Author's Note: So, I got the idea for this one-shot from the BRAND NEW HOUSE OF ANUBIS SNEAK PEEK ON nick . com ! It's called House of Hello: Nina is back! I just gotta say, I cannot wait for the show to start airing again! I love it! Ahh, well I hope you enjoy! The link for the clip will be on my profile :)

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I smiled as I walked back into Anubis House. I hadn't been here for about 3 months, but I could already pick out the things that had remodeled and refurbished. On my right, I saw a very pink suitcase. Amber must be here, I thought with a smile as I rolled my suitcase next to hers. Hearing voices coming from the living room, I decided to head in there, but I felt someone's gaze on me from above. Victor obviously, I thought as I opened the door.

"And Fabian got the brownies?" I heard Joy say as I walked in. I was tempted to sit in the back and hear the rest of her story, but someone just so happened to notice me.



"Nina!" I heard as Amber, Patricia, and Mara jumped up and hugged me. I was surprised that Mara was so excited to see me. We hadn't really talked much last term, but I figured that I would get to know her better now that the mystery was over. Mick stood beside Mara and waved at me, and Joy hung back a bit by the sofa.

"So how are you?" Amber asked, but before I could answer Patricia piped up.

"Still American?"

"Yep, still Patricia?" I giggled as we all hugged once more. Pulling away from the girls, I saw a face that was the color of a perfectly ripe apple. Fabian.

"Hey," I whispered, trying to hide my slight blush.


"Okay, time to make a discreet exit you guys!" Amber chimed as we snapped out of our stares. I'll have to thank her for that later. As they left the room, I walked over to where Fabian was.

"So, um, how was your flight?" he asked.

"Good! And you?"

"I came by a car," he said as I mentally slapped myself silly. Of course he did! You're the American!

"Yeah, I mean, um, nevermind..." I trailed off as I bit my lip and gazed into his gorgeous blue eyes. Soon, we were both leaning in when...

"Do you mind? People are eating in here, Thank you very much!" Jerome said as he and Alfie grabbed a plate of bread and made themselves comfortable on the couch. Fabian and I had jumped apart at their outburst. And we're interrupted... again... big shocker, I thought as Fabian reached down and offered me a plate of brownies. I took one and glanced around the room as Jerome and Alfie watched us. Looks like some things never change...