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Misakis First

Chapter 24


If Akihiko actually thought I was going to just leave and go home as he went off to "speak" with Haruhiko, then he's lost his head. After they left I followed, stealthily behind, hiding at the back of signs, people, the whole thing. They didn't stay a word to each other as they walked, they didn't make any contact, they only looked straight ahead. I was suprirsed when they walked into a café and sat down. I was kind of expecting a dark alley, fist flying, blood spewing. As I watch them I can help but notice that fact that they just look like two men talking business, and in a way, I suppose they are.


I know Misaki probably thought he was being all kinds of sneaky, but the truth is, it was kind of obvious that he was following my brother and me from the start.

Speaking of my brother, I'm currently sitting across from him, a cup of coffee sitting in front of me, and a cup in front of him, the table and these beverages the only things between us.

"If there's something you want to discus, hurry up and say it," I demand, my voice monotonously bland.

Haruhiko watches me with eyes as apathetic as my tone, his posture straight, precise, a true man of business. I hate it. It's the posture of someone who feels superior. Then he licks his lips, preparing himself to speak.

"I'd like to discus Misaki," He responds flippantly while folding his hands on top of the table. Neither of us have touched our drinks.

I watch him with scornful eyes.

"Misaki is not up for discussion."

"I think you'll reconsider, when you hear what it is I have to say."

I mentally prepare myself as I half expect him to mention the things he's don't to my lover. He'll flip the story. He'll make it sound like Misaki accepted the molestation with open arms. He shifts momentarily as he collects his words. I feel my body go rigid as I await what he'll say.

"I'm sorry," are the only words that spill from his lips.

I blink, the furrow in my brow disappearing instantly. I wonder if I've ever heard such words come out of my brother's mouth when directed towards me. The honesty in his eyes and tone are impossible to miss.

Several moments pass in still silence.

"What?" Is all I'm able to ask, all other words failing me.

Haruhiko hardly falters. "I'm sorry for what I did and I understand that my apology probably means nothing to you, but just know that I mean it."

I stare at my brother and he stares right back, his expression less shocked than my own. I reach my hand towards the cup that steam from its top in front of me. I take a drink, oblivious to the fact that the beverage inside is burning my tongue.

There are only a few other people in the café, so when a familiar brunette hides behind a counter in the middle of the room, I don't miss him.

"If that's all you wanted to say, then I'll be leaving," I inform before scooting my chair back, rising to my feet. His apology did mean something to me, but it's an apology I could never accept.

"You should come home, Akihiko," I hear Haruhiko say just as his own chair screeches backwards.

I turn around, vengeance in my eyes once again. He's standing now. I stare him down, my gaze capturing his all too easily.

"Don't think that just because you apologized for one thing that it makes up for all the other things you've done to me. And this apology, it's something that I could never accept, it's not something that can be accepted by me, it's not my place," I say calmly, a silent bite to my voice that secretly threatens. I'm about to turn to leave, but there's one more thing that Haruhiko should know. "And when you speak of home, just know… My only true home is with Misaki."

I break my eyes away, turning my body to leave. I feel a weight lifted on my chest. And now, the only thing I want is to get back to my Misaki.

I head in the direction I saw that cute brunette for earlier. Just as I step out the door of the café, I hear a soft cry of despair. I turn my head just in time to see a small child, no adult identifiable as the kid's parent in sight. I turn my head this way and that, searching for an approaching person, thinking that a parent of his could appear at any given moment. I finally decide that his blood relation won't be showing their face any time soon, so I take the few steps between us until I'm directly in front of the small, crying form, little fists rubbing drenched eyes. I crouch to the slight height of him, my face only inches away from that pitiful façade. Big blood-shot, brown eyes look at me from dark, wet eyelashes.

"Where's your mom?" I ask softly as I reach up a hand to brush the tears away from the child's round cheeks.

He sniffles, his cries waning.

"I don't know," He says in a warbling voice.

