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Chapter 10- Check- ups and Family

The journey back to the police precinct seemed to go by in a flash. In what felt literally like no time at all Prophet was parking the SUV in one of the few up close spaces in the precinct's parking lot. After freeing Sarah of her borrowed car seat everyone piled out of the extended cab SUV. Holding both of her parents' hands Sarah walked between them as they all made their way into the police station.

There to greet them as they walked into the precinct, leaning leisurely against the front desk was Chief Samuels. As he spotted Sarah, situated securely between Sam and Beth, Chief Samuels smiled as he squatted down to the floor closer to Sarah's eye level, and said,

"Well hello there little lady, you must be Sarah. Your Mommy and Daddy have told me a lot about you while I was helping them find you. I'm happy to see that you're ok, and that you're back where you belong. Now for being the strong and brave little girl I can picture you to be because of your parents, I have a little present for you Sarah…" His own smile growing bigger at seeing Sarah's excited face Chief Samuels pulled something small and shiny from his shirt pocket, and held it out for Sarah to take, "This is an authentic, and honorary Virginia Beach Policeman's badge, worn strictly by the Chief of Police. I want you to have it Sarah, to remind you of what an extremely special, important, and loved little girl you are."

Mesmerized by the shiny badge Sarah peered up to look at Beth, looking for her approval. With her own smile painted on her lips Beth mutely nodded her head at Sarah. Catching her Mommy's approving nod Sarah returned her gaze to Chief Samuels. Taking the badge out of Chief Samuels' hand Sarah gave him a shy smile as she said,

"Thank you"

Laughing softly at Sarah's soft, squeaky response Chief Samuels rose back up to his full height. Moving his gaze to Sam Chief Samuels was all business-like as he said,

"The medic arrived just a few minutes ago. I told him to go and wait in the area you and your team has been working in. I figured that that would be the best place so that you can have Sarah checked out in a moderate sense of privacy from the rest of the department, as well as for the other thing that is waiting back there too."

Thanking Chief Samuels' for his discreet descriptive announcement, and for everything else that he and his men had done to help them Sam lead Sarah and the rest of the partial Red Cell family back to their sectioned off work area. As they walked through the precinct to the back section Sarah couldn't help but gaze around at everything in amazement. The energetic atmosphere of the precinct was something Sarah had never experienced before, and it truly fascinated the two and a half year old. Even with all that was going on around her Sarah's attention quickly shifted when they walked into view of the partitioned work area. Upon catching sight of Garcia sitting at the table within the partitioned doorway Sarah started to bounce up and down on the balls of her feet like a jumping bean, filled to capacity with excitement.

Seeing Sarah's excited reaction to seeing Garcia in their work area both Sam and Beth let go of Sarah's hands. Released from her parents' grip Sarah shot off like an over charged energizer bunny towards Garcia. Reaching her in record time, like a true rabbit, Sarah hopped into Garcia's arms, and was immediately enveloped into her warm embrace. Peering up at Garcia, her face nearly split in two by her giant smile Sarah said,

"Aunt Pen, you're here. You came to the beach. You say you no could come, had to work."

Smiling Garcia squeezed Sarah even tighter in her arms as she replied,

"Yep sweetie I'm here. I finished my work early, so I came down here to join you all, and help everyone find you so that we could all be together."

If possible, Sarah's face became even brighter in response to Garcia's words. Hating to ruin Sarah's peaceful, heavenly moment Beth quietly approached Garcia and Sarah. Placing her hand upon Sarah's small region of her back Beth said,

"Sarah, I hate to cut your reunion with Aunt Pen short, but the medic needs to check you out, and make sure you're ok."

Unsure of being checked out by someone she didn't know fear flashed for a split second within Sarah's eyes as she asked,

"You here too?"

Beth gently rubbed her hand over Sarah's soft head of curls as she answered,

"Yes baby I'll be right here with you, we all will be here. No one is leaving."

Hearing Beth say this, the fear was completely extinguished form Sarah's eyes. Without saying another word Sarah reached her arms out towards Beth; holding Sarah in her arms Beth looked around their designated work area for the medic that Chief Samuels had sent there to wait for them, and found him almost immediately seated across the table from Garcia. He was young, in his mid twenties, with flaming red hair and freckles to match, wearing a dark blue Virginia Beach EMT uniform. Turning to face the quiet newly discovered presence of the young EMT Beth gave him a friendly smile as she said,

"Hi, sorry I didn't see you sitting there a moment ago. Thank you for coming here to check out our daughter, we really appreciate it. Uh… where would you like for her to sit so you can examine her?"

Smiling in return the medic nodded his head,

"It's no problem at all, you just want to make sure that she's physically ok, and I completely understand that. Um how about you have a seat in my chair, and hold Sarah in your lap so that she's facing me. Hopefully by having her sit on your lap she will feel more relaxed with me examining her."

Doing as the medic had instructed her Beth swiftly seated herself and Sarah into the offered chair. Not sure of what to expect to happen Sarah started to shake with fear. Seeing Sarah's shivers of fear the medic gave her a sweet friendly smile as he squatted down in front of her and Beth, and said,

"It's alright sweetie, there is no need to be afraid. I'm just going to give you a little check up to see if the mean man who took you gave you any boo-boos, ok?"

Nodding her head slowly Sarah squeaked,


Giving his head a curt nod the medic fingered the over-sized t-shirt that was swallowing Sarah as he asked,

"Are you wearing anything else under your shirt sweetie? If you are then we can have you take it off, that a way I can get a better look at you."

Glancing down at her over-sized dress of a shirt Sarah simply replied,

"I wear my ba'ding suit under it, never took off."

Happy to hear this, the medic looked up at Beth's relieved face and asked,

"Can you help her take the shirt off please?"

