Chapter 14 – But It's Not a Maid Uniform

The soft chime of a bell hanging above the door welcomed her along with the warmth of coffee, melted butter, and syrup. Breakfast wasn't over yet.

"Spledid! M'dear boy, what can I do for you today?"

The café was not too large not too small. Small tables were scattered around with enough space between them for two walking side to side. On the opposite wall to the entrance a small opening let viewers a small glance of the kitchen behind as well as through where the orders were passed on. Right next to the kitchen was a small booth behind which you could find the cashier.

"You always do more than enough for me Pop, however you might be able to help this lady" Splendid gave Flaky a little push forward.

Right behind the cashier sat a man with orange hair and tired eyes. A large pipe held between his lips although it seemed to be empty.

Pop gave her a quick over view with his old wise eyes and smiled.

"Now, who may this lady be? Your girlfriend?" Pop looked at the hero quirking a sided smile.

"N-no! This-this is Flaky, Pop! She's n-new!"

The blue haired gave Flaky a perhaps too hard push almost tripping her over the counter top.

"Of course Slendid, I know she's new" he smiled taking Flaky's hand. "You always take jokes far too seriously. Apologies dear girl, you may call me Pop."

"I'm Flaky, it's a pleasure"

"Now, to what do I owe the honor of receiving you here?"

"We heard that you were looking for help and my friend is looking for a job so…"

Splendid was nervously playing with the hem of his shirt looking through the windows.

"Oh yes! Indeed, I'm currently looking for a waitress, we lost one recently…" Splendid tensed. "Do you have any experience in serving m'dear?"

"Uhm not really…" the red hair answered in a whisper. "I used to work in an office and served the coffees around and made copies and took messages, brought lunches…"

"You may look frail but I think those skinny arms of yours can hold a tray without droppin it, right?" Pop smiled inquisitively.

"Yes sir! I mean, Pop" Flaky blushed.

The older man laughed out loud almost dropping the pipe.

"Well then, welcome to Pop's Café" his hand was large and calloused as she stretched it. "I'll just have one of the girls hand you one of the uniforms we have at the back and you may start working here tomorrow, sounds good?"

Flaky smiled and nodded energetically. Well that went smooth.

"Excellent! Giggles!"

A loud crash echoed through the café.

"Soooorryyyy! Comin' Pop!"

A small pink tornado swept the café as she rushed to where they stood. Splendid stood protectively in front of the redhead as if to receive a raging bull. As everything, Pop didn't miss this move.


Giggles tackled Splendid in her attempt to reach the redhaired. Even with his super strength, the hero slid slightly backwards.

"H-hi Giggles" Memories of their first meeting flashed in her head and she waved nervously.

"Giggles, why don't you take Flaky to the back and give her a uniform her size?"

"Flaky is working here?" she squealed in a very high pitch deafening Splendid's super ear and everyone in a mile radius. The pink storm pulled Flaky around the café and through a door, across the kitchen and into a small locker/storage room.

"I can't believe this! You are really going to work here and we'll be together all day and OH MY GOD, we may even become best friends! And during slow hours we'll sit and chat and gossip and talk about clothes and boys and…."

Flaky lost the track of the incessant talk while she kept pulling stuff from the cupboards, only smiling or nodding when Giggles turned to look at her.

"Oh here it is!" She pulled a small plastic bag. "You should totally try it right now!"

The red head opened slowly the bag and pulled out a three pieced uniform. She looked hesitatingly at the jumping pink fur ball.

"Oh! You want me to leave?" Giggles didn't wait for an answer and rushed out. "I'll be out here if you need me!" she spoke from the other side of the door.

Flaky looked around making sure there were no windows or holes or cameras. She sighed once she made sure, or at least felt sure and undressed slowly.

"You may combine it with whatever shoes you want!"

Flaky slipped in the white button up shirt and orange skirt, she wasn't sure how to tie the apron so she opened the door slowly.

