Note this takes place after Irregulars another story of mine.

New Paradise Chapter one "The Doctors long day."

Six put the canister of inert useless nanites on her desk, and she looked up at him and spoke.

"You own me dinner Mister!"

He his face didn't move, but it didn't move in a way that after a few years told her things.

"I'm afraid we are in for a long night Doctor. We have a new set of trouble makers that need to be figured out and entered into the system. One of them I'm afraid his a pair of high-end cybernetic arms, so that's all on you. Umm there is SOME good news though."

She tried to smile at the thought of an all nighter with Six around, then he finished talking.

"The good news is . . ."

He put a severed black metal arm into her nice clean desk.

". . you don't need to be there while I hose him down to start. Oh and this is all Rex's work so he's back in top form."

That mess with White Knights test kept her up more than a few nights this past month. Most of them calls from the watch Captain saying Rex was in the shower again using up all the hot water.

"Six you really know how to charm a girl, remind me to have talk with Rex about social skills."

He smiled.

"I let him Noah and BoBo drive home they probably wont be here till dawn if Rex drives, so it'll have to wait. I'll see you in cell block A with a restraining bolt for his one remaining arm Doctor."

She shook her head.


Forty minutes later she figured out the arm was a black market out of Chiba city where all the real nuts buy their cybernetics. It would need more implants to support it, so she double timed it down to the holding cells if this guy had one or two tricks left to pull she wanted them tuned off.

Entering the detention level, she passed though seven levels of security, and thanked god there wasn't an alert now on account of the cavity search. Walking down the line of holding cells she spotted Hunter Cane eyeballing Quarry across the hall way. Hunter was polite as she passed.

"Good day Doctor Holiday."

Quarry wasn't.

"Stewart I need my room moved, the neighbors are horrible."

Hunter fired back as she made it around the corner.

"One day freak, I'm going to get me a jack hammer, and brake some rocks."

Reaching the correct cell she saw a naked man with no arms running out, only to have Six grab him by his one remaining arm.

"Get back here!"


The voice cut though her like a hot knife though butter.

Fifteen years ago, Los Angeles California. Holiday thirteen years old with a face full of achene, and braces comes home from UCLA. Dumping her over stuffed backpack to the right of the door, and called out.

"Mom! My professor wants to talk to you again! I don't want my picture in any magazines anymore!"

Walking into the apartment she finds her mother passed out on a leather couch next to bottle of crystal champagne. Holiday looked at her mothers baby bump, and frowned.

"Christ. . .again. . . "

"Had nothing to do with that one! "

Holiday turned to see her stepbrother, Gatlock about seventeen years old, and with a nasty black eye.

"Simon what happened this time?"

"Yea I kind of walk in on stepmomie and what I'm guessing by the Korean thing as was your dad . . . .again."

Back in the present Six looked confused by his partner hugging the prisoner.

"Umm Doctor?"

Gatlocke spoke in a very annoyed tone of voice.

"SHHH hugging my sister. . . .while I'm naked in your hallway. . . "

This is it thought Doctor Holiday as she sat cross-legged on the roof of Providence desert headquarters. You do this and it's for life, just like you always knew it would if you went back girl.

She flipped open her zippo lighter, and lit her first Menthol Kool cigarette in five years. The Doctor inhaled deeply. Looking at the netbook on her lap she spoke idly.

"Baby sister will be pissed when she gets better after we swore to quit together."

Agent Six looked on with confusion as he spoke.

"That's whats got you worried? You asked me to keep Gatlockes real name off my report, and bring me up here why again?"

"I've sat on something, Six. I couldn't tell Knight because I didn't want him to know how I got it or that I arranged to get it on my own. "

"You don't make a habit of that do you?"

"Maybe. Tell me Six am I off Knights radar most of the time?"

He looked out over the horizon, wondering just where this conversation was leading him.

"If I had to guess he'd think he has your sister, and that's enough for him if you fallow me?"

She took a drag off the Kool before speaking.

"I love her Six, and my days not over until something happens on her case, but if the worlds going to continue it's going to because Rex saves it. I want to pull a bait and switch on Knight. Make him thing that Simon's father is trading the info I have for his release."

