New Paradise Chapter Four: "Hail To The King."

Sparks flew from under the hood of a Ford XB Falcon hard top GT351. The car was a classic and unlike the dozen or so in town err "city yes this was a city" he thinks to himself, it only sees real gas in the tank. The idea of converting the engine to wood alcohol was a sin against art in his mind. This was his town, and he'd only have the best while he ruled it.


He smiled at the sound of his name he always did, and "Rex" turned his welding torch off with a though pulled his dark goggles up on to his blonde hair before turning to meet his visitor. She was tall build like a runway model, and had an appearance like unto a statue made of golden scales.

"Hello Donna, hows my girl?"

"The hunters came back from getting this round of meat corn, and they said they saw a lot of stuff going on at the base."

He smiled at the though of Providence being stupid enough to coming into " his desert". He made a note to stop feeding the worms and jackal monkeys for a while.

She seemed hesitant as she spoke.

"T-they found a dead w-worm, one of the bigger ones."

Rex put the wielder down, and walked over to her wrapping his arms around her in an attempt at being kind.

"Ssshhh you didn't kill that worm did you?"


"Then you don't have a thing to worry about. Now is their anything else?"

"That guy that runs rum in from New Zealand, he's got a visitor, EVO like us and he's out of his mind on worm slim."

He frowned a little.

"Well now that shameless narcissist got a new boy-toy at the same time one of my worms dies. Now putting these two things together dear gives us a problem if that eunuch is in fact the one that killed my worm. You where right to come to me with this my dear, now grab a few dogs while I get my car here ready to drive!"

Rex felt his head clearing and he sat up in bed to the sound of raised voices.

"Pare golpearme. Tiene una cara como un avestruz!"

"What did you do you little. . . .! GRRR, if he's as messed up as that one guy I'm going to do more than hit you with a dictionary!"

The second one was a voice he heard before, and got out of bed and walked over to her. She was half a head shorter than he was with shoulder length dark hair roasted red halfway down.


She ran to him, and wrapped her arms around him. Rex had no idea he was still in his boxer shorts.

"REX! Did he touch you?"

"Ummm aa I think I'm hung over. . . or dieing."

"OK, your fine then he doesn't get people messed up until after."

Rex savior spoke up.

"HAY HAY NOW! Wait that's actually right soooo never mind."

"Rex this is my brother Little Sancho, he sent an EVO carrier pigeon my way and got lucky I wasn't that far away."

Rex shook his head.

"Umm you look less Mexican than I do."

Little shouted like a small boy looking for attention.

"She's the mailman's child really!"

Circe grew her over sized bug jaw out of her face.

"Our father WAS a mailman YES now sit down PLEASE or I'll bit you again!"

"Eeep! Put that thing away!"

Her face turned back to normal, and Rex spoke.

"I'm guessing the pale thing's not make up is it?"

"I'm an EVO and a vegan take your pick. Rex everyone's going crazy trying to find you, even Van Klies is worried."

Rex stepped away from her in a huff, grabbing his clothing off the dresser and starting to dress.

"Let me guess you guys have a book on me too?"

"So you read that trash I guess. . . and no but I did get a long talking to over you. If Breech was here I'd probably have her drag you out of here. He told me this is where Providence captured you. He told me if you ever remembered. . ."

Rex cut in.

"I figured this out once before Circe, and I'm here to do it again. This time I am not going to lose. What do you know?"

She looked worried.

"That if this ever happens, I'm supposed to drag you to Van Klies kicking and screaming if I have too. Seeing as Bio-wolf wouldn't let me keep Breech around that's off the table for 12 hours at least."

Something connected in Rex's brain, and he grabbed the girl by the arms a bit harder than he should.


Little Sancho spoke up.

"Hay now mind your tone, she's a bitch and all, but she's still family."

The girl put her hand on his face, and tried to guide him back to reality.

"He told me Providence lied to you. That you're being used by an empire whose time has passed, and that you where more than your makers ever intended you to be."

Rex closed his eyes and spoke.

"Prototype, Test-type, and now Final Production Model. Gabriel where did you think the money was coming from? If it's worth anything to you I agree with you, this is too fast, and having anyone but you write the code for weaponization is foolish. Take care of Rex he really is the best of us."

The siblings look at each other and spoke at the same time.

"What are you talking about?"

"It's what he said just before it happened, Van Klies talking to Doctor Rylander I mean. Five minutes later it happened, and I saved his twisted little ass."

Circe perked up a bit.

"You saved Van Klies?"

Rex started spouting off like he was half mad, and in truth he was.

"No, Prototype, Test type, Final WEAPONIZED Production Model. Van Klies is the youngest of us, they cloned him over a longer while so he popped out older. They used two-thirds of the first batch of nanites saving me after . . . I FELL OFF MY BIKE. . . . and the rest of them on HIS worthless ass. They had to make more for Van Klies, and fast. HE didn't do HALF AS WELL AS I DID THE . . . "

Circe's brother shook his head.

