Misaki's First

It was a day that would end with a night, full of wrenching depression. I had slept in the arms of sadness ever since I found out that Takahiro; my Takahiro, my best friend, the one I had been in love with for so many years, was to marry another. He was to marry a woman. I told myself once I got to his house, I would be happy for him –or at least pretend to be. I would say nice things about the girl he would soon marry. When inside I hated her more then the she-devil she was, for taking my beautiful Takahiro away from me. Tonight was the bachelor party, so I wouldn't have to worry about killing the bitch that stole my Takahiro away. Perhaps I could win him back… No, he wasn't like that, he didn't love other men; he didn't make love to other men. He was straight, and he would probably stay that way.

My hands tighten on the wheel of my red sports car. It's sunset outside and I can imagine me and Takahiro together. Outside on a hill, being bathed by the sunset. Takahiro's naked body gleaming like red and orange jewels as I make love to him. A lump is created in my pants as I pull into the driveway of Takahiro and his little brother's house. I inspect the "lump". It's not big enough to come to release, but it's also just small enough to not notice it. I walk up to Takahiro's house, the warm turn on brushing against my legs and pants as Takahiro's face appears from behind the door. A small squirt of semen takes residence in my boxers, just at the sight of him.

Nii-chan opens the door to a man, a man I've seen drive out of our driveway a time or two before, after school. He's tall and has silver hair. His hair is strange yet, beautiful… What am I saying? He has pretty pale skin and lavender eyes. Eyes that hold many secrets, secrets not even I can translate. He's firmly built, his body visibly toned, even from under the nice suit he wears, decorated with a dark red tie. He reeks of money and riches… But the weird thing I find about him is the face he has when he sees Nii-chan. He suddenly looks like he's been pleasured just at the sight of my elder brother. A face that makes my cheeks go crimson as Nii-chan lets the man in. the man, Usami Akihiko, shakes my hand, his eyes almost seeming to question the reason I'm blushing. He gives me a slight smile when he seems to know why I'm blush… NO! It's because of your pleasure face!... if that's any better. Oi, I don't like men! And I especially don't have a fancy for you!


It's been a couple hours ever since the party started. Now all the men are sitting around the coffee table, playing poker. Everyone except me. All of the men are also drunk… Everyone except me… I'm still too young to drink, being only 18 and all. So I help myself to some almond covered pocky, as I watch their boring game of cards.

I've been sitting in the living room, with the men, but keeping my distance, sitting on one of our leather easy chairs; my legs over one of the armrests. Akihiko has been staring sat me for a while now. His smirk when he shook my hand and the face when he saw my brother, swimming around my perverse, teenage mind. And I can feel a certain area of mine getting har-… OH MY GOD! I jump out of the chair, looking down at my gray colored pants and… it's there… oh God, you can SEE what's in there. I look up at Akihiko who I remembered had been watching me and… his eyes are on the same place mine had been. I feel my entire face go hot as his eyes raise up to mine, a smirk twisting his attractively shaped lips.

I make a beeline for the back-door. Once I get there I head for the woods… or anywhere private really.

The woods are always cool and even fresher at night then in the day time. An owl welcomes me –as he always does when I decide to visit- to the wood. I stop and stare –as I always do. This part of the wood is just that amazing and breath-taking. No matter how many times you come to this spot… you're never use to its beauty. It's and opening, a canopy of trees doesn't block your view from the star fill sky. A vacancy of trees is replaced by luscious grass as green as the stars are bright. Then I remember the reason to why I'm here.

I unzip my pants, about to feel myself up, when I hear a twig break from behind me… I turn to my intruder, forgetting about my unzipped trousers. It's… Akihiko.

"Usami-sama… I." I'm about to say more until I fallow to where his eyes are… Right on my cock… at least it's still partly covered by my boxers.

"Oh, I…" as I begin to zip my pants, my back is pushed against a tree, my wrists locked in one of Akihiko's long fingered hands. Fingers that I'm sure feel like heaven… GAH! WHAT AM I SAYING! He's a man!

I let out a grunt when I hit the tree, my back bending at the harsh contact, the bark digging into my skin.

"Usami-sama, what are yo-." I'm cut off by his lips… WHAT THE HELL!

I try to get my hands from the firm hold he has on them, but with no luck. His tongue flicks my lip, a small moan escaping me, my eyebrows furrowed. He devours my lips with his big mouth, a mouth I can't help, but imagine devouring a different area… an area lower then the one it is occupied with… What the hell am I thinking…?

He flicks my lip again, this time gaining access to the inside of my mouth. His free hand starts at my chest -while his tongue dominates mine- teasing my covered nipple with his finger. His hand trails down my torso until his fingers brush against my…

My eyes widen my mouth letting out a loud moan as he grabs my cock through my boxers.

"N-no, you can't."