"Is what you have really worth that risk?"

Holiday played the message on the netbook, as she let the that be her answer.

"Well Lady be damned if we did not step into some shit this time. Eddie's going to need some new metal parts, and Boone well he's still Boone. Sooooo yea, the solar panels self-cleaning crap is mostly holding, and they've got six wind turbines still moving so they got wind power too. We knew this for a while it 'splained the lights at night and all. That wack job Boone had the idea that since all the city had a CCTV set up like jolly old London we had a way to check for your boy and it didn't involve knocking on doors and asking. We got into one of the places they used to fix the shit when it broke, and put your boys face into the crook search thingy. We got four hits, and had video on two. Here ya go, and I hope it all works out. And Lady . . . yea in the second one that is who you think it is, maybe in the first one too, but that would just be scary."

Tossing the half-finished Kool off the roof, and hit play on the next video.

It showed a static filled silent video in black and white video of a young Rex pulling a familiar jacket off a department store dummy, and posing for a girl. She was tallish Caucasian looking, and had a face Holiday thought could have been on TV the idol of millions.

The clip ended and she loaded the second one, marked as coming from a police car via a remote connection, it had color, sound, and much to her surprise special effects. A hand reached into the frame and glowing circuitry like lines covered her crown to heal. The girl's flesh was slowly covered in golden scales and she dumped a container marked gasoline over her head. Before smiling for the camera she blew a kiss and spoke.

"Watch this!"

She closed her eyes, lit a match, and when up like a paper doll under a flame. In a minute the fire was gone, and she was wearing only chard tatters of clothing as she spoke.

"All thanks to you Rex!"

She closed the netbook, and looked up at Six. They both knew what it meant, if that was Rex's hand then he had at some point either modified an EVO, or worse turned a human into one. Six spoke, and his voice was all business.

"Who is your father . . ."

She cut in.

"Stepfather, or was for a year and a half until the divorce."

"Who the hell is GAVLOCK'S father that he'd have this?"

"Senator Van-Fleit is has been in office since before I was born. He used to be a power player, but he's kind of an old lion these days. It would just look like he was bailing Simon out one more time."

Six took his glasses off and closed his eyes out of frustration.

"What if he just calls someone on the Committee?"

"He'd look bad, Simon would go to jail, and he might get black mailed. Van-Fleit is old, and he was against the Providence funding bill Six, his career is over. He will want to save Simon one more time."

He got down on one knee and looked her in the eye. As much as he was trying to connect with her, and make her believe what he was saying was important all she could think of his brown eyes and not green who would have guessed.

"Holiday, if this goes wrong the BEST you can hope for is JAIL FOR LIFE. More than likely you AND your sister will DIE. If I back you up being Rex's babysitter will not protect me from being killed. Rex will get caught in the middle, and he is IT for humanity's future. How is all of that worth not going to White Knight, and getting on his shit list for going outside protocol?"

She grabbed him by the tie, and pulled him in for a kiss. A moment later they pulled apart and she answered him.

"Because he'll know that I'm willing to go outside protocol, and then he'd go looking for anything else I might have my fingers in. He'd come out of his box to kill me himself Six if he knew half of it."

Six stood up, stepped back dusted himself off, and put his glasses back on. Almost as if he was putting his armor on again, Agent Six put things together.

"Rex didn't figure out how to get off the Keep himself, BoBo taught him, and you put them in a room together that first time. What else? Knight is a borderline paranoid OCD case, and he's got nothing to do all night long but get worse. It takes more than not looking like a threat, he will look for something anyway sooner or later, and finding out about your former Stepfather might just set him off!"

The Doctor stood up, and moved for the door.

"Then he'd better not find out then."

About dawn a dented burning armored van rolled into Providence base on 2 flat tires. As the motor pool crew ran over extinguishers in hand. The driver side door flew off its hinges and out stepped Rex strutting with pride a stalk of corn oddly in his hand. Behind him BoBo was in Noah's arm in the passenger seat shaking like leaves in the wind, as Rex spoke.


