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Isabel's POV:

Cole and I were driving home. And when I say home, I don't mean to the apartment in California. I mean back to the Culpeper house in Mercy Falls but not alone of course, as we are accompanied by Sam and Grace. There are six days until Grace's wedding but as her nerves increase for the upcoming week, I become more excited about the bachelorette party.

"Iz-sabel." Cole slipped up almost using my nickname but he pulled me back from the outer edges of my brain.

"Yeah?" I responded as I directed my attention to his green eyes.

"Are you okay?" He said as he glanced from the road, to me and back again.

"Yeah, no. I'm fine." I said reassuring him and watched him take my hand to hold it.

"We're almost home. Aren't you excited?" Grace said from the back seat.

"Grace, I'm sorry to tell you this but I am not excited at all." I said looking out the window. "But I can't wait for you bridal shower tonight!" I added for the excitement.

"Question, why is there bridal showers and baby showers but never any showers for men." Sam piped in.

"Because men don't know that it's wrong to wear the same underwear two days in a row." I joked from the front seat.

"Oh boy." Cole said from the driver's side.

"What?" I asked beginning to worry.

"Two days? Really? I've been wearing mine for the past month." He said smirking.

"Cole… that is disgusting." Grace said. "Isabel? I am so sorry. I understand why you make him sleep on the couch."

"Grace. He's kidding. At least I hope so. "I said pulling at the top of his jeans to see what boxers he's wearing.

"I am thank you very much." Cole said trying to swat my hands away. "Geez can't even make a joke anymore. This wedding stuff has made you ladies too serious." We pulled up to Sam and Grace's house and got out of the car. Nothing had changed except the seasons. We assisted Grace and Sam inside before Cole announced that he had promised my father we would visit. Once Cole and I arrived back in the car, I waited for his explanation but he didn't notice the look I was giving him so I asked.

"Cole? When did you talk to my father?" I said crossing my arms.

"When he called." He answered while backing out of the driveway.

"When did he call?" I asked as Cole pulled on to the main road.

"Last week when you were out with Grace." He said staring at the road.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked as we were coming up to a stop sign.

"I forgot." He said.

"COLE STOP!" I yelled and felt him slam on the breaks.

"Damn it. I'm sorry, are you okay?" He said moving his hand toward me.

"Yes. I'm fine." He crossed through the intersection with one hand on the steering wheel and the other feeling the outside of his pocket. "Do you need your phone?" I asked starting to look in my bag to see if I accidently had it.

"No, I got it." Cole said passing the turn that leads to my house.

"Cole." I said annoyed.

"Yeah?" He said while itching his chin.

"You missed the turn to my house."

Cole's POV:

"Oh. Sorry." I said turning the car around. I had just felt the ring box in my pocket when I realized I missed the turn. I was so nervous. My palms were sweating and the car suddenly felt like an inferno. Pulling up into Isabel's old driveway, my anxiety increased with each step. I walked over to Isabel's side of the car and opened the door for her. Confused, she stepped out anyways in a bright pink cardigan with a floral blouse all tied together with a tan belt wrapped around her waist. I shut the door behind her and that was when she finally noticed no one was home.

"Cole? What's going on?" She said turning to me but I just grabbed her hand and led her around to the back of the house. "What are you doing?"

"You'll see." I said and opened the door and walked us both into the mudroom.

"Cole, no one is home. Stop acting like we are breaking in!" She said to me as we walked towards the stairs. I pulled her with me and climbed the stairs that led to a hallway and stopped. I turned to Isabel who was silently waiting for me to speak.

"Isabel," I started taking her hands in mine. "Almost three years ago, I met you here. Although I was naked and frozen and scared that I was going to be killed by two generations of beautiful women, I never thought that I would love one of them. I had no idea that our first kiss would end up in this house. And even though your father tried his hardest to kill me, it has never stopped the way I felt about you. Izzy, you never judged me when I was lying naked on the floor or when you discovered the scars of my past. You never let me down and always kept me on my toes. Isabel you are the first girl that I didn't want to destroy and the first girl who tried to not love me. So… Isabel Rosemary Culpeper…" I said bending down on one knee and watching her icy-blue eyes tear up. "Will you marry me?"

She paused and in that time I could sense her heart rapidly beating in her chest. I watched as she wiped a tear away from her eye and sniffled before she answered me.

"Yes." I felt relief wash through my body and stood up sliding the ring onto her left ring finger. She didn't even look at it before she placed her hands on my cheeks and pulled me into a deep kiss. I placed my hands lightly on her hips and began to kiss her back while her hands moved around my neck.


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