His lips part from mine as he slides past my boxers, his cool hand beginning to pump my bare dick. He stares into my eyes, as I begin to moan at his tantalizing touches. He starts the pumps slow and steady then they become faster and unexpected.

"You look so tasty, Misaki," He purrs out my name, "I just want to eat you all up."

He lets go of my hands as he continues pumping me, rubbing the tip of my cock, feeling the warm pre-cum run over and down his thumb.

He pulls my shirt off me, trailing hot kisses down my torso, allowing himself a lick at my hard nipple. He continues to kiss my body until he's made it to my shaft, and takes it in his hot mouth, licking my tip for a moment.

"Ahhh… Akihiko… I mean… AH!" His teeth graze my shaft, the lightest touch.

As he deep throats me his bottom lip grazes my balls, a shiver going up my spine a scream of pleasure ripping through my lips.

His hands are on the rim of my pants, he begins to push them down all the way.

"No… Usami-sama, I don't want to go any furTHER!" I scream as I climax in his mouth, him greedily eating up all my scared seed.

"Misaki!" I hear my brother's voice, yelling from the balcony of our house, calling me to come back.

Both me and Akihiko's head jolt toward Nii-chan's voice.

Akihiko helps me with my clothes. And just as I'm about to walk away he kisses me, long and hard.

"Don't think this is over, my dear, Misaki." His gruffly low voice says, staring deep into my eyes.

I gulp, a blush coming up my neck.

I had just caused Nii-chan's little brother to orgasm into my mouth and he tasted delicious. Better then I had expected. Now I just wanted to taste every inch of this boy's body. This boy so much younger than I.

I watch Misaki's body as he walks in front of me, going towards his house. Small, slenderly built, his ass small and round. He looks so scrumptious with the milky moon bathing him in its light. I just want to reach out and take him right here. I want to steal his innocence and corrupt his small, sexy body. I want to lick and touch every part of him until he screams my name. I want to move inside of him.

He has green orbs for eyes, eyes full of innocents waiting to be stolen, shall be stolen. By me.

Takahiro looks surprised when he sees us coming out of the woods together, then smiles slightly. I smirk, imagining what could be going through Misaki's mind and what Takahiro is probably thinking. Their thoughts are both painfully different of course.

When we get into the house, all the other men are gone, but… Takahiro's fiancée is here.

"Ah, Akihiko, you haven't met my fiancée yet have you?"

I force a smile to my lips.

"No, not yet." There's an edge on my voice, but only I can hear it.

"This is Kajiwara Manami, my fiancée." Takahiro wraps his arm around the bitch, my back instantly stiffening. I can see the questions in Misaki's eyes.

"It's very nice to meet you." I force another smile, bowing slightly to her.

"Akihiko." Takahiro says his voice so sexy to my ears.

"Hmm?" I say too dazed by Takahiro and too transfixed on the delicious taste still clinging to my tongue to speak words.

"We were wondering if maybe you could take Misaki for a while, that's why I was so happy to see you two become better acquainted."

Better acquainted? Oh you have no idea my dear Takahiro. I see Misaki go beat red as I steal a glance at him.

"Would you be all right with that? It's completely fine if you aren't."

"Nii-chan I-." Misaki is about to say is disapproval when I interrupt him.

"Of course he can stay with me; I would love to have him. He's a charming young man." I look over at Misaki raking my eyes over his slender body, being sure the "young man" notices my sexual stare, which causes him to blush an even deeper shade of red. He's adorable.

"Great! I'll drop him off tomorrow."

"Ok." Great, I can't wait to make a hot, sweaty, sticky mess of your little brother, my dearest, heartbreaking Takahiro.

Nii-chan took me to Akihiko's house after school, after he took me by the store to get some food for me, so I didn't have to eat all of Akihiko's. Nii-chan told me what he expected of me, and how I should act around the rich, novelist. I hadn't known he wrote until today…

I thought about asking Nii-chan why he was best friends with a gay man, but then it would raise suspicion of how I found out and that would be purely humiliating, not to mention an embarrassment for Nii-chan. So I kept my, no longer virgin lips shut.

When I got to Akihiko's house I ended up having to let myself in, because someone wasn't up yet… God, how late can you sleep on a weekday?

…Oh… My… God… Shall I tell you, just how… freaking big his house is? Nah, I have no talent at the description of such things.

I go and sit on one of his amazingly plush couches, bouncing up and down for a moment, admiring the feather stuffed couch cushions.

As if it was out there, just for me to look at, a leather covered book sits out, right in front of me, sitting on the mahogany coffee table. I reach out for the book, my instinct telling me it's a journal, and shouldn't be read by anyone, but its maker, but…

I open the book to a random page and land on something quite intriguing…

September 11

Is it possible for Takahiro to look more beautiful then he already does? No, for if he did all may die of his beauty

I blink a couple times at the words. What the hell? I open it to another random page.

