Ok please don't shoot me! I know I should be updating my other stories but this Idea won't leave me alone! This story takes place before PP, but Danny Phantom has a truce with his parents and the police force, In fact their all kind of his friends. Oh and please don't be mad about the grammar something is wrong with my spellcheck.


Danny woke up to the sound of his blaring alarm clock, which he gracefully silenced with one swift bash that sent the object clattering to the floor as he started kicking off his bed sheets.

Guess it's time to get up….

Danny forced himself up with a very unattractive groan of displeasure and slung his legs over the side of his bed; toes curling once they touched the cold wooden floor. Danny yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before glancing at his closet and dresser.

There soooooo far away! I don't want to get up. He mentally whined, kicking his feet out in a childlike protest. Just then one of his toes bumped into some type of fabric. Danny looked down to find his white and red T-shirt from yesterday. It was in a wrinkled heap on the floor not too far from where he was sitting on the bed.

Well I know what I'm wearing today…hopefully it won't smell…..

Danny really didn't care too much though, after all he was a social outcast so it's not like he had a reputation to keep. The only thing he wanted to do was go back to bed, but knowing he wouldn't be able to get away with it he shook his head and reached down with his gloved hands to-…. Wait a sec Gloved? Shocked Danny let go of his dirty shirt and stared at his hands in confusion before casting a glance at his dresser mirror on the other side of the room. To his horror he was somehow in his ghost form.

This makes no sense! Danny though in a Panic I didn't even fight any ghosts last night! Why am I Phantom?

He quickly tried to morph back in to his human form. The blue rings formed around his waist for a split second before they sparked and sizzled out. Terrified and suddenly uneasy, he tried the process again but got the same reaction.

This cannot be happening! Danny thought franticly. His eyes looked back up to his reflection once more and widened. Right in the center of his chest was a large glowing white spot that was in the shape of a diamond.

What the hell is going on?

Danny jumped, torn momentarily from his panic, when he heard the police sirens shoot past his window. Danny took in a couple of deep breaths. There was no use in panicking over this now, not when there were people to save! He'd go talk to frostbite about this later. Surly the people of the far frozen would know something about whatever was wrong with him. So without a second thought Danny ripped an ugly Christmas sweater off a hanger in his closet and slipped it over his head. Danny studied his reflection; he looked really stupid in the holiday themed getup, but what else was he supposed to do? He couldn't wear his normal T-shirt. People would recognize that it belonged to Danny Fenton, and he couldn't wear any of his other shirts because the fabric was to thin and the light of the new glowing spot on his chest would seep though. So now he was stuck wearing a thick, itchy, sweater that represented a holiday he hated.

Danny sighed

Well at least it'll do the job and X-mas is only a few days away so people shouldn't question the sweater too much. At least I hope they won't.

With a satisfied nod he phased out of his bed room window and took off to help the local police.


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