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Chapter 1 – New Girl In Town

A red car advanced slowly through the streets of Happy Tree Town followed by a Moving Van. The red-haired driver shuffled in her seat looking around nervously and the street names and numbers. She had only been once there before so she really didn't know her way around.

She looked again at the map the real state agent gave her while she waited for the stoplight to go green. The names on the map were different from the ones she saw in the streets around her. She was lost. Very lost.

She glanced nervously around, time had seem to stop. How long had the light been on red? How long had the yellow-haired boy been crossing the street? How many licks could the baby take from his lollipop?

A knock on her window made her jump out of her schizophrenia.

"Miss?" the driver from the moving van gave her a worried look from the outside.

The girl had not noticed the cars and honks going around her.

"Ah I-I'm sorry I…" she quickly lowered the side window to talk with the van driver. "S-sorry I freaked out and…I…I think I'm lost"

"I kinda noticed" the driver smiled gently.

The red girl breathed deeply and smiled innocently to the driver. He extended one of his hands to shake hers. She noticed how both his arms were completely wrapped in bandages.

"It's ok, you're new here after all" he shaked her hand warmly. "My name is Handy, I've been living in this town for a while so I could show you the way, just tell me the address and off we go!"

She sighed. She turned over the crumbled paper with the map and address to him and stared nervously.

"Well, well we're not that far" He looked at the streets around. "Oh we turn right here right and all straight and we'll be there in no time" He smiled again at her and gave back the map.

"I'll go ahead and you just follow me ok?"

She nodded slowly as Handy got again in the van and starting driving ahead. She ignored the curious gazes and followed close behind, she definitely did not want to get lost again.

Few blocks away, the red-haired girl finally recognized the house she was to call 'home' from now on. A nice clean front lawn she would soon fill with scented flowers, the one store building with light crimson red walls and brown tiles on the roof. The neighborhood was nice and comfortable. She had not seen any of her neighbors but she would eventually come across them any day soon.

She parked her car right in front of the house while Handy came from the van behind her.

"Here we are then" Handy said while opening the door for her.

"T-thank you" she slowly descended quickly gathering her belongings spread on the seat.

"I didn't get your name earlier" Handy said as she closed the door of her car.

Flaky looked at her home. "It's Flaky"

"Well Flaky, welcome to Happy Tree Town" he smiled broadly as he outstretched both arms. "And of course, welcome home"

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As you noticed Handy does have hands, but he usually gets hurt because of work and that's why he will always be bandaged or wearing a cast and that kind of stuff, instead of no hands at all.