I expected as much.

Suddenly, there's someone crouching beside me.

"Misaki," I breathe as I look over at the man beside me as he takes hold of the child's hand. I can't help but look at him and find that there's something different. In the time I've known him he's changed. He's gone through so much and I feel that all of his experiences have matured him.

"Is your name Naoki?" Misaki asks suddenly after inspecting a bracelet around the boy's wrist. The name 'Naoki' is engraved on a small rectangular plate attached to the small chain.

The boy nods.

"Ok, Nao-chan, we'll help you find your mama, ok? So stop crying. You don't want your mom to see you crying do you?" Misaki asks, the boy nodding, a small smile coming to his little lips.

I can only watch as Misaki smiles at Naoki. There are lights in Misaki's eyes that are undeniable. Even though Misaki has only met this child, the love he feels for him has already sprouted. Like when I mother sees her baby for the first time, she's already fallen in love with it, she's already made up her mind that she'll do anything and everything to see that that baby is safe and protected.

Misaki glances at me before whipping his phone out, beginning to dial the number that is also engraved just under Naoki's name on the small plate.

"I thought I told you to go home," I say casually, not actually minding the fact that he's here. Actually, I'm glad.

"I thought you guys were going to kill each other," is his simple response.

After that, Naoki's mom picked up the phone.

"She said to meet her inside the café," Misaki says, slipping his phone back into his pocket. "Come on Nao-chan, let's go wait for mommy," Misaki instructs before picking Naoki up, resting the small boy on his hip. I smile, the amusement clear in the crooked curve of my lips. The way he acts around the boy, even his posture when he holds him is the epitome of motherly.

When we sit down at the counter inside the café Misaki orders chocolate milk for Naoki, the boy's eyes going wide with excitement. I can't help but stare and watch as Misaki interacts with the child. He's clearly a pro when it comes to dealing with kids. I set my elbow on the tabletop and place my chin on my hand, my eyes watching as Misaki talks to Naoki while he slurps his chocolate milk. I could observe Misaki entertaining kids all day long.

"How old are you, Nao-chan?" Misaki asks, petting the top of Naoki's head, running his fingers through the soft, brown locks.

Naoki holds up three tiny fingers. "Dree," he says in the way most young children do, their voice high, their words slightly obscure. I'll have to remember this scene; I'll want to write about it later.

Eventually, Naoki's mom shows up, the only words coming from her mouth being "thank you" a hundred times. Once she leaves, Misaki stays at the counter. I continue to gaze at him, a smile on my face. Even with the absence of a child and words, I could still watch him all day.

"So, you like kids, don't you?" I finally decide to speak.

"Yeah…" He seems to be rethinking his answer now. I swear, I even see his cheeks go pink. "I mean… They're alright, I don't need any… I mean…" He ducks his head slightly, making it obvious that he's turned redder than before.

"Well, I think you'll make a great mom," I say jokingly and yet completely serious at the same time.

His head whips towards me, his face bright red.

"What are you talking about? How can a man be a mom… Baka… Besides, I don't need to have any children."

I tilt my head, curious as to why he's become so frazzled.

"Why do you suddenly seem so against the thought of you having children?"

"Well… It's not that I'm against it, it's just…" He hesitates, his fingers fiddling in his lap.

"Just what?" I ask, my posture straightening.

"I mean…" He pauses again, his eyes unable to meet mine as he blushes in embarrassment.

"Because we're both men?"

"Well… Yeah…"

I watch me, a small frown taking presence between my brows, softening a moment later to an amused smile.

"We'll just adopt then." I state simply.

"Usagi-san!" He exclaims quietly, his eyes wide and finally meeting mine.

"What? After we get married, we'll adopt as many kids as you like and we'll raise them just like any other parents would."

He blinks at me. I watch in fascination as more blood creeps up the expanse of his neck to his cheeks and ears.

"After we…"

"Do you really think I'm ever going to let anyone else have you? Of course we'll get married… You do want to, don't you?"

