with them"


"Well, I could help you, I can take you to my friend's house after school"

"Who's your friend"

"Well I have loads, but mainly Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric" answered Butters as he pointed to the boys on another table

"Someone needs to go and beat that kid up" said Cartman to all the boys on the table

"Cartman, I've told you, leave him alone" snapped Kyle

"Yeah, he might be alright" agreed Stan

"He was at Wendy's house yesterday, Wendy said she and him were kissing" said Cartman trying to annoy Stan

"No he wasn't" replied Stan

"He was too, I saw him" argued Cartman

"How do you know?"

"Coz I went to Wendy's house to tell her you were being a dick"

"Just shut up, if you want someone to beat him up, you do it"

"Ok, I will" said Cartman as he got up and walked towards Alec, "Hey you"

"Huh, oh hey Cartman" replied Alec

"Shut up, I'm gonna kick your ass" snapped Cartman as he rolled his sleeves up

"No man, I don't want a fight on my first day"

"Oh, you're a pussy" laughed Cartman

"No, I'm not a pussy, I just don't want to fight"

"Sure, you are just a pussy"

"I'm not a pussy, if I wanted to I would kick your arse" argued Alec as he put his phone in his pocket

"Oh sure, why not prove it?"

"Ok, but don't cry when I beat the shit out of you" said Alec as he got up and walked towards Cartman and punched him in the stomach, Cartman fell to the floor and began to cry, "I said don't cry" said Alec as he went back to his food and started eating again

"Whoa dude, that kid just kicked Cartman's ass" said Kyle

"Hey new kid, come and sit here" said Stan as he called Alec over to the table, Alec walks over to the table and takes a seat next to Kenny

"Hey, you must be Stan" said Alec

"Yeah, we all think it's cool that you beat Cartman up on your first day" said Stan with a smile

"Really, but isn't he your friend?" asked a confused Alec

"Not really, we all hate him to be honest" said Kyle

"But why was he sitting with you then?" continued Alec

"We don't know, he thinks we like him but he is just a dick" said Kenny

"Anyway, I was thinking, you wanna come to my house after school with me, Kyle and Kenny?" asked Stan


Hope you enjoyed the first chapter, it is mainly an introduction to my character and will hopefully get better as thestory continues