Title: Myths and Legends from Around the World

Note: This is solely a transcript from the fictitious book "Myths and Legends from Around the World by Anneka Sunden" used in the Thor movie, for those who wish(ed) to read the articles and were not fast enough reading it on screen. I do not own the rights to these texts, but no copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1: Bifrost – The Rainbow Bridge to Asgard

[The]Rainbow bridge connected Asgard to the other lower realms of Yggdrasil below the clouds. The bridge was a protected gateway that prevented intruders such as the Jotun or Trolls from entering into Asgard because the red of the bridge was glowing fire that would burn their feet. The bridge's protection allowed the Gods time for other matters instead of constantly defending Asgard. Odin appointed Heimdall as watchman of the bridge because he would be able to warn all if an enemy tried to sneak into Asgard.