He doesn't pause for as long as I was expecting. "Eventually… Yeah, I guess so." Then he smiles.

I wasn't expecting an answer like that. I wasn't expecting him to smile afterwards. Knowing Misaki, even if getting married to me was exactly what he wanted, he would most likely say things in discouragement, embarrassment. I suppose he matured even more than I thought.

"Let's go home. There's something I've been wanting to do all evening," He says, springing yet another surprise sentence on me. It's just not something Misaki would say, or at least, I thought it wasn't. The blush that remains on his face and his shy eyes reassure me that this man in front of me is still the same Misaki I know and love and that he wasn't abducted by aliens.


I actually like America.

We've been here for several months in California. Nowaki and I share an apartment, but for a while we had different rooms (my idea). That didn't last long. Nowaki would sneak into my bed almost every night. But he hardly ever messed with me. He'd wrap me in his arms and leave it at that, both of us falling into a peaceful and deep sleep, but I always wake up completely alone. He gets out of bed without waking me and leaves before I'm up. I wake up to breakfast and coffee already made, but no one to share it with. He's here to study, but I have a feeling that's not the only thing he's been doing.

I leave eventually to go take classes of my own and come back before he does. We always talk over dinner; dinner that's normally take out, because Nowaki is always too tired to make anything. I never understand why he forces himself to eat with me if he's so damn tired. He only listens about my day, he hardly speaks about his own.

Today I'm changing our normal nights into something else. I'm making dinner. I think the last time I made a meal from scratch was probably before Nowaki and I started dating. I don't want to feel useless, I don't want to be useless, and I don't want him to be tired of me.

For the past several months, he hasn't tried to have sex with me, or do much of anything aside from small kisses and cuddling. I don't mind it, I actually like the simple gestures, but he used to be so hungry for it all. It makes me think he's no longer interested. And that concerns me.

The landline phone that came with our apartment begins to ring, my head snapping out of my pessimistic thoughts for the time being.

"Hello?" I ask after picking the phone up, resting it between my chin and shoulder as I continue to cut the mushrooms I had been previously preoccupied with.

"Is this the Kusama residence?"

I blush at the fact that the man used Nowaki's surname, like everyone in the apartment with him is his relative. To those who don't know us, I guess we might as well be married. The apartment is only under his name after all.


"Nowaki isn't picking up his phone, but I just wanted to confirm that he's still working tomorrow."

I blink in confusion, the knife in my hand slicing through a mushroom then stilling. Working? He's only supposed to be here to study, so why is someone asking about him working tomorrow?

"I'm not sure… I'll have him call you when he gets home," I respond before hanging up.

I think I've cut enough mushrooms.

When Nowaki got home, I welcomed him the same way I always do: with my eyes uninterested, my lips firmly held and my arms held out, prepared to receive the embrace he always offers. This is actually my favorite part of every day. His strong arms encase me, his nose burrows into my hair and he says the same words, every time. "Hiro-san, I missed you." Then I close my eyes and only focus on his warmth, for seconds that I wish would last forever, but they never do. Because just like everything good in my life, it ends and he pulls away.

"What's that smell?... Did you cook? It smells wonderful!" Nowaki praises enthusiastically and I know he means it.

I might not seem the type and there may not be many people to have ever witnessed it, but my cooking isn't half bad.

We eat and I talk. Short sentences about my day in sparse detail.

"How was your day?... Anything new?" I ask as I allow food to continuously slip between my chopsticks. My voice was testing, but I doubt Nowaki could tell. He's tired.

As I wait for him to finish chewing –he never speaks when his mouth is full- I discover that I'm unable to look at him. I can only look downward at my full plate of food. I've hardly eaten anything. In fact I haven't been eating a lot for the past few weeks.

"It was good. No nothing new." Is his only response.

I set my chopsticks down, my eyes finally meeting his. He failed the test.