Wanting to remove Carson Young's foul shirt from her daughter's tiny frame Beth swiftly and carefully pulled the shirt up over Sarah's head. Free of the swallowing material Sarah sat wearing just her colorful flowery one piece bathing suit; her now bear arms and legs exposed to the station's cold temperature caused Sarah to shiver. Trying to warm Sarah's shivering arms and rid her of her newly sprouted chill bumps Beth gently rubbed her hands over Sarah's arms as she whispered,

"Don't worry honey, you'll only have to be cold for a few more minutes, and then you can put some clothes on over your suit. How about that pretty pink dress that Daddy bought you yesterday, huh? I have it with me in my bag."

Liking the sound of Beth's proposal Sarah vigorously nodded her head in agreement as the medic began her check-up. Sitting as still as a stone statue Sarah silently endured everything that the medic had her do. From shining a bright light in both of her eyes to having her move her arms and legs specific ways. In the end, other than a few minor bruises on both of her arms from where Carson had forcibly handled her, the medic deemed Sarah medically cleared. Even with the medic's positive prognosis the Red Cell team knew that it wasn't entirely true; Sarah may be ok physically but they would have to wait till later that night to see how her ordeal affected her mentally; the single down side to a man's good news.

His job completed the medic quickly gathered his materials and after placing a gentle kiss upon the top of Sarah's little hand, the medic made his exit. Feeling that she was still cold wearing just her bathing suit Beth looked to Gina and asked,

"Gina, can you get Sarah's new pink dress out of my beach bag please? Hopefully once she gets the dress on she won't be as cold."

As Gina walked over to Beth's bag and had started to dig into its depths Sam slowly stepped forward holding Wyatt in his arms. Squatting down to the floor Sam smiled at Wyatt as he pointed towards Sarah and said,

"Wyatt, look who we've found. Who is that Wyatt?"

Following Sam's finger Wyatt looked in his directed direction. Upon catching sight of Sarah sitting on Beth's lap Wyatt's face lit up like a Christmas tree, a giant smile spreading across his lips as he exclaimed,

"'Arah, 'Arah."

Upon hearing her brother's excited exclamation Sarah swiftly slid down off of Beth's lap. Stepping forward to stand beside Sam Sarah stood up on her tip-toes and kissed Wyatt on the cheek as she said,

"I missed you 'Yatt. I love you."

Reaching his even smaller hand out towards his sister Wyatt replied,

"Lov' you 'Arah."

At that moment as Garcia and Beth busied themselves with wiping away their tears Gina walked over to Sarah. Brandishing the pink dress out from under her arm Gina held it out for Sarah to see as she asked,

"Would you like me to slip this over you Sarah? You'll be warmer if you wear it."

Raising her arms up above her head Sarah nodded her head as she replied,

"Yes please Aunt G."

With her new dress pulled over her head and fixed into place Sarah couldn't help but twirl around in a circle to show off her new outfit. It was an evident fact that she was quickly returning to her normal self. Watching Sarah continue to spin herself around in circles the same thought passed through everyone's mind, 'Please God, let her mental subconscious be ok so that she doesn't have to be subjected to any of the horrible memories of her ordeal. Please just let her remain this bright, cheerful, and spirited girl.' Then, when it looked like she was going to make herself dizzy Sarah brought herself to a stop. To hear the soft giggles of joy and fun escape Sarah's lips were as angelic as the chiming of church bells; showing Sarah's pure innocence.

Absorbing the rays of happiness flowing from Sarah Mick, with Madeline cradled in his arms, smiled as he praised,

"That was very nice sweetheart, elegant just like a real dancer. You know…maybe you should take ballet classes when you get older. I think you'd be good at it…"Mick looked inquisitively down at Madeline, "what do you think Madeline? Should Sarah take ballet classes when she gets older?"

Even though she was just eight months old, and unable to understand much of what was being said to her; Madeline, in response to her father's question, smiled her toothless smile, and clapped her hand together enthusiastically. This being her usual response to everything, no matter what it was, Mick couldn't help but smile at his darling daughter. Giving Sarah a quick glancing smile Mick looked over to Sam and Beth, and shrugged his shoulders as he said,

"I guess she answered my question didn't she?"

Already smiling from seeing Madeline's enthusiastic answer Beth let out a soft chuckle as she nodded her head in agreement,

"It would appear that she did. I actually agree that dance lessons would be a good idea for her; they'll help her use up all the extra energy she always seems to have. But I think that we'll wait a couple more years, maybe start her when she turns five."

Taking a second to rise up from her seat Beth gently tapped Sarah on her shoulder. In a flurry of flying black curls Sarah looked up at Beth's loving face. Bending down slightly so that she was a little closer to Sarah's level Beth asked,

"Sarah sweetie, how about we all get out of here, and go do something fun? Maybe go back to the hotel and swim in the pool, or go look at all the shops on the boardwalk? Whatever you want to do sweetie, your pick?"

Needing only a few seconds to consider her decision Sarah grinned and jumped into Beth's open arms as she answered,

"Go see shops on 'walk…"

Lifting Sarah swiftly up into her arms Beth laughed in success as she turned to the rest of her family and said,

"Well guys, I just asked Sarah if she'd like to get out of here and go do something fun with all of us together, and she wants to go down to the boardwalk, and see what's in the shops. So come on, we don't want to waste any more time, let's get our stuff and go."

Needing no further persuasion to leave the police precinct and their newly closed case behind them, the rest of the team quickly followed Beth's suggested order, and gathered their things. Then, once everyone was ready, the Red Cell family made their exit from the precinct, to go and enjoy the rest of their vacation now that their family was whole once again. This was a vacation none of them would soon forget.

The End