October 8

I saw Takahiro today. We went to watch a movie together, he had no idea how much of a date this seemed like to me. Naïve little Takahiro.

As we sat together in the movie theatre it took all my will not to hold his hand and all my being not to fuck his delicate body after the movie had ended.

My eyes widen at the last sentence… Oh God, Akihiko is in love with my brother!

I open the book to another random page.

November 1

I love Takahiro, more than life!

Yep, that sealed the deal. Then what was that last night?

I opened to yesterdays entry, after the party.

December 26

I do believe I've found a new love interest.

What? Who? There was nothing left to the entry so I had no idea who the new "love interest" was.

Just as I begin to think harder –or try- a hand goes around my wrist and I instinctively drop the journal. I'm led up some stairs until I'm in a bedroom infested with child's toys. I'm thrown on a bed in the middle of the room, the bed being huge and just slept in. I'm thrown on my back and able to see that Akihiko has done this as he crawls on top of me.

"Hello, my new little sex kitten." He says, a purr lacing his long tongue. A gruff, low, fucking sexy purr, that sends electricity down my spine… NO, NO, NO! This isn't happening! I'm NOT gay!

"Get off!" I say in a voice that threatens a challenge.

"I always have enjoyed a challenge."... Damn him.

His eyes move over me sexily, then retreat back to my emerald eyes.

His eyes… They're like liquid fields of lavender. His hand slides onto my cheek, his fingers cool and so long… and you know what they say about long fingers? The thought makes me shiver.

"Misaki, you read my journal, surely you know that means you must be punished?"

Before I'm even able to answer he tugs my shirt off. I gasp as he licks the front of my hips, trailing his long, hot tongue back up to my lips where he opens my mouth with his tongue, inspecting every nook and cranny of my mouth, trying to slide his tongue down my throat.

"Ahh, nnh… Ak... hiko." I say his name as my pants make their decent off me, snapping me back to reality.

"NO! Stop!" I say trying to push him away, trying to deny the fact that I'm turned on and already starting to get wet.

"Misaki, fall into me, let me fly you to my heaven."

"N… I… can… 't." I say, my words spread out as he kisses my neck and finishes the stripping of my pants.

I hadn't even noticed his shirt was off until his naked body rubs against mine.


My boxers and his are to come off next. His mouth travels to my nipple after he's done teasing it with his finger. He sucks on my taught nipple, then bites it gentle, gaining a small yelp from me. He goes back to kissing my mouth, our wet tongues battling each other, his delicious taste making my saliva increase, but he doesn't seem to mind, he seems to get more into it, taking it as encouragement.

We're both naked as he grinds against me, gently, our erections making contact. His hand, that isn't in my hair, glides down my side until it meets my butt. His long finger gently goes past my butt cheeks, a whimper coming from me, as I wrap my arms around his firm body. His finger goes into my so gently and slowly, I can make simple note of his wantings not to hurt me.

My hand glides down his back until it's at his hip; I go to the front and grab his cock, pumping him as he opens me up and as we continue to kiss each other. He inserts another finger, making a siccioring motion. He groans as I tickle his balls, the sensitive ornaments giving him breathtaking pleasure. He pulls his lips away a small trail of saliva, connecting to both of our mouths.

He flips me over so I'm now on my stomach, he pulls me up until we're spooning and grabs hold of my crying cock.

"Misaki, this may hurt a little bit. I'm going to be gentle, are you ready?" His voice is full of lust; I have a thought in my head that he might continue even if I was to say no, but there was no way I would ever say no at this moment…. What am I saying?

"Yes, Akihiko." I say, my voice is small and timid.

He pumps my dick with his hand just as slowly as he enters me.

"ahh… AHH!" I say as his long dick seems to be never ending.

"Oh… god." I say, no more then a whisper, my head going back slowly. I look up at the ceiling, tears coming to my eyes, as he finishes his entrance.

The feeling of his pulsing cock in me is foreign and strange, but something buns in me that gives me pleasure.

He slides out slowly, then back in, pumping me as he does it.

"Nnnmmm… Aki…" He begins to go faster, the feeling building up, his cock twitching inside me, the feel of something so large, is so exhilarating, so delicious.

"Ahhh, Misaki… You're soo.. so… ah… tiiiight." He sounds completely drunk in lust, his speed increasing by the second.

We moan in time, our moans filling the room.


"Fuuuck yeess."

He moves so fast inside me and around my cock. I spray into the sheets and he sprays into me. A gasp rips through my chest at the feel of his hot seed, washing my insides.

I flipped over onto my back; a kiss is placed on my cheek, just before I drift into the undetermined dreams of sleep, only to be met there by Akihiko.

Tell me if you guys want more, because otherwise, I won't be continuing. I know the sex wasn't the best, but… Hey I'll try better next time:)… no continuing unless I get 5 requests to do so… probably won't continue:).