"I know you're tired, but could you at least pretend like you care? Or maybe you should try a little harder at lying."

I slam my hands on the table, pushing up out of my chair. If he's tired of me, he should just kick me out. It would be less painful than him dragging it out.

"What are you talking about? I'm not lying about any-" I cut him off.

"Why are you working while you're supposed to be studying?" To be completely honest, I don't really mind him working, it's the fact that he kept it a secret that makes me mad.

He blinks, but not in confusion. It's pretty clear that he knows exactly what I'm talking about now. He's not even trying to hide it.

"I can't tell you…" He says regrettably.

"You don't have to. Keep it a secret. But I refuse to be with someone who hides things from me," I growl, heading straight to my room, jerking the suitcase out from under my bed and opening it.

"Hiro-san, what are you doing?" I hear Nowaki's frantic voice coming from the bedroom doorway.

I just don't understand. Our relationship had been golden back in Japan, back before he kept the fact that he was going to go to America from me. Then he told me he wanted me to come with him and I thought we were back on. Why does he keep such petty things from me?

"Leave me alone," I say, my voice scraggily. I don't know when I started crying. "Baka…"

"Hiro-san…" I feel those warms arms again. I can't help but melt into them.

"You don't care anymore… If you're over me just say it," I sob. I don't even understand myself right now. I don't know what I'm doing. I hardly ever cry, so why the hell would I cry over something like this?

"I love you Hiro-san… I'll never get over you… You're always ruining my surprises right before I can show you. I was only going to work for one more day, tomorrow."

"But why? And why would you not tell me?"

"I knew that if I told you I was working, you'd dig until you knew exactly why… but I don't want you to know until I ask you."

"Ask me what?" I ask, my voice frustrated as I stare up at him.

"It wouldn't be much of a surprise if I just told you, would it?"

"Then when?"

"Once we get to the park."

"It's nighttime."

"I know."

Once we got to the park, I wasn't surprised to find it chilly and void of other people. It's well lit so I don't feel too secluded from the rest of the world. I really want to know what it is Nowaki is going to tell me. I'm anxious. We're walking, side by side, Nowaki's steps leading us somewhere, but from what I can tell, nowhere in particular. I clear my throat.

"Why are you working?" I decide to break the silence, getting straight to the point.

"To earn money," Nowaki responds almost instantly. I can hear the faint smile he wears through the tone of his warm voice. Just by speaking he makes the cool night not seem so cold.

"Money for what?" I ask, the suspicion ever present in my voice beginning to fortify.

He looks over at me and as I could tell from his voice, he's smiling, the type of smile that holds secrets. His expression says "I know something you don't."… which he does and he shouldn't, because it's pissing me off. I hate being left in the dark, especially by those I love… Because I guess that I really do love him. I went into our relationship purely for the fact (or so I believed) that I could get away from the pain of being hurt by Miyagi, to try and get over Akihiko once and for all. But there was still something that lead me to choose Nowaki and after all this time, I can say for sure that it's because my heart beats for him.

I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks at my own thoughts. He continues to watch me, that same knowing look on his face along with a mischievous smile on his lips.

"Are you going to tell me or… not….?" My words slow on my tongue until they're completely lost in my throat as I watch him slowly descend to one knee. My eyes can't help but widen. "Nowaki?"

"Coming to study wasn't the only thing I wanted to do here, Hiro-san," He explains, his smile large and not so playful as before. I watch his eyes and I can see the angst and nervousness swimming there.

Oh my god… What the hell is happening? I'm lost for words, my lips parted in disbelief as my feet become frozen to the ground, my body completely still.

"It's something that isn't legal in Japan, but here, in America, it's doable… so that's why I was wondering, while we're still here if you would… Will you marry me?" His hand splays out to me, revealing a box, an open box with a ring inside. Braided silver makes a lovely, shining hoop.

Did the world just stop? Did my entire body just cease functioning?