"I think he's loco."

The girl her self shook in fear just a bit.

"No I think he's waking up, and that's not good."

Rex his eyes glassed over turned for the door, as he passed Little Sancho he raised a had to stop him, but his sister grabbed his wrist.

"What are you going to so, stop him? Hell no, not even the two of us, not today. He's a hand grenade and he either doesn't care . . . or worse can't see it. Providence is bad for him, but his keepers might just . . . not be. Can you still fly fast with a passenger?"

Little Sancho raised an eyebrow.

"Do you know the kind spoiled meat they got in this town chica?"

"Do you know what we where all meant to be, EVO's I mean? If he's even part right, there are only two of those in this town, and if we move very fast we can keep it from being one."

A Providence tank with the words "Have a nice day." written down the side was blasting through the desert swarmed by a mix of EVO birds dogs and two smaller version of the worm Rex fought earlier. Nash screamed.


Six wrapped a bandage around his left wrist, and picked up his sword.

"Right, lets keep complaining about that."

He opened the top access hatch for the tank and Russel and Six hopped out again. The man stopped cold as the horde began to move off. He turned around to find Nash holding a gun on a young EVO with bug wings. The young man spoke.

"The immortal Russel Nash! Man is their ever a price on your head out here!"

"Come to take my head from my shoulders then?"

"Nope, I'm just a rum runner with a head full of dreams. Oh and by the way my sister is drawing the ferals off and we kind of need to take them out before they get to her or shes toast."

Nash rolled his eyes.

"And we should care about your sister because?"

"Well I've kind of got this important message from her to the man in green over there and what I'm told is his hot doctor side kick. "Rex is awake." That help mister trigger happy?"

Six spoke up.

"We need to find him Nash."

"We know where he is, and who gives a shit about this guy and his sister?"

Six hit his communicator.

"Deal, Holiday have them turn the tank to follow the horde, and open fire. Yep it is Circe, apparently its her brother up here."

Rex tossed a wolf the size of a man into wall, and stopped to gasp for breath.

"You know. . . air conditioning would be nice. . .right Donna?"

The gold girl responded with a dead pan stare.

"I've got AC, unlike most people. You, you had a chance to walk away, why would you come back?"

Rex smiled though his exhaustion.

"The little freak almost kill me, and I saved him during the event he's my responsibility. Where is old Adam anyway?"

The girl screamed in anger.


She laid into him with those metal fists of hers. She wasn't super strong, just invulnerable. The average in shape human can punch though a TV screen assuming that don't care about a broken hand and some bleeding. The girls blows hit Rex square in the chest, and he was sure he'd have welts in the morning.

"You know I know a guy that hits harder, and he's just a guy with a thing for green."

She tried to deck him square in the face, but he caught it.

"Sorry, but we've done this before remember."

Rex cured her with a thought, and the girl dropped to her knees.

". . nonononononono .."

"He picked you because of your stepfather. I'll make sure your actually taken care of for once."

Rex whipped his forehead, and took a deep breath.

"We need to face that Adam is a failed experiment! The cloning process was too new and he's just too damaged! Remember that one BLANKO! Your alive because Rylander felt sorry for you, and OH YEA THEY DIDN'T TELL ME YOU CAVED MY SKULL IN YOU LITTLE FREAK!"

A hot black car rolled around the corner, and Adam aka Rex stepped out. Next to each other they looked like carbon copies separated by eye and hair color. Maybe skin to if one hadn't been living in a desert for a few years.

"Well well, you lived! Dammed if I wasn't going to smack-a-bitch tonight but this IS ALL MY FAULT. "

Rex nodded his head, images of him running terrified though the desert where now crystal clear in his mind.

Rex younger and less apt with his powers stood in the same place two years earlier.

"You're not who I though I'd find here, but these people they are all afraid of you."

What came next was a horrid memory he knew he'd never be free of of running for his life through the desert. Every machine he tried to use turned against him by someone who couldn't make his own.

"Oh yea you had this coming for a long time."

Back in reality, Adam smiled.

"Make your move."

Rex grabbed him by his shirt and tossed him away from the car like a rag doll.

"I remember last time you garbed my machines and beat me with them! This time white boy I just make you bite the curb!"

Rex tried to kick Adam square in the face, and blonde boy rolled to his left pulling out a gun.

"I'll be damned you CAN learn! TO bad your still an idiot!"

He pulled the trigger catching Rex in the arm and he screamed.


His hand glowed for a second and he pulled out the bullet.

"A .22? You shot me with a .22 and a revolver! Do you know what I do for a living!"