Noah stepped out of the truck still holding BoBo.

"I'm going to see this in my dreams for the rest of my life."

The monkey hoped down, and spoke.

"That won't be too long if he keeps driving!"

The boy left his companions in near shock as he dragged the corn-stalk roots all through the halls of the base leaving a dirt trail and talking smack as he went.

"I can dive stick shift, but don't all hero's, hooo YEA!"

He passed Captain Callan who looked on in confusion.

"Hello Captain fine day to PICK SOME CORN AIN'T IT?"

Rex entered Holidays lab like unto a legend in his own mind, walking passed Agent Six over to the Doctor sitting at her spotless desk. He plopped the plant desk, covering it in dirt and flexed his muscles like a super star.

"I give you carnivorous, free roaming, incurably EVO, CORN! Oh yea I cured it too!"

The Doctor smiled as she answered.

"Oh, Rex you always get me such nice presents. Now you know the drill, get the specimen tray out of the exam station so I can dissect this, and then visit the janitor's closet and get some stuff to clean my desk!"

The boy leaned in close to her face, and more jokingly then usual hit on her.

"Why Doctor Holiday I think you take my gift in the wrong light we are just co workers, I even suspect Agent Six might. . ."

She playfully put her finger over his mouth ending his joking.

"Testing supplies, then cleaning supplies, now."

Rex turned and went about his usual chores after bringing in a "trophy". After the last month of bad dreams, and trying very hard to the big brother to Cassie he was back on top of his all be it tiny word. His cunning senses had however clued him in that everything was not back to normal. Six stood in front of him the dissection tray in hand.

"The Doctor and I have business to talk about, so I'll clean up you go talk to Yuri and get your medical checkup."

Rex looked over his shoulder at Doctor Holiday, and she had that look on her face that said she was pissed. His cunning mind put the bits together.

"Aaaa I see!"

He patted Six on the back as he left.

"You two had a fight, understood I'm gone."

As he ducked out the door he heard the Doc for a second before it shut behind him.


When the door shut he thought to himself.

Well it's good she's moved on after I let her know it was over. . .who the hell am I kidding she's so out of my league I should feel bad for thinking about her in the shower . . . not that I DO but. . . wait a minute Six and Holiday? That means I owe BoBo $25!

Rex ducked to his left into a maintenance closet, or what used to be a maintenance closet. When that big room turned into Whites office he had some of the wiring moved around to keep anyone from just hitting the wrong switch opening a door, and getting him all full of nanites again. Now this was just a an empty room with armored plaiting in it reinforcing Whites office, and one now redundant vent in case of fire. Rex pulled the vent cover off and crawled to the other end in the lab he just left, and listened.

Six sounded pissed, not his normal pissed actually pissed!

"I was in Kyoto, when the event happened! You do not have the right to stand here and tell me about sacrifices! Some things are too important to risk, because if you lose them it is a short fast road to game over! What you are doing puts it all in danger Rebecca!"

Rex lay there wanting to look out the vent, but he knew he'd be spotted easy. All he could do was lay there, and listen. Holiday sounded calmer then she should. It was so strange hearing Six angry, and her not.

"I know you lost your wife in Kyoto Six, but I know the risks I'm taking. You could die any day of the week fighting god knows what. If we don't bend the rules, and buck the system this will never end. You brought Rex in you know that!"

"He was a miracle, when we needed one Becky , but if the establishment kills you he is too young to let it go for the good of the mission. He will lose it, and it's my job to deal with him if he loses it! Do not play Batgirl again without talking to me!"

Rex felt his Bio's start to drop at the sound of what they where saying.

What the heck can she be doing that so risky? What the hell did Six mean by "my job to deal with him?" Do not panic, do not let the alarm in Holidays pocket go odd because your Bio-readings crash!

He readings stayed just above warning line that would set off the alarm meant alert the good Doctor if his readings where crashing. Then Holiday started talking again.