I can only stare, trying to process what he's just said to me…what he's asked me…

"Hiro-san?" he asks, but I still can't respond. "If you need time then you can have as much as you…"

"No…" I blurt out.

Nowaki blinks up at me. I can see him swallow. "No, you won't marry me?" He asks, looking lost, afraid.

"No… I mean, I don't need time to think," My mouth is moving and words are coming out, but if sounds like we're in a tunnel, like it isn't really me speaking. Like my heart is making all the decisions for me, my brain doesn't get any say in the matter.

He looks expectant as he waits for my answer. He's completely on edge, that's obvious.

"I… Yes… I'll marry you," I feel an actual smile beginning to bloom onto my face.

I'm pretty sure the smile stretching Nowaki's lips is ten times the size of mine. He grabs my left hand from my side and slips the band around my finger. The weight feels nice, so different from the burdensome, constricting feeling I've always expected to come with a wedding ring. This feels right. Like a piece of me that I never even knew I was missing has been rejoined to me. Of course I realize it isn't really the ring that has brought these feelings on me, it's what the ring symbolizes. For the rest of my life, I can have Nowaki by my side. I can love someone and I know they'll love me eternally back. I think, in the end, that's all I've really ever wanted.


"Take me."

In all honesty, I wasn't really expecting Shinobu say that, or better yet, demand that. I knew the entire car ride that he was having problems in the nether-regions, but I didn't think, even after I outed him on it, that he'd be so heated in requesting my help with his issue.

I can feel his fingers toying with the dips and planes of my abs, my shirt in the way of feeling his skin against mine. I like the way his touch seems to flutter across me and I love the way his breathing gives off hints of irregularity on the back of my neck. The last time we were in this kind of situation, I just gave him a blowjob, but the aura seems somehow different than before. I turn around slowly, Shinobu's hands repositioning on my chest, the small tremble of him against me so entirely Shinobu. I watch his eyes as I bring my hand up to his face and pull him gently towards me, our lips meeting so soft. He presses his body into mine as our lips move together in harmony, a tentative dance of pink skin molding and moving together. This moment could go on and on and I'd be content, holding closely this young man I've come to admire so truly, our touches so gentle and innocent, I'd be satisfied, but as Shinobu forces our tongues together, his touches becoming more solid, I know soft and cool isn't what would calm the fire burning inside him. He needs something more, something I wouldn't regret giving him.

"Miyagi," He moans against my lips as he forces the buttons of my dress shirt undone and moves to bring his fingers against my warm flesh.

I can't help but snake my arms around him, my hands on his back as they travel down until they're placed over his ass. I give him an experimental squeeze. His bum is firm with smooth muscle. He presses his clothed groin against mine in response; I can feel the hardness of his member wishing to escape his jeans, so I oblige. I bring a hand around, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants until I'm able to force my hand down his boxers. I take hold of the burning rod inside.

"Ahh!" Shinobu gasps, his lips ripping away from mine as his head falls back in response. His neck is completely exposed, his Adams apple jetting, so I kiss it softly. I can feel the bone quiver beneath my lips as I move my hand down the length of him. His nails dig into my abdomen.

As his head rises up, his eyes piercing through mine as I pump him slowly, he latches his lips back onto mine once again, his mouth moving more desperately then before. As our tongues fight, both of my hands retreat to his backside once again. He jumps up, my hands holding him at the butt and he wraps his legs around my middle, still kissing me, just as heated as before.

I stumble here and there as I traverse blindly towards my bedroom. I love the way he runs his hands through my hair. The ways he's grinding his pelvis into my torso sends fire down to my own sprouting erection and I can't help but image the faces and noises he'll make when I enter him for the first time. He might not be a virgin, but it will be our first time together and that's enough for me. At least, it might be his very first time to experience sex and the love that should always go with it.

