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Chapter 1- Relaxation and Panic

Upon the sand covered shores of one of Virginia Beach's semi-secluded beaches the weather was perfect; sun shining brightly in a cloudless sky, accommodated by a gentle breeze. For the Red Cell family it was complete paradise; their chance for a peaceful vacation, a much needed break from all the horrendous cases they had been working. There as a family they were taking advantage of the perfect weather.

Lying stretched out across the giant sheet they had spread across the sand Beth and Gina smiled as they watched the activity at the water's edge. Standing ankle deep in the cool ocean water, hunched over, Sam and Mick dipped Wyatt's and Madeline's wiggling feet into the water while Prophet stood standing Sarah's hand as she splashed around with the oncoming waves. Hearing the sounds of their children's laughter carried from the water upon a gentle breeze Beth and Gina couldn't help but giggle as well. Catching the smell of the salt water mixed within the air Beth's giggles were cut short as the feeling of nausea started to build. Still giggling herself Gina glanced over to Beth.

Seeing her friend sitting straight up with her hand over her mouth Gina quickly ceased her giggling. Overwhelmed with curiosity and worry for Beth Gina asked,

"Beth, you ok? You look like you might be sick."

Swallowing back the nausea Beth shook her head,

"I'm ok, I just felt a little nauseous when I smelt the salty air carried up from the water, but I'm good now."

Perplexed by Beth's response Gina questioned,

"The salty air made you feel nauseous?"

Cheeks burning pink with embarrassment Beth nodded her head. Still overly curious about what could be making Beth sick Gina questioned,

"Do you think you might be coming down with something?"

Astonished that Gina had yet to figure out what was going on a huge smile spread across Beth's face as she replied,

"Oh I'm definitely coming down with something, just not what you think it is."

Right at that moment the realization behind Beth's words finally clicked in Gina's mind. With a smile spreading across her own lips Gina replied,

"Oh my God Beth you're pregnant?"

Her smile growing even bigger Beth nodded her head,

"Yep, I found out just a few days ago. According to my doctor I'm about six weeks along. I already told Sam, we were planning on telling the rest of you guys this evening at dinner."

Giddy from the surprising news a giggle escaped Gina's lips as she said,

"I can't believe it. Don't worry I won't tell Mick, and Prophet, I'll leave the honors to you and Sam for dinner tonight."

Just as Beth nodded her head in thanks they were joined by Sam, Mick, Prophet, and the kids. As the guys collapsed onto the sheet Beth asked,

"You kids have fun out there?"

Positioning himself behind Beth Sam nodded his head,

"We sure did. Madeline, Wyatt, and Sarah couldn't get enough of it, they kept laughing."

With a sly grin upon his lips Gina replied,

"Yeah we heard a lot of laughter, but we weren't sure if it was really the kids, or you guys."

Understanding what the two sunbathing women were doing Mick and Sam silently nodded to each other in agreement. As the two conspiring men rose to their feet Prophet quickly rounded up the kids so that they weren't in the way. Just as he did this Mick and Sam simultaneously scooped Beth and Gina up into their arms, a mischievous glint shining in their eyes as Mick said,

"Well ladies, since you both thought it would be funny to joke around with us, I guess it's your turn to play in the water."

At the mention of the water both Beth's and Gina's eyes widened in fear as they kicked and screamed in retaliation as Mick and Sam made their way towards the water. Sitting on the sheet with Madeline and Wyatt positioned in front of him, and Sarah behind him playing with the sand Prophet couldn't help but laugh his head off at his teammates as Mick and Sam threw Gina and Beth into the water. As he watched Beth and Gina emerge from the water with challenging death glares upon their faces Prophet already knew what would happen next. Sure enough, as a response for being tossed into the water, Beth and Gina started splashing Mick and Sam. Laughing once again Prophet turned to get Sarah's attention so she could see her parents acting silly, but when he turned around Sarah wasn't seated behind him like she was before.

Fresh overwhelming panic consumed Prophet. Jumping to his feet, gathering Madeline and Wyatt up in his arms in the process, Prophet quickly made his way to the water. Breathing heavily from running across the sand Prophet stopped at the water's edge. Noticing Prophet's presence the smile already positioned on Gina's face started to grow, only to dissolve completely once she noticed his chest heaving laboriously, causing her to cease splashing as Mick. Taking note of Gina's stilled form Mick, Beth, and Sam ceased splashing as well, while finally acknowledging Prophet's added presence. Upon seeing the look of pure panic on Prophet's face Sam, Beth, and Mick immediately became worried, and walked out of the water…

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