"Uh, Giggles? Could you help me tie the-"

"Of course!" Giggles jumped right in her line of vision and disappeared immediately with the apron in her hand, expertly tying it in 5 seconds flat. "You look absolutely a-do-ra-ble! Let me put your hair up"

Flaky just felt the pull in her hair as the pink haired demon tied it in a high ponytail, the mane just wouldn't budge for a bun.

"Now come on, we have to letveryone see yooou!"

The red haired groaned inwards as Giggles pulled her out. She was starting to regret accepting the job.

The second Giggles and Flaky disappeared behind the kitchen door, the atmosphere in the café stopped.

"Splendid, I heard what happened yesterday and-"

"I know"

"This has to stop m'boy, how many more people are we going to lose to that psycho?"

Splendid scrubbed his face with his hand.

"Has she met him yet?"

The hero opened his eyes wide.

"Y-yes, but I have warned her… and be sure, I'll keep a close watch on her. Last thing we want is more blood on our hands"

"It is a very heavy load you carry on your shoulders m'boy…" Pop patted his back with a fatherly smile.

"A great gift comes with a great responsibility, right?" the blue haired smiled.

"So, Splendid… pretty girl this Flaky uh?" the man smiled glancing sideways to the hero.

Splendid blushed in heroic proportions.

"Uh, really? You think so? I haven't noticed…" the hero took great interest in the checkered linoleum floor.

"In all the time I've known you, not once had I seen you look at a girl with such eyes…. "

The hero hid his red face behind his bangs.


Splendid looked up to see the pink storm heading his way, however it wasn't the storm that took his breath away but the small red haired twig behind.

"She looks just perfect! The uniform is a perfect fit!" Giggles smiled from ear to ear pushing Flaky to the gentlemen.

"She definitely looks adorable, don't you think so Splendid boy?" Pop smiled again nudging the hero with his elbow.

"Uh y-yeah! She…ehem, she looks just fine….fine" the blue haired was lost in time and space staring and Flaky.

"R-really? I've never worn a uniform like this and…. It's a little strange" Flaky fiddled with the apron.

"Nonsense! You look perfect girl, now go change and take the uniform with you. We open the café at 7 sharp, so be on time." Pop took Flaky's hand again. "Now if you excuse me, I have business to attend. Good day Flaky… Splendid"

The hero snapped out of his dreamland as Flaky was dashed again to the back of the establishment.

"You be careful huh boy?"

"Sure thing Pop and…" he scratched his head still blushing. "Could you please… keep to yourself what you said….before…about me and…"

"Of course m'boy! " Pop patted Splendid's back one more time before sinking into his accounts.

Splendid headed to the exit to wait for Flaky.

What exactly did he feel for her? It wasn't as if he knew her from before… did he? Deep inside of him, he had this odd feeling that he had met her before…

"So you know, you can use heels or boots or flats or even sneakers! But don't seriously, they don't look good at all with the skirt!"

"Yes, thank you Giggles I…I'll come up with something!"

"See you tomorroooow!"

Splendid turned in time to see Giggles run to her next duty leaving a tired looking Flaky with the plastic bag in her hands.

"Be patient with her, she can be a little crazy and tiring but she is a good girl in the end"

"I know it's just… I have never met such energy in a single person" she giggled.

Splendid blushed switching between looking at her and the floor.

"I uh… Congratulations on getting the job! I never doubted you would not get it but still, it's good to be here… with you and uh…"

"Thanks" Flaky smiled cutting him short on words.

The hero's knees trembled with the floor. "I-I-I…"

"I bet you have more important things to do so, shall we?" Flaky signaled to the door.

"Ah yes! I mean no, of course I don't have anything more important!" He opened the door for her and smiled.

"After tomorrow you won't have to do that"

"I'll always do it! I'm a gentleman after all"

Both laughed as they exited the place, the odd feeling in Splendid's heart withering away.

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