We burst through my bedroom door and I'm tempted to just plop down, to be hasty, but that isn't acceptable. I want to consume him with emotions to make sure he notices and feels everything. I lay him gently down before reaching into my nightstand and retrieving a small bottle, the contents of which are essential for what's to happen tonight. I lie the bottle down next to him, for easy access later. I can hear each of his ragged breathes, raking at my ears, causing shivers of anticipation to shake my bones.

My shirt lies on the floor, as do our socks and shoes.

I crawl on top of him and kiss his chest, trailing pecks and soft bites up his collar bone and neck until I've made it to his face. Our eyes watch each other closely.

"I'm going to make love to you like no one ever has," I whisper before kissing him on the lips once again before moving downward.

He whimpers as I kiss his navel, his hips then pull down his pants and boxers. His penis curved and hard, falls back to the skin just under his bellybutton. Pre-cum oozes from his dick's head and seeps onto his olive flesh.

I bring my head down and starting at his balls, I lick a single trail up his entire length until the tip is between my lips and I'm slowly easing my mouth around the entirety.

"Miyagi…" He breathes in angst, his hands finding their way to my hair where they pull tentatively every once in a while.

My head bobs several times before I lick back down his shaft, past his balls until I reach the soft pucker between his glutes. It isn't until I push my tongue past the first ring of muscles that Shinobu yanks the tresses of my hair and seethes through his teeth. His reaction doesn't affect my exploration, I continue on, just as I had, a hand on his shaft, moving menacingly slow and my tongue working at his sensitive skin.

"Mmh!" his groans are hard to translate, but the growing heat in my hand is proof enough that he's enjoying what I've done thus far.

His reactions are a bit surprising though, seeing as how I thought he wasn't a virgin. Could he really be this sensitive?

I lick and prod my tongue into him, my thumb rubbing at his tip then back along the protruding veins of his cock.

"Miyagi…" He breathes, his voice sounding like he doesn't believe what's happening as I begin to softly knead it balls, feel his torso with my other hand, and kiss and lick what it is I'm kissing and licking.

I trail my tongue back upward, all the way back to his tip. I can tell he's watching me, his head off the bed as he grabs my hair, his eyes watching my every move. So I look back. Our eyes meet as a finger swirls around his opening and my lips suck at his member. And he responds to my gaze with furrowed eyebrows and glazed eyes and a defeated moan. I can feel my dick throb with want.

I press a finger, slowly into him, causing him to shake, his back arching off the bed as he takes in a sharp breath. The bottle of lube I've placed on the bed beside him comes into play now as I squirt some on my fingers and onto him. Two fingers inside, his dick touching the back of my throat, his mouth singing.

"Relax," I coo as I come up, bring my lips to his ear as I finger fuck him.

His walls are hot and tight. They're so tight. I can hardly believe it.

His chest pressed up into mine as I insert a third finger and nibble at his earlobe.

Sensitive ears. Noted.

I pause in all that I do, for a single second as I feel cool fingers press against my navel, sliding down to undo my pants before reaching in and pawing at my member. I resume my seduction as the hand in my pants grabs hold and pulls my dick out.

"M-Miyagi…" His other hand pushes on my chest. "Let me up…" He pants pushing me backwards.

He pulls my hands away from him and gets on his knees. I'm not sure of what he's doing until he bends forward, his hand grabbing the base of my cock and his lips pressing at the tip. My eyes shut instinctively, my head falling back. He runs his tongue through the slit of my penis. "Ahhh…." A deep moan rumbles past my lips. I wasn't expecting him to do that.

His head bobs up and down while his hand twists at the base and it's pretty obvious that he's done this before, but for now… I'm not complaining.

I run my hand down his spine as he sucks me, grabbing at his ass as I reach it. He moans, hot breath and tremors adding to the feel of his mouth around me.

I can feel it all building up, I can predict, that if he continues, I'll cum, if not soon, in a few minutes. So I bring my hand back up and cup the side of his neck, his skin hot and his pulse quick. I pull him up towards me until our lips collide and I can taste myself on him. On his knees, his hands grip at my shoulders and his spine arches backward. Our tongues meet slowly this time, no fight necessary, as they bump and push each other. He grabs my bottom lip gently between his teeth before repeatedly running his tongue over it.