"If I could be everything he needs me to be to save this world, I would. The thing is I am not that person. Dealing with the nanite problem is half disease control, and half reverse engineering. It is too much, we don't have the time to do it right, and as much time as Rex has bought us it is not enough. Every time he cures someone he absorbs the active nanties, and shuts them down, but he doesn't have the storage capacity. On top of that I've run the numbers Six the numbers of incurable EVO are rising, and Rex's abilities are not growing fast enough to make up for it. It's game over before I'm 40, my sister never gets fixed, if I'm lucky I get to die knowing that humanity ends with the current generation. No, I am not going to allow that."

It's all my fault isn't it? I'm not doing enough, and she's risking too much trying to make up for it.

Their argument ended as the alarm in Holidays pocket when off.

White Knight looked down on Doctor Holiday from four TV screens .

"The Senator want's his brat released? Fine take the info but make sure we have a record of him making the offer, we might need his vote before his term is up, and I want a bargaining chip of my own. "

The Doctor responded like she was talking about the weather, perfectly calm and not betraying that anything might be out of the ordinary.

"I'm sorry Sir, he called me directly with the offer and not thought he main line."

The man in white raised his eyebrow just a little.

"Why in the sam hill would he do that Doctor?"

"He was my Stepfather for about a year and a half. I guess I'm the closest thing he has to a friend in Providence. He'll keep his word, he's always bailing Simon out of whatever he gets into."

If Knight suspected anything he didn't let on.

"I swear that man has had more wives than Henry the 8th. What was the problem with Rex before you came down?"

"I was ripping Six a new on for leaving Rex, BoBo, and Noah in the middle of no wear to drive home in some junker of a van. They got attacked by a pack of EVO corn, but Rex took care of it. He's learned to cure them even. We should schedule a hunt for next summer that's mating season for them."

Knight hung his head.

"I have lived so long as to see meat-eating corn. Wipe Rex's ass, and tell him Mommie and Daddy didn't mean make him feel bad with all the screaming. Then call the Senator, and let him know well take the information and forget we had his brat."

"Yes Sir."

The Doctor left the room, and kept her face from showing the relief she was feeling.

That man may have me killed one day, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be today. By tonight I can show Knight the info Russel sent back, and then he'll order a team into New Paradise. We need either the girl or if anyone was doing any real research before pulling something like that, the hard drive off the scanner in that hospital.

The girl is the really scary part, she was either a human Rex made EVO or an EVO he altered. Either way we learn a lot from this. It is worth it no matter what Six said.

Rex woke up in the Doctors lab, and looked down at the bandage on his right arm.

"I got a shot to calm me down like I was 12 again. Good thing my nanites are good at getting rid of that crud these days."

He couldn't help but remember what the Doctor said.

"If I could be everything he needs me to be to save this world, I would. The thing is I am not that person."

What does that mean? Is she, are they just nice to me because of what I can do? If this was over tomorrow, would they even talk to me? Are they doing to me what I did to Cassandra without realizing it? I know I'VE used people and thrown them away before. . . crap I normally spend my nights worried about who I really am, and now I have to worry about the people around me.

Rex found his legs and with a thought his nanties cleaned whatever was left of sedative from his body. Agent Six entered the room before he could leave it. He couldn't ever remember not wanting to see him.

"I need to take a walk."

"Rex sit down."

He sat down without argument.

"So you heard us talking before, and what you heard you can't mention EVER. It is life and death Rex."

The boy spoke without thinking.

"Even here? I check the room every day with my powers."

Six raised an eyebrow.


"Really what? You two want me to sit on me hands until you tell me move? "

Six tried to talk him down.

"If you think what she's doing is foolish and wrong I agree with you but she did it to find out about your past, and she does have something. It might end up costing all of us, but now there is nothing we can do but see if we got lucky, and make sure it was worth it is we weren't. "

He looked up a Six with a mix of fear and uncertainty.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I don't know what she's been doing or what the fallout might be. Once this is over, she and I will be having a long talk. Until then we HAVE to act like nothings different, or I might not get to manage this."

"MANAGE THIS! Like it's a. . . something to manage. . . If I only had a brain."

Six's communicator came to life and Rex could hear Holidays voice.

"Six the Senator came though, get Rex ready for a few quick movies."

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