Rex saw familiar white glowing lines go from his hand to the gun. The guns barrel looked like it grew longer and thinner. He fired again and the bullet now a propelled needle passed through Rex stomach and came out his back. Rex stopped blinked, as he tried to lower the amount internal damage. He bluffed.

"That's all you got?"

Adam called that bluff.

"With you between me and the car YEA."

He fired again and Rex ducked to his left counting as he went.

"That's three."

Adam stood up and joked.

"We won't get to five."

He fired for a fourth time, and Rex formed his oversized smack hands out of desperation as a shield. The needle bullet penetrated one hand, and lodged in Rex's forearm shattering bone. Feeling the pain, Rex whispered a prayer thanking god Adam was using a revolver for this and not a much faster semiautomatic. He then switched to his new electric whip, and kicked up the generator. Adam gloated.

"I'm going play piƱata with that your body, and that whip after I kill you."

Not knowing the whip had electricity going though it, and confident in his ability to take control of any machine Adam didn't try to dodge. The voltage dropped him like a bad habit.


Rex walked over to Adam holding his gut, blood dripping from his shirt on both sides and touched Adam lightly on the forehead curing him.

"I really do hope this kills you, you piece of garbage."

Fifteen minutes later the tank rolled into town, it's EVO population all hiding in fear. Holiday ran to Rex who was kneeling next to Adam.

"Oh my god! What happened to you?"

Rex smiled happy to see her.

"Doesn't matter. Prototype, Test Type, Final Weaponize production model. Adam, ME and Van klies that order. Adam's sick, cloned all wrong the nanites were supposed to fix all that but it was too much they didn't think would work. I got bumped up in line, and he tried to kill me with a rock, and tell them I fell of my bike. Rylander didn't give up on either of us, and EVOed me anyway. They tired to do it to him later because, they didn't figure it out. They got a Rex knock off for their trouble, nothing he can do I can't do better because the nanites spend all their time keeping his ass alive. The event was them trying to make more for Van Klies, it was stupid too fast, and he told them that. They did it anyway."

He doubled over in pain as the Doctor went to work.

"Rex shut up, and keep still work on that hole in your stomach!"

He laughed though the pain.

"HaHa Rylanders upgrade fixed my damaged brain but he didn't live long enough to tell me how to turn it on. . . Build protocal enabled, critical damage sustained, Stasis lock ON."


Eighteen months later Providence HQ.

"Holidays log supplemental. Continued research into Adam and what he knows continues to yield positive results, and I believe it will . . . for as long as he lasts. Degradation in every major organ continues, and if he knows the right command to wake Rex up he's not talking."

The Doctor passed though a set of armored doors to a hospital room that was half jail cell. Adam Spoke.

"Hay pretty Lady, come to give me some alternative medicine!"

She looked at him and just saw Rex's face in a fun house mirror.

"Nope, just here to tell you your still dieing. Want to tell me how to wake Rex up so he can save you?"

He smiled.

"Heck no, he maybe into playing hero this week, but not with me. You can call baby brother for me, or I'm done talking! Oh wait we played this game every day this week, you just turn the morphine off, and I tell you something simple and basic, and you turn it back on. Face it with him on ice you need what ever info you can get, and I need to not be in agony while I die. So unless you have a new game to play give me mister needle and I'll give you the code to I don't know count the number of nanites in a system."

She looked him dead in the eye.

"What do you want, man-kind to die with you? No you don't care. What will it take?"

She joked.

"Sleep with me."

She smiled.

"Is that all sure, but code first because you're a little shit."

Adam blinked.

"Like you'd go there."

"Please your dieing, how long could it last? You want to have fun bragging to Rex after we're done and maybe describe a birth mark or two the boy will never see? For the future of humanity yea I'll take one for the team."

His blood-shot eyes got wide.

"Damn you are a slut! No wonder Rex hung out here, you just look like Rylander's daughter and he was all over that girl wanting her to play Doctor or be his Mommie or some crap. Thing is your right though, I'm not in the best of shape, so piss off!"

She pulled out a needle from her coat, and stuck him with a powerful sedative.

"OK then."

He was out like a light, and she started unhooking the machines. When done, she pulled out her cell phone.

"Yuri he's dead. Take him to the Morgue on level one, I'll do the autopsy before any nanites still left in him shut down."

She pulled out another disposable cell phone from her pocket, and sent a txt to the only number in the memory.

-Will be ready for Breach in 30. Time to give up the code, and no tricks.-

In a second she got 3 replies.

-System resume no changes-

-01110111 01100001 01101011 01100101 01110101 01110000-

-Be careful Doctor this bypasses any fault tolerances and puts him back where he was. Tell him not to worry, I never liked our older brother.-

Holiday dumped the phone in the medical waste trash sending it to the incinerator, and walked from the room. She had 30 minutes to make this look like a happy coincidence.

"Better to risk a world with TWO monsters, then one without a hero."

The END.