My hands traverse down, feeling the curve of his back and the tight muscles, until I come to the bend of his legs behind his knees. I hook my hands here before pulling him forward and up. He lets out a small yelp of surprise that can only be describe as perfectly adorable as his arms wrap instinctively around my neck. He looks into my eyes and I look back, my hands cradling him against me.

"I won't drop you. Calm down," I speak softly before our foreheads touch together just as the tip of my member presses gently between his lower cheeks. His eyes close as a shiver runs through his entire body. I can feel his breathing heighten the slightest bit. "Are you ready?" I ask, rocking my hips softly, my dick rubbing against him.

He buries his face into my neck before nodding. But I won't have it. I will see his face when I enter him, when he becomes mine.

I lay his back onto the bed, his legs spread, his chest rising, and his eyes nervous. I lean over to kiss him lightly on the lips in hopes of calming him down.

"You have to relax… just watch me eyes… and feel this," I instruct before pumping his cock again.

As soon as the first mewl sounds off, I push the head through. His eyes widen as they stare into mine.

My intrusion continues slowly, his back easing up off the mattress and his fingers gripping my shoulders with each passing second.

"Ahh…" He breathes in and out, labored breaths. "So… Buh… big. Shit…" He gasps, rolling his hips towards me as I reach the hilt, the rest of me touching him.

I'm inside of Shinobu… we're one. He's mine… and he's so tight. I can feel the walls of him contracting and moving gently around me as he trembles underneath me.

"Are you ok?" I ask in a whisper near his ear before sucking softly on this collarbone.

"Y-yeah…" His hands slip down to my biceps and I can feel him move his hips slightly away, then back against me. "Ah!..."

I seethe through my teeth, against his skin in response to the friction that was just created between us… I'm not sure how long this slow and gentle side of me will last… but I have to try.

"Shinobu… may I move?" I ask as I kiss down his sternum and latch on to his chest.

"Yes…" His voice is so small, I probably wouldn't have heard him if I hadn't been anticipating that very word so immensely.

So I go, bringing my body away then back to him in several slow, careful movements, my lips parting in unbelieving bliss. When my balls meet his skin again, I feel him grind into me, his moans strengthening in volume.

"Ahh… Yes… mmmh!" I watch him closely as my pace quickens the slightest bit, amazed but the noises that escape him and I swear I'm pushed that much closer to the edge when I witness him bite his bottom lip.

The heat around my member pulls me in deeper as we both moan.

I've had sex before, many times, but this is something like I've never felt before. As I rock my hips into him, I can't help relocate my groaning mouth onto his, our tongues meeting in a way that is indifferent to skill, the action being purely infatuated and catalyzing to our imminent climax.

I can feel his fingers touring down my spine and giving extra attention to the muscles on either side. My hand finds its way to his dick, which I hadn't realized had become so searing, so wet at the top, so tight below the base. He's close and as I push into him once again, this time being a bit harder than the rest, I'm able to conclude that I am too.

I part our battling mouths as I repeatedly move into him, the noises of slapping skin against skin wet and tangible. His entire body moves slightly up and down with each thrust and pull.

"Shinobu… You're wonderful," I whisper into his ear, as he lets out the most desperate cry I've heard all night, his nails digging into my shoulders.

"Miyagi… Miyagi!" He howls.

And I make a noise, so similar, just ten seconds late.

"Shinobu… I love you."

Hope you guys liked it:) As you can tell... two more lemons still need to happen... they're so hard to write and i'm sure there were a ton of mistakes in that one... Oh well! If you guys liked it or whatever, please tell me in a comment, I love hearing from you all, as you already knew! have a great day!and week! and month! and year! MY COUSIN KEEPS TRYING TO READ WHAT I'M DOING! He's freaking me out! write to you later! 3